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Universities producing dull graduates weill be downgraded Prof Luo

General News Universities producing dull graduates weill be downgraded Prof Luo

Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo

MINISTER of Higher Education Nkandu Luo has threatened to down-grade institutions of higher learning that produce non-performing graduates.

And Prof Luo is worried about the poor reading culture among Zambians which she said is affecting development.

She said this at the 2017 books expo in Lusaka yesterday. The event brought together various Zambian writers who showcased their works.

“Education, colleagues, is not passing with a degree, it’s about leaving a university and being able to think outside the box, then you are educated. If you get out of a university and you come to

Professor Luo’s office to look for a job, consider yourself schooled and as a result of that I’m reshaping all our institutions in Zambia,” she said.

Prof Luo said a country that does not anchor its activities on education and health is lost.

“If we were beating drums with young girls dancing and shaking their waists, this place would have been full of spectators. this shows that we have a serious problem of reading culture in Zambia and the issue of writing,” she said.

She said Zambians have been so absorbed by social media gossip that they cannot read proper information.

Prof Luo appealed to learners not to rely on being employed.

“Even our schools are structured in such a way that when one graduates, they start thinking of who will employ them. That is why I was impressed when I noticed that some of the books by our own people are talking about how to be self-reliant,” she said.

She said Zambians have a lot of potential to take the country to higher heights.

And speaking at the same event, Samuel Zulu, a local writer, said most Zambians have not taken interest in reading local publications.

Mr Zulu said his books have received a good response in other countries.

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    • well change the education system madam Luo if you want to see high caliber graduates. Isnt it amazing that throughout the education system in zambia we are always trained on how to write an application letter for a job, but nowhere are we taught to write a business proposal. how then do you expect to have self reliant graduates. Education is just a mere perpertuation of white supremacy unless it is centred on the values and tenets of a peoples culture.

    • “Universities producing dull graduates weill be downgraded”
      Yaba! Who says that universities make a person smarter? Also, whoever came up with this headline couldn’t spell the simple word “will”. Downgrade him.

    • She should first look in the mirror before she goes out.

      We need to downgrade the university that gave her a professorship. She’s a corrupt Professor, an election fraudster, Tasintha/HIV Icasa funding thief.

      What a shame to Zambian Doctors & Professors.

    • Oh Luo please, that should start with you giving an example to these yougsters of why you are such a failure, always bouncing back in government for handouts. Get a life!

  1. Well if you really think out of the box your so called election as MP was nullified you are still clinging to your seat. Second you drew a salary when you were no longer a Minister the ConCrt has ruled you pay back all perks drawn so in what capacity are you now trying to condemn other graduates like yourself. After you call yourself professor but how many books have you written let alone peer reviewed papers? Be serious.

    • Go and read our new constitution. You are one of the dull graduates produced from those unis which will now be downgraded. Read and understand the constitution without gbm spelling it for you.

    • “Universities producing dull graduates will be downgraded” – Prof Luo

      And political parties producing dull Ministers illegally in Office will see their arses -soon

  2. The mushrooming universities have one thing in common,they are in it for the money .I heared you can even get accepted just by sending a sms.What do you expect of the skill level or calibre students this universities are spitting out.Hey the goverment should also play a role in developing a student who will be innovative.The curriculum is designed to produce job seekers.R and D has being extremely neglected and not funded at all.Share the problem too you the old generation.

  3. Ms Luo, you have it all wrong, begin with your party PF, all dull, no Vision, do you call your party exceptional??????

  4. No wonder Mushota is still doing a Phd in Uk because there is no motivation for innovation in her/his country of origin.Here politics is big bussiness and those close to the political elite are admired while education is regarded as a prerequisite for a white collar job.Our old generation like Prof Luo could have changed all this instead they decided to concentrate in talk and no action.Untill those in leadership fix this system,this talk of an innovative nation will just be political rants.

    • Which Mushota are you talking about? The clueless, dull and loud mouth on this site? The last time I checked she was wiping old people’s @sses in nursing homes in the UK and trying to marry hillibilly so she can get immigration papers. Don’t get confused with an empty tin, they make loud noise the most. Wiping old people’s butts is no PHD program my friend.

  5. Yes they are dull: They cant even make drainages in our roads those in Engineering. Come and see in Kitwe – Kwacha East how roads are. Yes they are dull.

    • Poor drainages are a result of awarding contracts to cadres and jerabos in kitwe who only think of a road as a black top. Dont blame Engineers

  6. The twat from Glasgow supports everything and anything. Yes, promote universities that produce graduates like Mumbi Phiri, Mwila, Chama etc because that’s the kind of intellect you promote. Meanwhile keep sending your children abroad at the expense of the masses. And twat head above who found herself abroad by default has nothing to say about those impoverished! Why is Luo still masquerading as Minister? Talk about following the law in Zambia is now rocket science!!

  7. We have a dull president and you an illegal mp so how can we have sensible graduates. An alleged lawyer president who fails to respect rule of law and abusing human rights. Luo chikopo

    • I wonder how it feels to be NEZ. It must hurt a lot like someone with a boil on his butt holee. You can not carry on in life with such bitterness.

    • The only ones hurting are your own poor relatives who have to live a life of utter poverty just because of your greed based on some peanuts you are benefiting from an illegal party being in power. Wake up Bro..for once stop thinking with your stomach and use that big thing between your ears

  8. We should all be responsible and help heal our nation. I will always stand on the side of the truth. My introspection as a PF member tells me the way we picked Hichilema from his home to the Police station was inappropriate, despite the suspected gravity of the offence. It is the courts to decide the punishment not Police. We should treat one another with respect, if we are in church every Sunday then we should know that two wrongs don’t commit a right. This President we have also, he can’t continue saying I won’t interfere with Police and Judiciary, if he sees excesses, like the way the Police behaved, he is supposed to intervene, giving lame weak excuses does not help. PF for life

    • Maybe we need all you PF for life individuals to stand up and quit being cadres based on party lines and hold Lungu accountable. Unfortunately most of your likes are plain ignorant as long as your party/President gives you freebies, you forget that peace is at stake.

  9. A pot calling Kettle black, who would have thought? Kandu Lou, you are dull yourself, so quit yapping nonse here. Ain’t you supporsed to implimenting measures that would allow these institution to produce excellent grads? You forgot that, you, Lungu and all PF cadres ministers are clueless on how to develop an economy, let alone an educational system that produces smart graduates that would help drive an economy to the better through cutting edge research that would produce great outcomes to sectors that really matter and vital to our economy such agricultural and manufacturing. Please Mrs Luo, with your purchased degree, do the nation as favor and close your mouth as you are part of the problem. Thank you

    • Coming to think of it, Luo has been employed all her life apart from the time men did not pay attention to her when she was in School. But again there used to be a president who used to encourage others to go back to th land but he is still in Lusaka even in his old age.

  10. This is when u have seen that the degree that Kambwili got from Copperstone is not working.
    l tell u the level of ignorance he exhibited when he was Information Minister was alarming: He said ”Zambia’s development rate is at 6% while that of USA is at 3%”. This is more like comparing mangoes and oranges which are different fruits all together. Equally Z can’t b compared to USA or vise versa because one is a DEVELOPED country and the other is a DEVELOPING nation.

  11. Mushota is the dullest ‘thing’ I have ever met. I had I chat with him but didn’t want to tell him that he is the dullest item masquerading as a woman online. Damn thing


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