Monday, June 17, 2024

Salma Sky unveils her highly anticipated video “Zambezi” that features Ghana’s dancehall queen Kaakie


Salma Sky released her highly anticipated new video “Zambezi”. The song features Ghanaian dancehall queen Kaakie and another Ghanaian artist Adi Virgo. 

The video is directed by award winning director Tivo Shikapwashya.




  1. She is a beautiful woman and the video quality is good too. The question is, is this song going to sell?? The person who produces her music should know what they are selling to the people, her beauty, her music or the culture?? Sorry the producer lacks strategy Let me know how many copies will sell in the first week.

  2. Salma, are you married? I am ready to marry you. I will do anything within my reach to ensure that you are happy. I love you baby mwa mwa kiss kiss

    • So boss you can’t the ring? Anyway since you are a Housefly and have “Compound eyes” you will be excused

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