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Remain peaceful, you could attract the State of Emergency, Saunders urges Zambians


Daunte Saunders speaking at the UPND news conference
Daunte Saunders

Zambians have been urged not to allow the current political tension in the Country sway them way from being a peaceful and united nation.

Political activist Dante Saunders is urging Zambians to be wary that the political tension has reached the extent of prompting declaration of a state of emergence in the Country.

Mr. Saunders says his observation is based on times he has witnessed situations that prompted previous governments to declare states of emergency.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Saunders has recalled that during the struggle for independence and introduction of a one party state under the UNIP government states of emergency were declared.

Mr. Saunders says it is therefore writing on the wall that a similar state of affairs can happen if people fall in the trap of reacting to what is happening in the Country.

He has advised that the current political tension in Zambia requires the Church to intervene by encouraging dialogue between opposing sides.

Meanwhile, the media has been counseled against fueling the already heightened political tension in Zambia.
Opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) president Sakwiba Sikota says for the fact that the media is part of society, it too has a responsibility to ensure political stability in the Country.

Mr. Sikota is urging the media to particularly ensure that the discourse the Zambian society engages in is not inflammatory but level headed.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Sikota says this means that the kind of reporting expected from the media is one that helps develop the Country rather than set people apart and in camps.

Mr. Sikota who is also a State Counsel believes that the more knowledge people have on an issue the more information they have.

He notes that this is in fact what helps to diffuse a situation especially if such information is factual and true.

Mr. Sikota says he has taken note that many times tension in a given society arises, the public is either subjected to false rumors or feed with information that is not factual.

He says this is why it is important for the media in the Country to ensure that it does not to either of the two in its reporting.


  1. This Upnd cadre has said something sense to his fellow dimwits. Tell them. Hh is not worth it to die for.

    • He’s got more brains than HH plus GBM put together. I hope Kakoma heeds This advice and desist from alarming innuendoes.

    • His statement are simply not to get the army involved as Lungu will further abuse his powers. At this point, the chief justice and team must protect the law and citizens legal rights. Lungu as a failed lawyer does not understand his limits. Power is sweet until you lose it. Lungu will never be at peace after office. He has so many wrong things. I am not even sure how he sleeps at night.

    • Confession from the mad man, HH will set him free and finally get him the help he needs at Chainama Hill Hospital. Thank You!

    • Let them protest. Their unrepentant schizophrenic leader will still be in jail. #whoistherealpresidentnow?

    • Mr Saunders, with due respect to you, yours is a very backward and outdated view. That may have been true in the OLD days of UNIP because of the EXTERNAL threat from Ian Smith and Apartheid South Africa…BUT even then we brave men like KK, Nkumbula, Kapwepwe, Liso Mungoni NOT cowards like you! This is not time for the FEINT hearted like you OLD Ar.se!! We have NO room for cowards any more Mr Saunders – just stay away from the kitchen if you cant stand the heat.
      We only have one threat and that is from our Undemocratic Dictatorial Govt of Lungu. We will NOT be afraid of confronting them otherwise they will be using that as a weapon for mistreating us whenever they wish. Let them invoke a curfew and kill some of us if they wish. That will NOT solve the problem – WE will retaliate in…

    • Continued……
      – WE will retaliate in different ways – Today we know that suicide bombers are more effective that your OLD UNIP days….after all even Lungu’s relatives will NOT be spared and can make the best FORCED and unwilling mules as suicide bombers. Zambia is OURS all of US not Lungu’s!!

    • At least Saunders has sensed those fires in Palabana and at Luburma market could be the work of UPND and he is telling UPND to be wary of pulling the tiger’s tail.

    • Mr. Saunders is now scared of the careless statements that he has made in the past that have made their cadres big headed. A careless mouth is a very dangerous weapon and this is what carelessness can lead to.

    • Lungu needs to be shot by any means before Zambia loses many lives that are totally innocent

    • Saunders, please wake up!

      Zambia is ALREADY in a state of emergency. Some full declaring a “State of Emergency” is not going to make any difference!

      What do you call a country where the so called police can come in the middle of the night, break down your door, assault and abduct you without a warrant?

      If HH committed any offense, why was he not arrested in Mongu on the spot?

      Because this was a plan these thugs put together to trump up charges.

      “Evil wins when good men do nothing”

    • How does UPND recognize Eclipse in group of hundreds of pfolice when they brutally go into his house with masks on.


      HH is an experienced Auditor who worked for Cooper & Lybrands.

      HH will track Lungu’s every ill-gotten cent, dollar & property in Lusaka, Virgin Islands, China, Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore, RSA.

      OMG!! is that Daunte Saunders? I am shocked! The holy Ghost has dawned on DS! I cannot agree with you more old folk, well articulated.

    • As HH’s surrogate, take a step farther and advise poor HH. He is losing it, or simply put, he has lost it.

    • Editor,
      Inform zambians $ all upnd members that Amos Chanda and Kaiza Zulu have arrived at Lilayi and are meeting senior police officers supervising the guarding of HH. We don’t know why these two have traveled at night with heavy security. There is total panic here among officers as it is believed that they want to throw some deadly chemicals in the cell room where HH is being held so that he dies in prison or he dies after leaving prison. We are just speculating but the truth is that amos chanda and kaiza zulu including masked people are at Lilayi as i write to u now at 22:00 hours. those that have relatives here try to confirm by fon!. HH needs protection from all Zambians otherwise he will be killed by these deadly power hungry hypocrites”. All officers,( including me), who were…

    • Kaizer Zulu and Amos Chanda at Lilayi meeting with police officers while the president is claiming he has no hand in HH’s detention!

  2. A state of emergency or not PF under is fast sinking.

    KK was removed after 27 years of state of emergency.

    UPND should press ahead with non violent protests carrying placards reading release HH.

    • @Mr. spanx:
      What an Ar.se you are!
      Why say that after abusing HH and UPND! Let us GO all the way son that this PF stupid never repeats again and all mother fckers including KK, Rupiah Banda, Mumbi Phiri, Kaizer Zulu can know that war will NOT spare them and their families.
      Right NOW Zambia needs a civil war otherwise that Drunkard Lungu and PF thugs will continue with their violence. Right now I am working on best to react to Lungu’s violence. The PF mother fckers are abusing us and that CANNOT be allowed to continue – they don’t own country. This is the time we need freedom fighters NOT terrorists which Lungu and his minions are!!

  3. Who cares now., Let Lungu declare a state of emergency and God Himself will remove him from power, Other dictators have gone and he will follow them.

  4. Sakwiba Sikota is the one heightening political tensions by mocking HH thru his stupid articles. Sakwiba supports police brutality instead of condemning the use of chemical weapons by the police during the arrest of HH. And he calls himself a state counsel? Although many at the house of HH were exposed to the same chemical weapon, HH can react much worse than others because his genetic profile is different. People react differently to the same drugs or toxic substances. That’s what pharmacogenomics and toxicogenomics teach us.

  5. Pf has always wanted the state of emergency anyway to legitimise domination and compromise divergent views. The promotion of violence under Lungu is not random. It’s a systematic strategy to promote politics of fear and get rid of those with divergent views. Funny thing is, on one hand Pf is telling the international community and on the other it’s asking for money. Dimiwits. The country is shambles right now. How can those in opposition start a fire in Pf alleged strong hold? Total nonsense. Lungu needs to man and demonstrate leadership by respecting the constitution!

  6. Pf has always wanted the state of emergency anyway to legitimise domination and compromise divergent views. The promotion of violence under Lungu is not random. It’s a systematic strategy to promote politics of fear and get rid of those with divergent views. Funny thing is, on one hand Pf is telling the international community to back off and on the other it’s asking for money. Dimiwits!! The country is shambles right now. How can those in opposition start a fire in Pf alleged strong hold? Total nonsense. Lungu needs to man and demonstrate leadership by respecting the constitution!

  7. No matter what Lungu does anything outside the impartial hearing route to make him legtimate will not work. People saw what happened and will not forget. He thinks HH is the one making people not recognize him. Lungu it’s not HH but the truth you need to confront. If you truly won, let the truth come out from an independent hearing. The truth is what makes you illegimate because the facts do not support that you indeed win. The point to massive manipulation. People will still believe you are illegal with or without HH defending the truth.

  8. I wrote off this guy. he actually is sensible. Thanks sir. There is always one exception to the rule. Honor among thugs.

    • Dante is just scared – it is careless people like Dante that are responsible for the disrespect that ECL has been subjected to.

  9. Lungu is not worth having a state of emergency. Lungu has suppressed HH for refusing to bow down to him. Now he wants to force to make everyone to bow down to him. It’ll backfire

    KK tried to use state of emergency to oppress people to bow down to him. It worked for 27 years but it backfired.

    The sooner someone puts a bullet in lungu’s ugly head the better, instead of loss of life of innocent citizens. Larry Mweetwa, where are you?

    Inonge Wina can rule with distinction till 2021.

  10. If they can be so evil during Easter week, what more for the rest of the year.

    I’ve never seen so much evil coming from the hypocritical Christian Nation.

    Even the church is so silent on the evil been exhibited by Lungu & PF.

    What a shame!!

  11. This is lungus way if getting more grip on controlling every aspect of Zambia by sending his thugs to burn buildings in order to enforce state of emergency. Lungu is a chikaIa. And yes I insulted your illegal president if you want me find me at levy mall where am having lunch

  12. Politics of fear will only entrench pf dictatorship. People should rise up to save themselves from dictatorship, Imposing a state of emergency does not matter who cares anyway

  13. The fact that Lungu is now proving beyond all reasonable doubt to Zambians and the world is that he is NOT the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT!

    A REAL President would have immediately suspended all those police involved in this nonsense at HH house and started an investigation into their unprofessional conduct.

    By not doing this, it is very clear to anyone with a brain that Lungu himself ORDERED these thugs to behave like animals, steal whatever they could, hurt innocent women and children in the middle of the night.

    Is this how a “president” behaves? Is this how the one supposed to be the Commander in chief of the police acts? What “LAW” is this? Lungu is just a lying HYPOCRITE!

  14. We should all be responsible and help heal our nation. I will always stand on the side of the truth. My introspection as a PF member tells me the way we picked Hichilema from his home to the Police station was inappropriate, despite the suspected gravity of the offence. It is the courts to decide the punishment not Police. We should treat one another with respect, if we are in church every Sunday then we should know that two wrongs don’t commit a right. This President we have also, he can’t continue saying I won’t interfere with Police and Judiciary, if he sees excesses, like the way the Police behaved at HH’s house, he is supposed to intervene, giving lame weak excuses does not help.

  15. NEZ:if you are man enough,put your cell phone and plot number here as you insult president Edgar Lungu and you shall see if how ZP works!!!world over the opposition overrate themselves.in Turkey the Ruling Party has just won a Referendum yesteday but the opposition cannot believe it.even here in Zambia,if we are to have elections today,the opposition will lose and accuse the ruling party PF of rigging elections!!WHEN ZAMBIANS WANT CHANGE,NOBODY STOPS THEM E.G:IN 1991 AND 2011! UNIP AND MMD LOST BECAUSE WE WANTED CHANGE.FOR NOW UPND AND OTHER OPPOSITION PARTIES JUST DREAM!! Saunders (HH’s cadre) has just seen that Zambians are not interested in protesting for hh.hence he is trying to ask for calm when ITS ALREADY VERY CALM IN ZAMBIA so that upnd can claim that its us who told Zambians to…

    • If you are men enough you wouldn’t have put on masks when you attacked his home. And you expect him to recognize Eclipse when you putting on masks.

    • why come to my house and tear gas my innocent family when you can catch me at UPND Secretariat, Rhodes Park, Lusaka, Zambia. I will be there tomorrow for my usual work. Let us meet

  16. Saunders is correct what he is saying it’s a trap for a state of emergency to be declared. Then they pf will use it to brutalise the opposition.

  17. He needs to stop causing alarm. There is NO tension because the troublemaker is in the right place, diffused from causing more trouble.

  18. State of Emergency is already declared. People are being arrested and incarcerated without warrant. We are now in more debt than we were during Mwanawasa and RB times. No one wants to take responsibility, Excessive borrowing, ZESCO even have a time table for load shedding (no fun). Young and educated people roam everywhere hungry and angry. Corruption everywhere. Enough is enough! Lets have it please! Personally I’m tired of this none sense. I can’t stand it anymore, seeing uneducated cadres in all government offices stealing and destroying mother Zambia. It hurts so much.

  19. Pwele please go back to school and learn the basics of Science, ubututu mulesha kumushi. Can you see how you are exposing your illiteracy on public forum.

  20. KIKIKIKIKIKIKI….UPNDonkeys cannot take good advice from one of their own? How would a state of emergency for example help HH? He will stay in prison indefinitely and without a trial, aand yet you want him released. And the so called chiefs say they will not accept responsibility if something happened to HH. Of course UPNDonkeys have to take responsibility if HH became sick and died for staying long without trial. You are tslking politicscand yetbyour son is incacerated. Have you consulted him or his wife or his son if they want a state of emergency and prolong their reunion? Let me tell you, that could be a message from HH.

    UPNDonkeys, if there was a time you needed to use your grey matter this is the time donkeys!

  21. I did not know that NEZ, Chilyata and many other UPNDonkeys hate HH so much as to wish him prolonged stay behind bars. Are they looking at an inheritance probably?

    • What inheritance we are not like pf cadres where only the top leadership are well to do. While you suffer and your relatives starve while your sisters sale their bodies we on upnd are self sufficient. We don’t need to rely on government money like pf to keep our party running. Ukose

  22. You don’t need to rely on government money meanwhile you are having sleepless nights to go and loot government confers even if you claim to be rich.

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