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Car Insurance Coverage in Zambia | Guides & Types

Motoring Car Insurance Coverage in Zambia | Guides & Types

Car insurance coverage is one of the essential legal requirements for licensing vehicles in Zambia; vehicles such as cars, pickups, buses, trucks, 3 or 4-wheeled motorcycles, trailers, caravans, scooters, etc. All must be covered in terms of loss, damage or injuries through collision, overturning, theft, etc. All motor vehicle owners are required by law to have a valid insurance disk on their vehicles because failure to do so is subject to a fine. Let’s then go over those types and coverage to help you choose one that fits best for you.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This is an insurance coverage that compensates for any legal liability for damages caused by your vehicle to other people’s property. It also covers liability following bodily injury/death caused by your car to other people. Apart from that it also covers damage to your car in instances of fire, riot and strikes. The advantage of this insurance coverage is that it protects one from all possible liabilities that might come up and with extra protection one doesn’t have to be stressed much about how they are going to settle any issues that might arise. The disadvantage is that it does not cover wear and tear, mechanical breakdowns, consequential loss, loss of use and third-party damages and injuries.

Full Third-party Insurance Coverage

This insurance coverage is meant to compensate you for any legal liability following damage caused by your car to other people’s property, legal liability for bodily injury/death caused by your car to other people e.g., pedestrians. This insurance does not cover damages due to riot/strikes and fire damage to your car. This coverage also excludes wear and tear of motor vehicles, mechanical breakdowns, and consequential loss, loss of use and third-party damage and injuries. However third-party insurance has the advantage of being the cheapest of all the 3 coverage and the disadvantage of it is that it does not cover your own property or injury to yourself.

Full Third-party Fire and Theft Insurance

This insurance coverage offers the same benefits of compensation for any legal liability following damages caused by you to other people’s property, legal liability for body injuries/death caused by your car to other people. However this insurance also covers fire damage to your own vehicle and theft of your car. It is an economical package that allows many people to enjoy part benefits of the comprehensive package while paying less when compared to the full comprehensive insurance package.

Car Insurance Coverage Package Options

There are several options available when it comes to payment of insurance. Most of the insurance companies have packaged their products in such a way that every motorist is able to afford without much stress, flexibility of payments is one option and the other is the ability to cover your vehicle in quarters, half year and annually. However it is advisable to always pay yearly, as it is very convenient on one’s part as the risk of forgetting to renew is slime. Several factors are considered when it comes to determining the cost of insurance matters such as age of the owner, make of vehicle, driving experience, engine size, intend use of vehicle and other personal details are all factored into coming out with the best possible value. Therefore when it comes to costs it is usually dependent on the above factors as each vehicle is peculiar in its state of condition, features, accessories and others.

Safety comes first. To avoid accidents on the road, drive safely and remember to keep thorough and regular car check up and maintenance. This is a friendly advice from BE FORWARD – your ultimate source of high quality used cars with the lowest prices in the market.


  1. The initiative to talk about protecting oneself against legal liabilities of causing loss or damage to third parties’ property and injury to third party and passengers is good one but the article is full of misunderstanding the concept scope and type of products available in Zambia.
    1. Comprehensive Insurance (not the way explained by the writer)
    2. Full Third Party, Fire and Theft
    3. Full Third Party
    4. Act only (only injuries to third party covered)
    5. Excess Protection
    6. Loan protection (various forms)
    7. Terrorism
    8. Full Third Party and Theft only
    9. Full Third Party and Collision only Cover

    Author seems to be a novice in motor insurance. All insurance companies in Zambia DO NOT provide Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion cover under Comprehensive. One has to pay an…

  2. i have a question what does it benefit you, when you pay insurance and non of those happen, I see adverts on these South African companies, that after covering your vehicle without any claims for a specified period, they pay you a good sum, or if you are on third party, the more you pay and no incidence, the cover is given to you. But for our companies, I have not seen this.

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