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President Lungu donates a Bus to newly promoted Super league side, Real Nakonde

General News President Lungu donates a Bus to newly promoted Super league side,...

The bus donated to promotion side Real Nakonde by President Edgar Lungu.
The bus donated to promotion side Real Nakonde by President Edgar Lungu.

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has donated a 62-seater Higer Bus to promoted MTN-FAZ Super league side, Real Nakonde.

The President has since called for more efforts among clubs to help tap talent from various sport disciplines across the country.

Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe handed over the bus at State House yesterday, which was bought at a cost of K2 million, much to the delight of the club.

Sikazwe said the donation of the bus was a clear fulfilment of President Lungu’s promise to the club recently when he visited Nakonde that he was going to aid the team with transport.

“The procurement of this bus is an appreciation from the President over the excellent performance of this football club and has fulfilled his promise of buying a bus,” he said.

Sikazwe said President Lungu was impressed with the performance of the team and challenged other football clubs to work hard to lift the profile of the country’s sport.

He said President Lungu wants to see more clubs enhancing the talent identification scheme of tapping talents from the remotest parts of the country.

Patriotic Front Nakonde member of Parliament Yizukanji Siwanzi hailed the President for his generosity by fulfilling his promise of empowering the club.

Siwanzi appealed to the corporate world to help with sponsorship of the club which currently has no support from any organisation.

Technical team director Ernest Kabaghe said the donation was a huge motivation as it would enable the team to cover long distances for games.


  1. Wow! Where did Edgar steal the money this time?,, is this money from the illegal see of the post newspapers?

    • Just for general knowledge sakes, how much is allocated to the ministry of defense in the national budget ? Because i got shocked to hear that Eclipse donated cement and blocks to kalewa baracks to build a perimeter wall fence, i thought our army has enough money allocated to them, why should an individual start sponsoring our national army? Like we don’t pay taxes.

    • @Ndobo, I think he bought pa nkongole from wife, because Ba Ester is receiving alot of donations from Chinese. Can you imagine K2billion cash, not cheque.

  2. Proceeds of corruption or abuse of Euro bonds money! How does the president donate a bus that costs more than his annual income from legal sources? To my knowledge this is failed lawyer who cannot claim that these are proceeds from his legal practice leaving only the presidential salary as his legal source of income. No wonder why this country’s economic woes keep increasing.

  3. Eclipse is swimming in money, before becoming MP he couldn’t even afford to donate a bottle of cooking oil to his neighbor, he should show other Zambians were he has discovered this money borehole.

  4. When a country has no institutions to provide checks and balances; this is the result. How much Tax did the President pay before making this donation? The error of a President making donations is inculcating this HH Culture which says it has to be “Presidency or Never”. Something does not add up here. K2m is not a small amount.

  5. Can the president be investigated? Can he explain the source of this money? He could have donated it to retirees or hospital. Sir, apa mwaitaya yeve!

  6. @Zedian, K2m is not such a huge sum if you know how to save your earnings. My salary is lower than that of the Zambian president but I too boast of a decent looking bank account. Clearly, if you saw my account your warped mind would lead you to believe I stole the money especially that I am a tax collector. You would convince yourself that I pocket your taxes daily and I therefore am the causer of your misery. But you will woefully ignore the fact that you drink all day and have girl friends all over the place, while I prudently save my per diems and sleep rough, and my pay slip shows a string of advances and loans which have gone to prop up my investments. Did you blame your poverty on the hardworking Rwandans the other day? Stop living your life by the adage: A thief thinks everyone…

    • @chalo Nkhanza,
      Who cares about what your salary is? The issue here is about money diverted or stolen from government coffers and used to buy a bus to gain personal popularity. Lungu’s wife is doing exactly the same thing, flashing thousands of dollars in ‘donations’, yet just a year ago she survived by selling tomatoes and boiled eggs on Chawama streets. You can’t fool Zambians.

    • You are right but ECL is the exact opposite of yourself. All the things you don’t do, he does them in full and with joy; So how did he save? Thanks

    • You can save because you get allowances,have you ever thought of people who dont have that privilege? A salary of 6,000 is used up on basics, rent and transport. Be real….


  8. Lungu has a very simple brain. Out of all the issues in Zambia requiring priority he chooses to give away our tax money to some unknown madalas fc.

  9. Just imagine if individuals started sponsoring other national army units just like he did at kalewa Baracks, instead of leaving that job to take care of our army to us the tax payers, this Congolese mentality should come to an end, in serious countries like South Korea the former president is now accounting for the dubious donations.

  10. The achievement of the Nakonde Team is remarkable and extraordinary. Well done ECL for noticing this. The useless armchair critics on this site will criticize anything as long as it is done by ECL. The morons are so bitter that they have even stopped thinking – unfortunately 2021 is so far away — and you are going to stand, and win!!!!!!

  11. Danderheads from a known regional rebel party will condemn everything the Republican President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu does and if he had donated that bus to one of the teams from that region those same Danderheads will be quiet with their tails between their legs…

  12. Fi upnd mulifipuba sana thats why your so called rich man HH lose election after election because he does not share with those in need.what is k2m to a president?how many well wishers does a president have?grow up.this bus just came from one donor and end of it.just imagine if your HH was donating things like this,why cant voters love him?its good gestures like these which make a president to be loved by voters.tell me,after this can ECL lose in Nakonde or muchinga province in 2021?NEVER!!many Zambians love soccer,so the more they will be seeing this REAL NAKONDE FC BUS passing,the more they’ll keep on loving Edgar Lungu!!!PLEASE ADVISE HH TO START DONATING SUCH THINGS AS WELL OPENLY UNLIKE WASTING MONEY ON HIRING VENUES FOR ENDLESS AND USELESS PRESS BRIEFINGS!!though you laugh at ECL,he…

  13. The ”Real” in Real Madrid means ROYAL and not real as these clueless football team and many Zambians tend to think. It is Spanish. So it is actually Royal Madrid not REAL Madrid as is often mistaken.

    • We already know this, if this is your latest discovery. (There is a crown in their crest). Rather maybe enlighten us on the ‘banana’ in the Real Nakonde crest…

  14. Build a stadium you promised in Mongu to which Kambwili boasted never fails in any project. Today Kambwili boasts of having stolen that money from the youths country wide and built houses on Luanshya golf course illegally. Success standards in PF – THIEVING.

  15. How does donating a liability help this club…old mentality no wonder the economy is going nowhere…plus where is this Lazy Dull Bum getting money for donating the useless Chine bus? Its this actions that encourage people to go to State House, to ask for assistance…encouraging a dependence syndrome!!

  16. former unionized employee’s money being donated to buy a bus and marketeers. We know the money is with ZDA

  17. You people of little brains I have seen you loud mouths continuously spiting and spiting without reasoning when vomiting your words. The president and the Office of the President are 2 separate people. If you hate Lungu others love Him and as such they donate to His office and such donations cost money and he chooses who to give instead of personalizing them. Remember Sata did the same to St Monocas, Chinsali Girls and Lwitilila Seconday Schools. Mwanawasa did the same. Now why does your heart bump like that. You need to repent!

  18. Iwe chi NEZ, this bus were given to Zambian Government some 3 years ago for donations to any institution of the presidents choice. Some schools have benefited, some churches NGos.There so many of these buses parked awaiting to be donated.The problem your mind is warped and you can remember some of these happenings. Go to Government house you will find a number of these buses parked.Some of them were given to Bus drivers association. FACK u

  19. “President Edgar Lungu has assured the former employees of the Zambia-Tanzania Railway Authority (TAZARA) that he will ensure that they receive their retirement benefits.”

    “Sikazwe said the donation of the bus was a clear fulfillment of President Lungu’s promise to the club recently when he visited Nakonde that he was going to aid the team with transport.”

  20. Ndobo, he stole it from your mother! Hazaluza Hagain! Small minds! Do you think a President can’t afford that?

  21. A good gesture deserves a very good reply.All you good for nothing people who do not recognize this donation by his Excellency The President Edgar Chagwa Lungu should keep your foolish comments to yourselves.Imagine somebody talking nonsense over this,how about some of us who have been struggling to bring entertainment to Nakonde,what should we say.Do not politicize a good deed just because you are failures,His Excellency has not erred by this gesture because he does not believe in tribalism.
    So if you feel this is not right,then do not say anything.Your Excellency do not mind these petty comments from short sighted people,as Real Nakonde Executive we really appreciate your recognizance and love of Football,we will always remember you.May God Bless All Your Endeavours.

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