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Mwila urges PF members to submit to the ongoing ICC consultation

Headlines Mwila urges PF members to submit to the ongoing ICC consultation

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General (SG) Davies Mwila has urged PF members who have failed to submit to the exercise of consulting on whether Zambia should leave or remain part of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to do as their reasoning dictates the outcome.

In a statement unveiled to the media today, Mr. Mwila said some stakeholders including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Politicians have been calling for the halting of the consultations spearheaded by the Ministry of Justice on grounds that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has allegedly taken a position not to leave the ICC which many stakeholders accuse of only targeting African leaders.

Patriotic Front (PF) boss also noted that such people have further argued that spending money on the exercise of consulting Zambians is a waste of resources because President Lungu has allegedly already decided not to withdraw from the ICC.

Mr. Mwila has since assured Zambians that President Lungu is a sincere leader whose loyalty to the common cause is unquestionable, adding that President Lungu has democratic credentials which make him value dialogue and consultations such as the on-going consultation exercise regarding the ICC.

He stated that President Edgar Lungu as a democrat leader will never impose his will on  Zambians.
Mr Mwila  noted that  it seems some civil society personalities and politicians are now trying to turn President Lungu into a dictator who uses the pretext of saving money to deny citizens their right to be part of important decision making processes such as the one at hand.

Mr. Mwila also noted that PF was aware of some people in Zambia who want to promote the One Party mentality where the desires of the party in Government carries the day and people are excluded from vital decision making processes.

“we are aware that some people in Zambia who want to promote the One Party mentality where the desires of the party in Government carries the day and people are excluded from vital decision making processes” He said

He also took advantage of the briefing to announce that he has appointed  Sunday Chanda as PF  Media Director Information and Publicity  who will head the media directorate under his office at the Secretariat.

“I have appointed Sunday Chanda as PF media director with immediate effect after numerous consultations within our party” Mr. Mwila said


    • There has NEVER been a better Secretary General of any Party who functions as greatly and effectively as Davies Mwila.

      Congratulations Mwila, Never in the history of our country has there been a better Secretary General as you. Keep the torch and continue leading us



    • ICC or not, the dummies will still be held accountable for any atrocities they intend to commit.
      They can fool themselves all the time but their days are surely numbered

    • For once I agree with Mwila except I will put it this way “Chagwa submit to ICC when we report you for crimes against your fellow citizens”.

    • Whats all this rubbish I keep hearing about the ICC. PF deputy SG says Lungu wants to Zambia to remain in ICC while Kapyongo

      Please withdraw Zambia from ICC quickly as no one can stop you so that we Zambians can punish you PF in the best way we know to avenge the needless deaths of many innocent Zambians.

      Ba PF mwanya.

      VIVA UPND.

  1. “we are aware that some people in Zambia who want to promote the One Party mentality where the desires of the party in Government carries the day and people are excluded from vital decision making processes” He said

    this IG is just careless with his mouth

    • PF always make announcements before they act. Since they are the ones in power, it means the above statement applies to PF members.

  2. My dear your organ Amos Chanda during the 2016 election period stated that by the next election that zambia would be a.one party party state..As you are an articulate and intelligent man check and you will be find the statement..
    Obviously the peoples opinion is not want you want so you need cadres to carry the day.
    You put out HE ECL doesnt want to leave ICC tnen ypu say the consultative process said that people want to .leave ICC. My friend mature and get a better strategy. Some of us are educated
    I have no political affiliation

  3. Citizens cannot even hold a rally for themselves and you unleash ZP goons to shoot and kill them and call that Lungu has democratic credentials? What are you sniffing on your desk Mr. Mwila. Too many lies are not good for you and your party. But then I realize that you are masters of crookedness!

  4. Ba Mwila Njala yati nyokola we are busy looking for money to buy food for our families and as PF followers we do not have even transport money to go to town and present our views before the committee….economy is biting BABA

    • Can you replace the “we” with “I” please. What is wrong with people thinking when they are hungry everyone else is.

  5. Zambia should not leave icc because these 2 tin pot ruthless dictaters who are ready to spil blood for the sake of power

    • On the other hand Hague. And the so called ICC convicts live like kings in prison with WIFI and Sate llite TV ki ki ki ki

      Its better to send gbm and hh to chimbokaila


  7. As long as we sideline people who are honest, diligent and have the interest of the heart for the people above all fear God Zambia will remain poor because crooks, pretenders, deceivers take the mantles of leadership. please God save us from these criminals we are tired and enough is enough let your power be shown look at the suffering of your people.

  8. Why is Mwila urging ‘PF members’ and not Zambians in general to submit to the consultations? You people complaining over the K2m:To the government it’s nothing. It is just the cost of a landcruiser V8!

  9. Zuma of South Africa wanted to do the same but the courts ruled that the move was unconstitutional. This followed a move by the leading opposition party the DA to take the matter to court, after the ANC used its numbers in Parliament to commence the process. The Zambian opposition, CSOs should learn from SA. Study the constitution.

  10. what can i say to guide mr. mwila……please don’t make statements while you are thinking about upnd….think about zambia…..you need lead others….

  11. I have a gut feeling Lusaka times is PF owned.
    Am also believe some of the most consistent bloggers are working full time, especially those that tend to bring HH or UPND in every conversation, even on non political matters.

  12. Lungu, Kaponya Kampyongo and Davus SG are a poor combination for PF please. I forgot Mumbi eyeeereee new where did PF get these people.

  13. It is full madness to even think about Zambia leaving the ICC… Leave ICC at your own peril… Zambia will be like Zimbabwe… No Aid in short… Stop the madness!!

  14. But this Mwila really does lend credence to the belief that people are descended from apes. I mean, is it because these people eat monkeys abd baboons that’s why they have such a cunning semblence to those apes? And it’s not just their looks’ their ways too are like those of their wayward cousins.

  15. Now this man has just told the whole country that this is a PF orchestrated move. We thought this was a national non partisan matter.

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