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Song bird Wezi and singer Mumba Yachi split

General News Song bird Wezi and singer Mumba Yachi split

Mumba Yachi and Wezi during their dating days
Mumba Yachi and Wezi during their dating days

Popular afro soul song bird Victoria Mhone, a.k.a Wezi and folk singer Mumba Yachi has split a year after going public about their relationship.

Rumours of the breakup have been circulating on the local entertainment scene but Mumba Yachi took to social media to confirm the break up in an emotional post on his Facebook page.

“Every Era has got an END. It is that time in our-story we have to take a bow and continue with our separate ways. I am proud of knowing you and the ART we produced together. Those who insulted me because I was with you, can now have their champagne. Like PRINCE I can say;” I never meant to cause you any sorrow…baby I can never steal you from another” … I will always respect you Wezi. God bless you. UMUNG’O.”

And Wezi responded by wishing Mumba long life.

Posting on her Facebook page hours after Mumba had broken the news, the soulful singer said, “Gravity happened. Life at its full display, the downward pull… what goes up must surely come down.”

She added, “As the haters celebrate and bloggers start to blog. The audience that demanded their truth, there you have it. I hope it’s everything you wanted & so much more. Remember that the end of an error is the beginning of a new one. We will always be the thieves that stole from each other, Umungo. Long live the king Mumba Yachi.”

Rumours surfaced early this year that Wezi was cheating on Mumba with her Producer Zondiwe Kekero Mutanula.

It is reported that Kekero who is the original composer of the famous track ‘Anajaila’ by Tiye-P which was remade by a three some of Zambian musicians including Wezi has been hitting on Wezi in the absence of Mumba.

In March 2016, Wezi admitted that Mumba Yachi is 100 per cent her soul mate.

She said she will not argue but agree openly that she is in a stable relationship with the music star and that he is her soul mate.

Wezi was responding to comments that had been pouring in on social media that the two make an unattractive couple.

Mumba had pronounced his love for Wezi on International Women’s day in 2016 as a way of appreciating his woman, but it seemed not to have worked for the music star.
One Facebook blogger, Brian Ngoma wrote that the couple was the real definition of ‘ugly’.

In response to this comment, Wezi said “if we are a real definition of ugly to some people, then my mind is set for him because his heart is beautiful, which is more important to me.”

She explained that originally, she did not want to put tags on her relationship but this is blowing out of proportion because she is an artiste and dating a fellow artiste.

The talented soulful singer, who hit the music scene with her incredible amazing voice, said regardless of the current situation about her relationship with Mumba, she  still loves him and is going ahead with the relationship.

“I do not believe that am at the stage where am dating for fun, if am in a relationship then it means am ready to see it all the way,” she said.

She said she could not be bruised easily and that the comments would not in any way change things for her.

“The way I grew up in Ndola I can assure you that few things make me cry and this one is not special to change me now,” she said.

Happier Times- Then love birds, Mumba Yachi and Wezi
Happier Times- Then love birds, Mumba Yachi and Wezi

Mumba Yachi and Wezi holding each other tightly
Mumba Yachi and Wezi holding each other tightly


    • They are both scrapping the bottom of the barrel quiet honestly.

      The fact they are revered as songbirds and A listers in Zambia, is embarrassing.

      They are not pleasing on the eye, whilst we are at it, why are they so dark? I dont mean black



    • The all thing sounds like sad, I will advise them on how they can successful continue sleeping together without undressing each other in public.

    • I don’t care who is pretty and who is handsome as love knows no boundaries. What matters most is about the honesty from both that they still respect each other. No mud throwing.

    • They may have had a beautiful soul but they owe nobody any explaination for the split up. Same as when they got together. Damn punks,ma bamba yanu my public zoona

  1. Who are they?? Anyway under pf it is now normal for people to separate and have broken families. It has also become normal for women to murder their other half. So count yourself lucky young man. You escaped

  2. From the comments of the guy, it appears it is the lady who has ditched the guy and the guy is still very bitter!

  3. Well am not the one to define beauty, but I think they are awesome.
    Poor guy…Gravity happened! The lady caught bigger fish and moved up the ladder. I hope she didn’t finish all his money before moving on.

  4. Both should remember that Love is the greatest of all human condition. Love changes the eye’s perception, the heart delights in the greatest emotion God gave us. Though Love changes, friendship and respect should be the outcome, and it looks like the two figured that one out.

    They made a cute couple in a kooky kind of way!

  5. This is the problem with females in social circles. Just to close the base becomes so difficult. To go up they find it very very difficult to avoid those viciously trying to work with her. Men are trick stars they will do a lot free for her looped with a lot of favours. Now because this lady has no means or just wants take advantage of a generous man….oh they he will say “can i “they (Ladies) find no where to run to when she looks back… Uhh he had done so so much.. Aaah and thank him ..down they go!!!. Then it is all over front page.
    So pls ladies sense the trap coming and avoid it before your are cornered like W…then which man can pick her again a wife. No one believe me.. Only play boys for relief.. Its a pit…W.

  6. Mmmmh! Dress code ka last pic, abena mumba fyabupyani, awe gelo kuti abutuka, vovala monga vachoka mukamwa ka mbuzi.


  8. The last picture could have been better if the guy had wrapped his left arm around the woman (either waist or shoulder). Why does he appear to be scared? Other than that I think they mad a nice couple. I think they are are or were a cute couple with very similar very natural features including the beautiful darkness Mushota comments about.

  9. I have a word or for these talented guys…ok let’s make more than two words. I love both of you from the bottom of my good heart. Both are extremely talented and this is a blessing in disguise. Let me wind up by saying you folks are good and whatever the reason for your break up can be sorted out. As the saying goes…”think before you leap”. Seriously!

  10. Learn to respect Gods nature,u pipo who are saying ugly couple,take a minute and look at yourself on the mirror then u will realise that u are handsome and beautiful but very dull.u comment foolishly,no that u are ugly.mumba just move on with your talented life.

  11. Very few celebs have made successful relationships,Wezi, remember whose ladder you used to get to the top of that tree u r? Ugly yachi.As for you my man,i guess the lady has done well for you…… early enough,so,pull yourself together and move……Steal another one.

  12. Brian Ngoma wrote that the couple was the real definition of ‘ugly’.

    I can neither agree or disagree……………….. Ngoma ni nshimbi

  13. God’s time is the best,,,you guys made a good couple but you can’t force maters just thank God for everything,,,

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