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All I know is, they beat the hell out of me-Garry Nkombo

Videos and Audios All I know is, they beat the hell out of me-Garry Nkombo


  1. balapuma abantu balya.. you thought you will be tolerated like what the speaker does or that police officer who wanted to check your vehicle did.

    • This is happening in a christian country whoes leaders pray in tongues during the day and play in gangs during the night planning how to harm others!
      Then you wonder why our country is poor its because nobody hears our prayers!
      During the day they steal our money during the night they steal our votes.
      These leaders who claim to be humble and follow Christ are a let down the last one claimed he would rule by the ten comandments yet he broke most of them.
      The other one declared the country a christian nation and stole so much money that when there was no more he stole people’s wives. Its like countries that call themselves democratic republic of ……… they are never democratic at all !

    • @Buga who told you in a christian Nation they tolerate lawlessness to the extent of blocking Eagle 1 carrying the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed forces??!! Where in the world can this kind of behavior allowed in the name of democracy??!!

    • Gary Nkondo with Bakapokola it is weekly exchange.
      I don’t think I will ever get so close to them, its just who I am.

    • @Dan you are missing the point here if indeed he broke the law bearing in mind we need to define which law. Did you need that kind of brutal force? A police call out could have worked. I do not know if you realise how this plays in the eyes of the international community.
      In any case party cadres had already charged HH so you wonder who is driving the agenda kaponyas or the law of the land?
      Nobody should be above the law and lawlessness must not be condoned BUT lets not be overzealous.

    • But this is that same guy who had beaten up a cop on duty… So why is he complaining now? CHIWAMELA MBUZI KULUMA GALU.

  2. Garry my brother stay strong. As we have been saying this behavior is normal under any dictatorship. Unip and mmd both thought they were indispensable but eventually the people spoke and got rid of them. The international community is watching. Why should the police beat any person in their custody? This is against the human rights of any person. Lungu is an embarrassment to the law fraternity and he will die very painful death.

  3. Garry my brother stay strong. As we have been saying this behavior is normal under any dictatorship. Unip and mmd both thought they were indispensable but eventually the people spoke and got rid of them. The international community is watching. Why should the police beat any person in their custody? This is against the human rights of any person. Lungu is an embarrassment to the law fraternity and he will die very painful death. What a dog

    • Why monze?
      60 cars x 4 passengers with 4 hanging on sides persons can all surrender to Lilayi detention center to join him since chuuduians were involved.

  4. Why is the ZAMBIA ARMY and ZAF watching like niba malonda. They should stop this dictatorship in Zambia. Police recently killed one of their own and they did nothing in name of law abiding citizens please wake up and save mother Zambia. YOU SHOULD DEFEND THE COUNTRY FROM BOTH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FORCES

    • If the army takes over, all this blogging will stop and buggers like you will start crying for a civilian government in your bars and taverns.

    • @zilimbwe Army to take over because of one ill disciplined adult who committed a criminal act against the Presidency, are you okay in your head?? You have destroyed your god because no one wanted to correct his wrongs you worshiped him to the point of chocking him. Already no one is condemning what he did in Mongu all you are saying is defending the act that he did not see the Presidential motorcade.

  5. WELL Done our gallant police.

    This Garry Nkombo is one arrogant, brainless chap. he always dares authority, just like his small god Heinous Hyena. The chap deserves it.

    In fact he is lying. How an he claim they beat the hell out of him and he is still standing and talking like that. They do it properly next time so that he can wake up in a hospital bed a week after the real beating which will come if he continues daring the police.

  6. flag DBPNelson Phiri a very dull i.diot police command how do you investigate if he was drunk on duty after two days?

    You wanted a fight and they gave one.Balaponona ba recruit !

  7. Garry Nkombo and GBM are not mature and hence cannot handle a crisis… Mr Jack Mwiimbu seems to be reasonable and mature and should take over the Leadership of the UPND…

  8. Garry it was good they took the whiskey out of your head you are slowly forgetting your education as a secondary school teacher why was jack not beaten? Simple he didn’t dare anyone to a fight. But like your tribesman says we the people are sitting on a volcano once your boss was picked up you spread rumours that he had been badly beaten which was far from the truth but the effect of that was a few riots in solwe and cho…but please advise your friends don’t dare the authorities as it is you are not good looking a few bucks from your inlaw helped but now with these beatings even the woman who runs a lodge might look the other way..remember her your mates chick?

  9. Very sad developments happening in our homeland. May God Himself see us through. Anyway there’s time for everything

  10. This silly law maker did no heed police admonition to the public, “please don’t challenge or belittle an armed police officer” whether or not he is drunk..

  11. Well with ukupingila konse uku from upnd we shall never allow you to rule this country coz your aim is revenge so let’s see if you will ever enter state house .
    One silly chap said HH has now been babtized wait he is yet to .

  12. What hell out of you? Instead All officers that beat you should be disciplined due to below par of training practices.

  13. Sorry Garry. Our Police Service needs serious reorientation. They still use colonial tactics. Times have left our police behind unfortunately.

  14. Simple and straight forward logic – A convoy does not give way to a presidential motorcade and you go and arrest a passenger, surely nangu bupuba, The reason God put the head on top of every thing on a human body was to allow people to think and to think properly

  15. Gary, should not be referring to HH, as his boss. He is an elected parliamentarian, deferring authority to a man who has never won a seat or election thus far.

    What Gary and his other UPND MP’s ought to do, is challenge for the Leadership role, and take UPND in a different route.

  16. The minimum beatings of Garry are justified and long overdue.I did like the way he abused the policeman who wanted to search his vehicle.What goes around comes back.This is the other side of the coin Garry.

  17. Eagle One!
    Respect the Eagle One…..!!!…… Don’t dare with the police Garry as well.

    GBM! Good strategy to take over UPND……… Keep using the word Nonsense until they know what you are made of but remember,…… Only one will come out a “Victor”


  18. Ndalumba, ndalumba, ndalumba ka pati ba polisi! Great job. You have a duty to bring sanity in the country! Law is not for the poor only, NO it is meant for every citizen.

  19. It’s time people started learning that politics is all about stating your divergent views with sober state of mind without insults or physical confrontations. We may differ in the way we want to rule the country but we are all Zambians. Loosing an election is not the end of the world to guarantee a restless state of affairs. Respect the government of the day and if you were meant to rule, your time will surely come. Don’t force matters. Any way good job by the police. Lawlessness should not be condoned in a peaceful country.

  20. Let’s love one another.We need to build the nation on love and compassion.The spirit of hate will spread to our children.We can differ in our political beliefs but hate is the last thing to plant in our nation.We are a nation with a lot of problems and we cannot afford to add hate to these problems.The seeds of hate are very difficult to uproot.They will spread to the next generation.

  21. We visited our friends who are not feeling too good after a little blessings from the police. The police were cooperative they allowed us to see everyone was alive and accounted for. At lilayi we were told no visitors except lawyers so we obediently left. We have learnt with interest that Adolf keeps huge sums of money in his house in every currency which he alleges the police confiscated, yet he has been telling us he has no cash to foot bills for the foot soldiers. I guess if people go to Fatso fat Albert’s home they would win a lottery! On a serious note we hope everyone is safe even as we await Adolf’s next decree!

  22. This HH is lucky that Lungu has tolerated him for this long. He should not put himself in the same class as Mandela or Kaunda because these men fought for the people not for their own wealth. HH should stay in prison to teach him and the others who are trying to highjack our hard earned freedom for his own selfish gain. We are sick and tired of his behavior. The man thought he would interrupt government at all costs by running a parallel government, hence trying to prove he was also president by not stopping. Arrest him and let him come to his senses if he ever had any.

  23. Complete nonsense. I don’t like HH but this behaviour by Police is unacceptable. Zambia Police, the world moved from stone age to iron age to computer age, and we are in the digital age now. Please wake up, start being civilised, start thinking. Extremely backward, when somebody is deemed to have broken the law, you take him to court. Not ifyabupuba ifi

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