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Do not show Trump pictures of HH’s Children-Sakwiba Sikota

Headlines Do not show Trump pictures of HH's Children-Sakwiba Sikota


By Sakwiba Sikota SC

The Lusaka Times has reported  in a statement released by party Spokesman Charles Kakoma, the United Party for National Development is requesting that Scotland Yard or any other reputable organisation investigate the chemicals that were used to teargas Mr Hichilema’s home, bedroom and safe room.

Spokesman Kakoma said Mr Hichilema’s condition is deteriorating and must be investigated immediately. Mr Hichilema is held at Lilayi Police Training Camp on treason charges.

Mrs. Mutinta Hichilema said she found her husband in a worse condition than he was before the raid at their home.

Mr Kakoma agreed with her and said “As UPND, we demand that Mr Hichilema should be subjected to rigorous medical tests and treatment by independent doctors who are free from government interference. We also wish to request the international community and human rights organisations to intervene in this matter. In particular, we wish to ask Scotland Yard of the United Kingdom or any other reputable organisation to investigate the chemicals that were used to teargas Mr Hichilema’s bedroom,” he said.

Zambia is recently very much in the news since the raid. One wonders whether with all the Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea in Donald Trump’s focus, he has had time to pay attention to the Zambian drama.

We have,however, heard that President Trump is close to Mr. Hichilema and the two mega businessmen have a lot in common and probably think alike.

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has claimed that he is talking to US President Donald Trump. Mr. Hichilema said, “I would not want to disclose so much but just know that we are talking to President Trump. Once he has settled down, he will deal with all these African dictators who are abusing human rights,.” Mr. Hichilema said this when he was addressing a media briefing at his residence in Lusaka on Monday, 3rd April 2017.

The UPND are sure that the State Police used some illegal toxic dangerous poisonous chemicals which they sprayed all over Hichilema’s home when they raided it and smoked him out of hiding and arrested him.

It is this clearly very toxic and dangerous illegal poisonous chemical which has affected Hichilema so quickly and severely.

This is why they are making the strong case for the international community to call for Hichilema to be examined by Scotland Yard and other experts like those who looked at the Syrian use of poisonous gas to examine Hichilema.

As Holy Week was approaching, in the last fortnight, the United States launched fifty-nine cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield because President Trump was morally repulsed and indignant at the use of poison gas by Syria.

Trump maintains that the gas was deployed intentionally by President Assad on his own citizens. An act so repellant and so against international moral norms that the civilized world and the United States had to use its force.

Whatever was sprayed at Hichilema’s home was exposed to all the occupants like the workers, his wife, and children who were with him when he was gassed by the poisonous illegal chemicals that have affected him so severely.

His wife even fainted twice and so she was more exposed to the gas than he was.

What made matters worse is that one of his children who was exposed to the gas is even asthmatic and therefore more affected by the gas than him.

What made Hakainde’s close friend Donald Trump to decide to bomb Syria is when he saw pictures of the women and children affected by the poisonous illegal gas.

It is not that HH’s workers’ wife and children are immune to the poisonous illegal chemical gas that has so severely affected Hichilema that we are not being bombed like Syria.

The only reason we have not been bombed by the United States President who is Hakainde’s very good friend, and probably the last person Trump tweets each night or early morning, is because UPND have shown great restraint and not exposed all those people affected by the potent poisonous gas that must have equally affected all those around HH in the same way it has devastated him.

I pray that Kakoma and the UPND continue to show this restraint and do not show Trump pictures of HH’s children.

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    • Hahahaha…, very funny @Sakwiba Sikota SC. You have cracked my ribs LOL”ing”. Very funny satire!

      Maybe the rest of the people who were with Hechi Hechi when he got “gassed” have mutated DNA to be affected by this mysterious poisonous gas that has affected only him so much. In the past only his cadres whom he sent to face the Police got tear gassed while he revved and insulted in the safety of his house veranda and he thought it was funny games.

      Ukose mambala HH. You still have a long and rough road ahead of you to beating these charges. Mwalitete is acting more of a man in jail for his “sins” than this chief-kachema—Kikikikikiki….!!!!!

    • A very stupid write up. At a time the opposition is facing police brutality, its being insensitive to add salt to injury and write such nonsense. Those who have been teargassed before know very well how it feels, now imaging being teargassed the whole night in a confined space, does this sound like something to joke about? Sakwiba you were one of the most celebrated lawyers in Zambia and a defender of human rights but what happened to you? For a lawyer you should be in the forefront condemning the human rights abuse inflicted by the police on HH and others. Shame on you Sakwiba!

    • I love this humorous article, I am sure it has brought a smile on many people’s faces after a tense week of political drama…..

      Let have more coming..

      As for HH and his upnd… I have a lot of things that I don’t agree with HH and upnd but in all fairness, the police acted brutally and disproportionately when they raided his house to arrest him.
      Now that he’s been charged, I look forward to the drama that will be unfolding in the High Court soon.

    • Only idi ots involve children in silly political wars, if this is from sakwiba, then he is an idi ot.

    • What an ldiot Sakwiba has now turned into! The world is fighting for human rights and this scum bag thinks it’s time to crack jokes??!!


    • What a stupidd article! from one paid cadre of a lawyer. I wonder some of these tittles like SC if really they serve a purpose. Are you daring Trump or you just want him to do something over this matter. How do you mock a person in that manner with childish thinking.

    • Very tasteless joke. One would expect that the more educated and older you get the wiser you become…but clearly in the case of Sakwiba, the opposite is happening!

    • “The UPND are sure that the State Police used some illegal toxic dangerous poisonous chemicals which they sprayed all over Hichilema’s home when they raided it and smoked him out of hiding and arrested him.”


    • Sakwiba, I sympathise that you were badly done by UPND in 2006. However, do not gloat that you are on the winning side. Lungu will be the ultimate loser in his vile game. Moderate your sarcasm. You Lozis have a saying: “Walyambwa ni mwana namukuka. Wa maoyo atunda kwandu”. MAMELA!

    • Why should he mention his name in his article? Isn’t “By Sakwiba Sikota SC” at the beginning of the article not enough?

    • Mmmmmm…, you tell me you skipped over why it says “By Sakwiba Sikota SC” right after the tittle?????

    • Apparently his older brother, Trump, is too busy fighting his own “charges” that he “colluded”, gangster style, with Vladimir Putin’s boys against a “girl” (Hilary Clinton) in order to win an election—Hahahaha…yabaa!!!!

  1. A State Counsel publishing such rubbish?? Is this real or it’s a fake story by LT?? Has our opposition sunk this low?? Or maybe Saki is auditioning for comedy central???

  2. Sakwiba Sikota is just an embarrassment. How can he think that this sad episode in the history of our country is an opportunity for his warped humor? Shame on you Sakwiba. WA SWABISA!

    • @TBanda, you are so right. And to imagine that some Zambians thought that Sakwiba had leadership qualities, when he is just a joke? Sakwiba please get it into your wicked head: What was done to HH and his family should not be done to anyone, not even to Edgar and his family!

  3. And this guy is a State Counsel? What a shame! We expected him to be discussing the legal side of this terrible episode, not this nonsense!

  4. The lack of seriousness in Zambia has not spared anyone, even State Counsels are part of Fawlty Towers! After a few years, this same joker can even be Chief Justice. That is Zambia for you! BU SUSHI FYE BWEKA BWEKA!

  5. You mean Sakwiba sees the tear gassing of innocent children as a joke and he is even teasing them? You are serious? A lawyer? I thought he would have jumped to their legal Defence, even on a Pro Bono Basis!

    • And you can’t see that the BUTT OF THE JOKE in this whole piece by Sakwiba is your confused SG Kakoma for issuing outlandish statements that have no basis in facts?

  6. A very stupid write up. At a time the opposition is facing police brutality, its being insensitive to add salt to injury and write such nonsense. Those who have been teargassed before know very well how it feels, now imaging being teargassed the whole night in a confined space, does this sound like something to joke about? Sakwiba you were one of the most celebrated lawyers in Zambia and a defender of human rights but what happened to you? For a lawyer you should be in the forefront condemning the human rights abuse inflicted by the police on HH and others. Shame on you Sakwiba!

    • @UKO, HH is even lucky he was only teargassed for refusing to comply with Police orders when he was told to come out of his hiding “bunker”. Here in America, Police could have used even more powerful “coxing” means, like STUN GRENADES, to smoke him out—police here are allowed to used such non-lethal but extreme measures to make criminal suspects comply with orders.

      In fact, HH should ask his older brother, Trump, what he is planning to let Police get way with if his ATTORNEY GENERAL succeeds in reversing everything the Obama Administration put in place to curtail Police BRUTALITY and ABUSE of their authority.

  7. Up end demagogues are slowly slipping into hallucinations- let the man dance to his own tune that he has been orchestrating. hh has been lampooning the judiciary and pouring scorn on them- now the very institution he has been heckling has to save his skin- wow! Karma is a BEECH indeed!

  8. There is no satire whatsoever here. Sakwiba is showing his grudge against HH for grabbing UPND from him. I thought he had moved on. Too childish




  10. I am PF but very mindful that such loads of rubbish called articles don’t help anybody. The age and maturity of the writer needs scrutiny. We should all be responsible and help heal our nation. I will always stand on the side of the truth. My introspection as a PF member tells me the way we picked Hichilema from his home to the Police station was inappropriate, despite the suspected gravity of the offence. It is the courts to decide the punishment not Police. PF for life

    • What if Mr. Hichilema voluntarily came out when he discovered that the police were outside looking for him, would the issue of teargassing have arisen? I suspect there must have been attempt to resist arrest but this is only my viewpoint I may be wrong.

    • But why should someone be teargassed in his own home? Since when did police employ such tactics? If this wasn’t attempted murder then the road incident wasn’t treason

  11. @7,8,9, what is so strange about a lawyer or leader being humorous about propaganda by UPNDonkeys? If you were serious with yourselves no one would make fun of you, but to suggest that the tear gas only affected HB is really laughable in capital letters…….KIKIKIKIKIKIKI….thanks Saki, you made day….please give us more!

  12. A state counsel must defend the rule of law, not police brutality. But of course you become a state counsel because you are appointed by a politician. That’s why this state counsel title for Sakwiba is as rubbish as Sakwiba himself. To write this crap of an article and put SC shows how harebrained Sakwiba is; but again Sakwiba has no LLB; he just studied a few law courses at a polytechnic in the UK.

  13. @8, you give the plot away by your tribal sentiment. So the only reason why Saki is wrong is because as a Lozi he should not laugh at the donkeys droppings coming out of Mutinta’s and UPNDonkeys relief holes at their backs?

    • Terrible always licks donkey droppings, go on dug beattle, roll those droppings. He is so obsessed with donkey drops he follows wherever he sees some, go on on that dug terrible.

  14. And people in pf claim that sakwiba was denies upnd presidency based on tribe. No my friends as you can see sakwiba is a useless naive clown. Who can want to be ruled by such a useless lawyer? When some ones kids have experienced such traumatic events the pf dogs see it funny. These are kids with nothing to do with their fathers actions. I hope pf thugs like sakwiba lose their ugly kids to death this year including that dog lungus kids.

  15. Learned S(tate) C(unt) Sikota has finaly shown his true legal (LOL) knowledge. Once a turn-coat of human decency, always crap of humanity

  16. To understand why teargas can affect people differently you have to understand the science of pharmacogenomics and toxicogenomics. But Zambians are so backward, you cannot know these areas of study.
    To cut the chase, these sciences say the way individuals react to drugs and toxic chemicals depends on their genes (genomics).
    So HH can come out worse than his wife or kids because the way he reacts is different from the way his wife or kids react; their genomes are not the same.
    It’s the same way some react badly to chloroquine and others do not. Some people react badly to beef and others do not. It is a valid point that individuals can react differently to chemicals.
    So this article by Sakwiba demonstrates a basic lack of understating of pharmacogenomics and toxicogenomics.

    • Just because you know some branch of any subject doesn’t mean all Zambians who don’t are stewpid. How arrogant!

    • Phiri you have proved exactly what pwele was trying to show us that you are one of the ignorant cretins under pf. You have not given any substance in your comment

    • @Phiri:
      Stop behaving like you have just eaten a big RAT with rabies! Your tribalism makes you blind to realities. Sakwiba Sikota, an OLD lawyer with a fake degree is making a joke about the effect of the toxic substances on HH’s family! Unfortunately, the AR.SEWHORE of the fake lawyer thinks those toxic gases have the same effect on ALL people – exposing his huge levels of ignorance. One would have expected a qualified lawyer to be generally aware of this BUT not with Sakwiba – common sense doesn’t exist in him which is why he has fake degrees!!
      But you, Phiri, the RAT eater should have picked this up and NOT take anything the fake lawyer talks about. The only problem is that ALL rat eaters at the moment are just following what Lungu and Rupiah do even the nonsense we are seeing…

  17. What do you expect from this fake lawyer with questionable qualifications who is so ugly he looks like a penis whose foreskin has been rolled back. Sakwiba that is why you are a mere cadre. Look at lawyers like nelly muti et al you what have you achieved by being a boot licker

  18. That is the point Bo Sikota. Please UPND, do not show the pictures to Trump otherwise we will be bombed (hehehe)

    It’s so sad that insults are now pouring on Bo Sikota from the up and down chaps

  19. Good reading.First, he was gassed with toxins.It affected him worse than his asthmatic wife who fainted twice in the ordeal,and recovered without medical attention.Since it does not seem to make sense to most of us as how the gas only targeted the self proclaimed president of zambia,now he says he was injected with poison.Gassed,injected what next? ECL sent Senegalese footballers to plant juju in his holding cell!!!!!!


    Mr Muhabi Lungu, then spokesman of KK had the following to say on BBC about KKs incarceration by the MMD government: “He has refused to take any food or water until he’s taken to the court of law to be officially charged. We are very frightened of the consequences because a lot of people are very angry.” KK is being detained in an over-crowded remand prison. He has been put into a cell with 30 other inmates, which is heavily infested with lice and rats.”They have put him in the worst possible conditions.”


    Mr Kakoma, spokesman of HHs party has this to stay on LT about HHs incarceration by the PF government: “HHs condition is deteriorating and must be investigated immediately. HH should…

  21. Get it in your grease head.
    It is not because the gas only targeted HH. No.
    People can be exposed to the same gas but their reactions can be very different. It’s all about pharmacogenomics and toxicogenomics.

    • @Pwele,
      HH seems to react easily to tear gas because he always sends his cadres to face the Zambian Police. He does not even know how tear gas smells and has never been affected by it because he always commands his unsuspecting cadres to face the police from the comforts of his air conditioned office. All of a sudden, HH realises he can be affected by tear gas and begins with the entire UPND to hallucinate he has been subjected to the same gas Assad subjected Syrian children to. Grow up ba UPND. Do not start trouble if you cannot even face tear gas!!!

  22. ……20 YEARS LATER

    Mr Kakoma, spokesman of HHs party has this to stay on LT about HHs incarceration by the PF government: “……HH should be subjected to rigorous medical tests and treatment by independent doctors. In particular, we wish to ask Scotland Yard of the UK to investigate the use of poisonous gas by the police at HHs house”. (sinc)

    • Kikik indeed. He ended up crying tribalism and yet the upnd members were wise enough to see that a childish ignorant man like him was no good for upnd. Good riddance. Sazakiyimyangapo upnd presidency. Why don’t pf let him stand in 2021

    • @DePal:
      There was wisdom in voting HH as leader of the UPND otherwise Sakwiba, the Pri.khead failed lawyer would have sold UPND like he sold his party to PF. His followers like Lubinda and Inonge Wina are now core of PF!!
      If you look at Skwiba’s skin especially on the face, it looks like a snake’s skin (not humanish) and that is how evil is at the bottom of his heart!! Records are there for the fake degree he got from a fake College at Algate East in East London. And after that someone was mad enough to confer the political tittle of SC on someone with fake degrees – what a shame!

  23. Bullsh1t article. Honestly, who can take these clowns in UPND seriously on earth? First why haven’t they condemned Katuka for illegally entering Lilayi with a fire arm, what was his motive? Shoot HH and then put the blame on innocent police?
    Who invented tear gasses, is it the Zambians police or the Western world? Tu UPND, think before you expose yourselves and already it appears you are underrating the case before HH it’s TREASON!
    HH thinks he can disregard the law because of his stolen money, hey? In fact the chap needs to behind bars for the rest of his life and let’s see what the tribal grouping would do. Prisons are non selective and HH is nothing but a criminal who deserves no mercy at at all.

  24. Another educated Id10t Sakwiba Sikota exhibiting his political frustration through against HH. The so called lawyers that can not even standing to safeguard the rule of law in the country. People like Saki make Mumbi Phiri sound intelligent!

    • @Kazim:
      You are very right bro EXCEPT that Sakwiba Sikota is actually NOT educated at all. He got a fake degree from a college at Aldgate East in London. The college is still there and I have personally seem Sakwiba’s Name as one of its graduates. The college is NOT accredited and has NOW even been removed from the list of colleges recognised by the Home Office (Home Affairs) for VISA purposes. Sikota is a fake lawyer!!

  25. Terrible you blog on all topics but you still have not answered about the case against the presidential political advisor KAIZER ZULU who digraced his oresident and zambia with his abnoxious behaviour at an international sporting event televised worldwide. What js the current status with this man who has previously caaried a gun an discharged it in a public place. You said in another blog guns are for killing. So ZULU carrying a gun ks, by your definition a killer. Exp,ain terrible.
    Pf propoganda head Mr Terrible can you confirm or deny that Mumbi Phiri has ambitions to be the first female president of zambia with amos chanda as her running mate. Have asked b4 but still no answer. Are you checking or is kambwilli the front runner. Please u know the truth. Its happenning isn’t it…

  26. Does H.E know what you know of this posturing by younger pf members. Please enlighten us. Terrible you are the pf guru. Your silence on this development is , what do they say GOLDEN. You know dont you

  27. Since this debacle began its the first time I have laughed so much SC you are a genius and write with such candor…kkkkkk

  28. Lungu Kakoma, Bwalya, Kaizer Kapyongo etc will be judged by God himself, and God’s judgement can be swift

  29. Not fun Bo Sikota… I think it’s better to choose when to come up with satire. The deterioration of human rights in Zamabia by Lungu and the PF will eventually affect everybody and must be condemned by all right thinking people. A person could have died, and don’t really laugh when innocent women and children are affected.

    I think you missed the mark on this one Bo Sikota… gone are the days when I revered you and held you in high esteem… remember those days of FTJ Presidential Petition; those days of defending The Post and Fred M’membe; those days of KK arrest alongside Prof Patrick Mvunga, Mwangala Zaloumis, Nelli Mutti; Lisulo; Vincent Malambo; Sachika; etc.? You were the reason I read the Post Newspapers everyday back then. I remember the talk you came to give at UNZA night…

  30. continued
    I remember the talk you came to give at UNZA night and the story of Alice in Wonderland. [email protected] I thought what a brilliant and gifted lawyer (you probably know who I am). What happened to the old Saki? Ever since you joined politics, you have never been the same, and some of us are no longer inspired. Yes satire is good and sometimes I laugh at your satire but not on this one this time Bo Sikota mukulwange. Please render you free services to defending HH – yes riches are good and to be on the good side of govt is good but please just remember your conscious, principles and integrity (you d!e with these virtues)

  31. But ba state council sure,can you compare sarin gas used in siria to an ordinary tear gas?mwati have you ever been near a tear gas realise,ubupuba bweka bweka

  32. Trump this, Trump that,are we saying that we have failed to sort out our own issues, and now seek the intervention of the international community?This truly confirms why Zambia is in a leader-ship crisis,both in the ruling and opposition parties.

  33. Ba Lungu be careful what you do unto others. HH is a child of God and not yours to be mistreated like this. God’s wrath can be on you. He can intervene on behalf of his child.

  34. State Counsel that was a very good analysis of the all issue. True the alleged poison could not be so selective unless madam Hichilema and the son are immune to poison for them to survive. You reminded me of Khalaki he could have written a good satire over HH arrest.

  35. Sakwiba Sikota has managed to demonstrate how foolish UPND officials and their cadres can be in believing whatever foolishness comes out of the mouth of the leader and those close to him. Even the non-debate on the issue only goes to show the level of foolishness that exists within this kama party. Instead of laughing about Sakwiba’s satirical piece, all shallow-minded UPND cadres engage in is a fruitless debate over nothing.

  36. no wonder this ***** could not be let to lead the party . a foolish educated one is worse than a foolish uneducated one.and now i can see why his party for him alone not the wife was a member.

  37. I am interested to know where that kaponya who was hauling insults at the law enforcement agents from HH’s motorcade is! Is he one of those arrested? Because that behaviour is out of this world. How do you haul insults at the law enforcement agents like that? are you a law unto yourself? even if you are a Kaponya you should know your limits.

  38. Spare us the cynicism because that’s exactly what this piece is…..satire eludes Sakwiba because he tries too hard!

  39. I never expected sakwiba such words to come from his mouth do you still re call the late Handilas words on his wedding lineup ?plse leave HH alone God will solve his problem Mina malozi Mwaluswabisa

  40. NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT NERVE GAS that affects only one person. Maybe he took a James Bond Cyanid Pill, “they’ll never get me out alive to stand for my Treasonous act, I know I am guilty.”

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