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HH’s arrest is unacceptable- Africa Liberal Network

General News HH’s arrest is unacceptable- Africa Liberal Network

African Liberal Networks President Stevens Mokgalapa
African Liberal Networks President Stevens Mokgalapa

The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) has condemned in the strongest possible terms the recent arrest of the Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema on charges of treason.

The Network says this is the latest development in the ruling party’s attempts to silence dissent and opposition.

ALN President Stevens Mokgalapa urged the Zambian government to respect due process, the rule of law, and to immediately cease all arbitrary arrests of its political opponents.

Mr Mokgalapa said It is unacceptable for the governing party in a constitutional democracy such as Zambia to allow for politically-motivated issues such as this to occur.

“As President of Africa’s largest political affiliation, I will encourage representatives and our member parties to submit questions to their respective national legislatures and other structures concerning this alarming matter. We will explore potential options to add pressure to President Lungu’s government and request satisfactory clarity,” he said.

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    • ALN is a family network whose statements should be ignored.

      They are not registered for tax purposes and are illegally trading.

      If you think they matter, you are mentally handicapped and a mental midget



    • It is unacceptable for Zambia to have two presidents. One candidate won and the other one lost. Respect should be given to what majority of Zambians decided. We can only have one president. ECL should prove himself that he is worthy to be called commander of the armed forces. Such times define tough men.

    • The outsiders are able to see that our democracy is under threat under this PF regime and yet ourselves we’re seeing nothing wrong with the current happenings? what is wrong with us Zambians? Indeed its either we’re cursed or we’re a curse

    • What is this perfidious, illiterate and ignorant woman Mushota saying?
      She lacks moral turpitude.
      She is an economic refugee in a foreign country.
      She boasts fake qualificatins.
      She has no respect for Zambian culture.
      Her command of the English language is abysmal.
      By the abovementioned facts, she is not authoritative enough to comment on this august forum.

    • Zambia built itself esteem and an image of being the most peaceful nation in the southern half of Africa however the reverence the country enjoys with glorification can easily vanish with carelessness!

  1. Ukokwine, mwembusi mwe! You don’t seem to understand nor comment on why this ka under 5 ka HH behaved the way he did towards the Presidential motorcade. All you wanna talk about is Politics, politics and damn politics and not the rule of law where, this ka HH should have given way to President Lungu’s motorcade and whether he likes it or not, that’s the Law. Whether Lungu is NOT fit to be President (which l think is right), he is the current President until we vote him out, simple arithmetic…

    • What criminality are you talking about? are you talking about cadres threatening the police chief over granting an opposition political party to hold a rally? Or are you talking about criminality by a minister to be involved in corrupt practices but the president turning a deaf ear or a blind eye to all that? Zambians let us be sensible as we watch democracy be crushed in our country. You laugh at Zimbabwe but Tsvangirai was called Britain’s blue eyed boy at the expense of democracy. Many Zimbabweans joined in laughing at him while turning a blind eye to their democracy being killed

    • I’m referring to HH’s interference with the presidential motorcade in Mongu. That was criminal and he has rightly been arrested and charged. To me this is the rule of law and there’s nothing undemocratic about it. What’s wrong are calls to have him released at the pretext of preserving democracy … let the courts adjudicate please!

    • @ Umwina Nkana

      It’s not a criminal/treasonable offence but a traffic offence. you pay a fine, NOT death.

      It’s a treason offense only in evil PF00Ls that have been harboring hatred HH.

      221. You should look and listen for ambulances, fire engines, or other
      emergency vehicles using flashing blue, red or green lights,
      headlights or sirens. When one approaches, do not panic.
      Consider the route of the emergency vehicle and take
      appropriate action to let it pass. If necessary, pull to the side of
      the road and stop, but do not endanger other road users.

      222. On the approach and during the…

    • CONT’D
      @ Umwina Nkana

      222. On the approach and during the passing of the State motorcade
      the driver of every vehicle on the road shall stop and give way to
      the Presidential and other VIP motorcade. No vehicle shall
      overtake the motorcade.

    • Failing to stop for an ambulance or fire engine will also become treason under PF becoz both laws are under the same chapter.

  2. So you wanted the law to ignore HH s stupidity ,you too foolish and shameless person or entity to allow lawless in a country . Hh thought he was in touchable am happy he is dancing to the tune of the law . Somehow he will change for the better . He will behave mature if he comes out of which I doubt it’s not now when he will see his freedom .
    Bukala bwakwe

  3. Pressure began and continues outside Zambia. Here in Europe we are organising to protest over the political tension in Zambia that has become unsafe for majority of Zambians. Zambia does not belong to a few but is part of the wider world and the arbitrary arrests and harassment of those holding dissenting opinions should not be arrested on frivolous grounds. African Union is being contacted to asset its influence similar to events in Gambia after disgraceful Ya ya Jamey crude intentions to deny Gambians justice.

  4. The problem is you believe everything you read on these useless websites. Yesterday Lusaka was abuzz with traders carrying on with their activities as if it were a working day, so who is going to protest with you?? So the AU is going to replace the judiciary and start handling our criminal cases just because you guys in Europe think so??? What hh did is disgraceful and he deserves to be in prison and many Zambians on the streets also think so and are not going to sacrifice their income generating everyday activities to support this disrespectful politician. You should research and be objective before you rush for actions that will just inconvenience you-if you decide to protest, just remember it is yourselves and these bitter tribalists as the majority of Zambians chose this government…

  5. Wow Zambia in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Imwe what did we do to deserve an illegal rat like lungu. Zambia has lost its democratic reputation because of a weak illegal son of a bltch like lungu masquerading as president. Lungu needs to die or I foresee an attempt on his life.

  6. To All!

    HH is a Zambian who should respect the office he is looking forward to occupy whether a frog, or lion or Hyena as he calls President Lungu is in the office. The rule of law should be respected. If not no one will respect the office of the President whether he becomes President some day. Is calling the President a hyena divergent views. Fellow Zambians we ripe what we sow and if the mistake he made is not corrected buses will block the presidential motorcade when he will be president and who will point a finger at the driver to be wrong.

    • Another wild animal. How many of these wild animals do we with rebbies that make them think beyond imagination. A wrong is a wrong and now everyone can see it. Lungu has put the light on himself. This just the beginning. My advice to Lungu is release the innocent man. You have made yourself a good candidate for human right abuse. All those thugs around you will not be there


    • I wonder why other pipo support the wrong which this tribalistic Tonga man did.A warning still goes forth to those who think they are angels,and continue insulting the head of state that their day is also on the finger tips,they will be taught how to behave in line with the National guide.Their leader first,others will follow in a single file.Who should enjoy watching stupid in this peace nation Zambia.If there are still some pipo who do not believe Bwana Edgar C Lungu was elected by majority Zambians,let pray each one to their God/god so that we see who is Godly given leader.

  8. You *****s talking about the arrest of a rude chap must go to chainama if they don’t any mental hospitals in their countries. *****s let kapala pay for his stupidity and foolishness

    • The Bad Neighbourhood syndrome. The poor lad growing up in Chawama aspires, like Lungu, to have the largest and tallest house in Chawama and not to live in New Kasama or Clifton (Cape Town).

  9. Lungu will not manage to make himself legitimate through violence and cruel means. Everyone has seen and knows the he is not legitimate. His actions will now cause him trouble. Please get SADC to gather armies together. It’s about time we act like in West Africa. Lungu cannot be allowed to mistreat citizens or even abuse his authority by sending thugs and criminals to arrest an innocent man at night.

  10. All these HH lovers, let me ask? can you even do what HH’s motorcade did in mongu?…. you would have probably been shot….

  11. Fake news! trying to mobilize international support on criminal activity and then cry foul. HH is pushing the boundaries and the patience of the Zambian people. If Lungu fails to deal with him, then the people will.

  12. As we speak Theresa may is announcing that the UK will have a general election due to divisions at Westminster. Mind you she is a legally ushered prime minister but understands democracy. Meanwhile Zambia is burning due to majority not accepting lungu but in this case he is fighting to go for another term. Do you see how illiterate the rat is. He only cares about himself. Some one assassinate him for his own good

    • The African Liberal Networks President Stevens Mokgalapa is not a Zambia. I have three questions which he should answer.
      1. Is it acceptable in his country to call a President a clueless Hyena.
      2. Is it acceptable in his country for one to block the Presidential motorcade
      3. Is it acceptable in his country for anyone to masquerade as President of that country and continuously call the President illegitimate.
      Can you answer these questions faithfully.

  13. Today President Donald J. Trump congratulated the Turkish President on his victory of a heavily disputed referendum election. The opposition and people from a province say the election was rigged and they are petitioning the out come. But is encouraging the victor to get on with the good. The Turkish president has jailed hundreds of opposition leaders and tens of thousands of suspected opposition members. Suspect civilian servants have either been fired from work or imprisoned. That’s Trump for you.

    • Trump does not care for Turks. He has said that so many times. It is America first. Erdogan is only useful to Trump for supporting the bombing of Syria. The liberties of Turks is mere collateral damage to Trump.

    • Ndanje dumb boy khakis please refer to my learned brothers comment above. It seems you have a narrow way of looking at global issues. Wake up Bro

  14. @NEZ, is Zambia literally burning out there? I am writing from Mongu and people are going about their daily business with no visible smoke oozing out of their nostrils. So on my part I can report no existance of such fires here. Please confirm sir about that part of the world, I intend to travel back to Lusaka this evening, and arriving back to a burning city is the last thing on my mind.

  15. @NEZ

    THERE is no division in Westminster. Shes calling for an election because righ now, she is PM or leader without going through any election like HH.

  16. So if doesn’t care about Turks what makes you think he cares about black Zambia? Your HH has been claiming having been speaking to Trump. Your reaction just shows how insular your perception is. It’s HH all the way even in his grave. By the Nez I’ve been hoping to see at lilayi to accompany his excellence.

  17. Another South African black donkey?
    Please invite him to attend the next court session, its free and there are special stools provided for donkeys.

  18. These tuma NGOs from RSA pretending to support Zambians when they have failed to do anything about Zuma should not be given space on Zambian media!

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