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600 Police Officers at Kuomboka ceremony creates a war zone impression-Mulongoti

General News 600 Police Officers at Kuomboka ceremony creates a war zone impression-Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti

People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has said the deployment of 600 police officers at the Kuomboka ceremony of the Lozi speaking people has created an impression that the traditional ceremony was war Zone.

Recently the Police command announced that 600 Police officers were deployed to police this weekend’s Kuomboka ceremony in Western Province.

President Edgar Lungu is expected to grace the traditional ceremony where also the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice Geoffrey Mwamba and foreign dignitaries are likely to be there as well.

Mulongoti suggested the Police should have instead only deployed few Police officers because this is not the first time the celebration was being practiced in Zambia and no violence has been recorded since its inception.

“The Police are just creating an impression that the traditional ceremony was at war Zone which has never happened in the history of Zambia” Mulongoti said


  1. You just want to make a comment . I remember during the late president levy ,you telling us to watch Africa cup in the bars because ZNBC had no money. You are a no no just keep drinking your coffe or tea at the mall.


  3. Mulongot is right Kuomboka traditional ceremony is a time when Zambians cerebrate freely in an orderly manner. Where has the deployment of 600 police officers come from? who is going to commit offences to warrant that large number of police force. Remove PF cadres and there will be peace at Kuomboka ceremony. PF is a violent party.

  4. Mulongoti must keep quiet, else we doubt his sincerity. He only sees positives where he gains. Some people, including some members of the royal family are pushing for cession, some have gone to court to have the Litunga impeached and this is all Mulongoti can say? Shame!Where did you police in a war zone? Are policemen and women soldiers? Just because you’ve been excluded from holding a position in govt doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate what your colleagues are doing. Learn to see things the way they are

  5. Prevention is better than cure.ZP has done well to send enough manpower to mongu so that if any political cadre midbehaves during kuomboka,ZP could easily arrest such a person.ITS THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR BY OUR LOCAL OPPOSITION LEADERS WHICH IS MAKING THEM LOOK VERY F00LISH IN THE EYES OF MANY ZAMBIANS.GIVING CHECKS AND BALANCES DOESNT MEAN OPPOSING EVERYTHING DONE BY THOSE IN GOVNT!!WELL DONE ZP!

  6. What do you expect from briefcase parties?, not connected to world security issues, out of touch with the people and even out of the touch with national issues. Brief case parties that is all they are.

  7. And these are the so called opposition leaders? what a waste of human resource. Mulongoti can you please get yourself some farmland and leave at the farm and produce some goats for Saud Arabia.

  8. Mulongoti is talking like he does not know that there is conflict within the Barotse Royal Establishment where one faction is against the Litunga and capable of doing something just to frustrate or embarrass him. This on it own is important to provide this type of security.

    This where HH and GBM need to be careful, if they cause any trouble and give cahne to those oppose the Litunga to find a window of equally misbehave, it will dent any relationship there may be between UPND and the Royal Establishment. This is a test for HH to prove if he is a clever politician. He has put himself in a very tight situation.
    This is a very inetresting movie, I cannot wait to see it tomorrow.

  9. If something bad were to happen, (God forbid), the same negative mouths would be singing another song! Hazaluza Hagain!

  10. well said my people, this ugly mulongoti is a foolish ugly old man who lately critisize everything in government simply coz he cant be part of, you are way past your time old foool, you first want trouble before police can deploy more police, instead of preventing , awe sure kuwayayawayafye some old *****s, they old age brings wisdom but ababena awe chisoso

  11. I once respected Mr. Mulongoti when he was a vibrant Minister in Mwanawasa’s Govt. Alas, the former Minister is deliberately ignoring HH’s and GBM brand of politics where these RICH men often leavea trail of violence wherever they go. Mr. Mulongoti should be intelligent enough to read the mind sets of HH and GBM who have taken the advantage of President Lungu’s high levels of tolerance to UPND provocations. Previous Presidents who have locked up these two dangerous rich men by now.

    (1) What does Ba Mulongoti think when UPND cadres beat up a Bemba Teacher in Sinazongwe?
    (2) What does Ba Mulongoti think on the killing of people by UPND cadres in Kasama, Lusaka and recently in Kanyama?
    Besides, what is Mr. Mulongoti’s political Agenda in Zambia? Mulongoti’s extreme hatred for RB…

  12. Strange that Mulongoti’s (and his relative Mpombo) extreme hatred for RB and President Lungu is so toxic that the fumes so generated are chocking up the people of Eastern Province. Yet RB and President Lungu have exhibited national approach to the whole country. Strange too that Mulongoti is deliberately playing down real issues linked to the Barotse Royal Establishment – a factor on which HH and GBM plan to plant explosives in Western Province. If Mr. Mulongoti hopes to be Zambian President, then he must review his political stance on the peoples of Eastern and Muchinga Provinces.

  13. Mulongoti is being ridiculed for telling the truth. That’s the new Zambia we live in. In any case, 600 officers is not much, they can balala ka

    • He is not telling the truth, he is just seeking attention. We know that where ever HH and fat albert go, violence always occurs, the police have done a very commendable job so that if anything happens those two bloody thirsty rich idyo.ts will be arrested. How many court cases do they have because of violence if I may ask?

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