Zambia has slumped a sorry seven places down the latest FIFA rankings.

A four month period of inactivity punctuated by just one modest friendly has left Zambia edging closer to the number 100 mark as FAZ are seemingly stuck in the Under-20 euphoria and forgotten about the state of the senior team.

In the latest rankings for April, Zambia have tumbled to number 97 from 90.

Not even the March 26 friendly away to Zimbabwe that ended scoreless has helped matters.

Zimbabwe are at number 111 in the World.

Prior to the Zimbabwe friendly, Zambia’s last match was on November 12, 2016 when they drew 1-1 away to Cameroon in a 2018 FIFA World Cup Group B qualifier.

Interestingly, Zambia’s 2018 CHAN qualifiers opponents this July, Swaziland, have fared much better on the rankings jumping ten spots to number 88.

Kenya, who will be hosting the 2018 CHAN and are out of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, also jumped 10 positions to number 78 thanks to playing four friendlies and are unbeaten in the last five months.

Just for measure, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Uganda are at 90th, 82nd and 72nd in that order.

But Zambia’s 2019 AFCON qualifier opponents in June, Mozambique, drop one notch to number 106.

2018 World Cup Group B opponents Algeria, Nigeria and Cameroon are 54th, 40th and 33rd in the World respectively.

Meanwhile, the CAF top 10 is lead by Egypt (19th), Senegal (30th), Cameroon, Burkina Faso (35th), Nigeria, DR Congo (41st), Tunisia (42nd), Ghana (45th), Cote d’Ivoire (48th), Morocco (53rd).

South Africa is the highest ranked Cosafa zone team at number 64.

In the overall World top five, Brazil are number 1, followed by Argentina, Germany, Chile and Colombia.

France (6th), Belgium (7th), Portugal (8th), Switzerland (9th) and Spain (10th) complete the World top 10.

England are 14th while Wales are 13th behind Italy at 12 with Poland ahead of them at number 11.

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    • Kamanga who else? Since his arrival we haven’t qualified for anything. Don’t be misled by our U-20 triumph he had nothing to do with that. Hosting was decided years before he arrived


    • Blame yourselves for your docility and heroworshipping of Galu whilst he was eating everything on the table including the table itself!!


  1. Instead of saying how do we collectively improve football, they are mentioning names. Mbuzi izi


  2. Judy you are right we have a big problem in Zambia instead of working together and improve the standard of football you are insulting people who are innocent. Kalusha Bwalya’s time is over. God bless you all


  3. Zambia slump has been caused by many things. However, it’s not over as we can still recover as long as we stop age cheating. Building a future team with u20s who are 27 yrs will not help. Look at 16 yr Emmanuel Mbola wen he played in AFCON 2010. Today he is 23yrs and finished when he is supposed to be the anchor of the team. Bwafya maningi. #TeamKamanga



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