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Police will not tolerate anarchy during HH’s court hearing today-Kampyongo

Headlines Police will not tolerate anarchy during HH's court hearing today-Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo says police will not tolerate anarchy and indiscipline during United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema’s court hearing.

Last week, police arrested and charged Mr Hichilema with treason, disobedience to lawful orders, disobeying of statutory duty (Highway Code), and use of insulting language.

The opposition leader is in detention after his convoy obstructed President Lungu’s motorcade in Mongu, thereby endangering the life of the head of State.

Since his detention, UPND supporters have been demanding the release of Mr Hichilema, with others threatening and attempting to protest.

Mr Kampyongo advised UPND supporters to maintain law and order as their leader appears in court.

He said in an interview yesterday that police are on alert to ensure peace and order during the hearing.

“It is not the first time he [Mr Hichilema] is appearing in court and we expect his supporters to understand that law and order must continue to prevail.

“We understand their vice-president [Mr Geoffrey Mwamba] urged them to remain calm but they [UPND cadres] were clearly defying the call, but I want to state that those who do not want to maintain calm will have themselves to blame,” Mr Kampyongo said.

And Mr Kampyongo urged the police to professionally execute their duties in accordance with the expectations of Zambians.

He said police are expected to be firm in maintaining law and order in the country.

“We do not want police to be slack in maintaining law and order like what recently happened in Livingstone [where UPND cadres held an illegal protest against the arrest of their leader].
“Police must not be partisan, or use emotions in executing their duties,” Mr Kampyongo said.


  1. Just want to take this opportunity to
    Commend the police on a Job well done.

    They are not being intimidated by the chiefs nor UPND and as a country it’s safer with their cause.

    Please continue and arrest anyone remotely causing the peace.

    It’s disturbing what UPND did with the fire blazing and equally the buying of the chiefs to issue a worthless statement.

    You the police have the confidence of all Zambians

    Stay focussed



    • Mushota,
      Do you recall what I said to you 5 years ago here on LT?
      How ironically disgraceful for you to support this rubbish but yet, nonsensical PFolice who have failed to adhere to tenets of rule of law, so is the constitutionality of the land!
      Now, has the illegal arrest of HH, torturing his children, wife & workers will hazardous materials reduced the prices of mealie meal in the country?
      Has the closure of Dr Mmembe’s Post Newspaper improved the economy & well being of sensitized including hungry stricken majority Zambians suffering absolute poverty?
      The Skeleton Key

    • @Mushota well said depsite the many shortcomings of ZP in the recent past let them learn from their mistakes and be firm, assertive yet conscious to the fact that Human Rights must be observed in all aspects
      @skeletonbrain and the rest of United Dunderheads- Zambia is bigger than all of us! Those death wishes you guys are used to broadcasting serve no purpose they only show how much of followers of Sa.tan you are! No true child of God can wish death on another!
      As for the Human Hyena (HH) as I’ve said before this cretin is a coward, a thief and a liar which are the traits of Lucifer himself and only cowardly, frustrated misguided people can follow such a low life..read their comments and anyone with common sense can see that is why even foreign observers have not paid attention to…

    • Ctn…which is why even foreign observers have not paid attention to their hateful lies, and statements to incite violence. But ultimately I’m certain this Human Hyena (HH) will be released which is the best move- it serves no purpose to cage such a coward that would rather his own household are tear gased than him handing himself in. A real coward of a tribal leader!

    • Skeleton,

      I recall but here is the question. Who do you think has caused this chaotic peace instability in your country ?

      Here is the fact : if UPND accepted the presidential results, let’s be honest here there is no chance the courts will entertain it anymore a year since elections ended. UPND needs to accept the results and embrace Lungu as the man who won the elections cleanly.

      Your elections were as close as the US presidential elections and Hillary despite winning the popular vote,conceded for the sake of peace and stability of the US.

      What is wrong with HH.

      I hope HH is well in prison but his incarceration I have noticed has coincided with zambia enjoying a peaceful Easter break.

      Notice no UPND shenanigans over the weekend- coincidence ?



    • Anarchy … Some words!?
      Most people who will be at court house are Kapyongo former friends street-currency changers from Katondo street. Ba Kapyongo mwatwalukila.

    • When a former Katondo Street illegal forex dealer (Kapyongo) becomes a minister then you know the country has gone to the dogs.

    • Ati hh won. Hh won. Let the case be heard in court. Do you win elections in court.?

      Hh has no councilor in lusaka no councilor or cb . No mp. These regions determine winner. Ask Neo Simutanyi
      How did he win the presidency with a handfull regional mps

      Hh lost period. Zambia is not southern province

      Today be ready for tear gass.

      I hope those chiefs will be at court grounds to recieve free tear gass

      And the will never come to lsk again

    • The evil comments from the so called Christian Nation are so disturbing.

      HH is a father, a fellow human being, a husband before him being a politician.

      This type of hatred being exhibited can only be compared to NAZI Germany & RWANDA genocide.

      Wishing death for a traffic offence on someone you don’t personally know is just plain devil evil. Search the “Christ” in your hearts guys.

    • Hillary won populary vote. Is he makin noise. What so special about upendi.

      Upend is an ethnic party why it will never rule until its lead another leader from different region

    • This is an opportunity for HIGH COURT to redeem itself especially after the ConCourt embarrassed the nation in 2016. If they decide accpet trial of this traffic offence as treason, then It’ll be the final nail in the coffin of the credibility of the zambian judiciary.

      Democratic institutions have been destroyed by PF.

      – Police is now a PF cadre militia which makes selective arrests/ extra-judicial killings based on party affiliation.
      – Parliament is a rubber-stamp without any policy debating capability
      – Judiciary has been dogged by high profile bribes. The climax of how rotten Zambian Judiciary is was during the ConCourt Aug 2016 petition hearing.
      – Presidency is aa evil-wolf in sheeps clothing who is dragging the country into a one-party dictatorship.

    • There no need to cause any confusion at the courts by UPND cards.

      This idea of anarchy that gets exhinited by UPND cadres at the court should not be tolerated.

      Let the law take its course, and there should be no interference whether from the public or the executive.

      I salute the president for saying he will not interfere, because interfering in this matter may sponsor anarchy in the country.

      And NGOs that are calling for the president’s interference but never condemn the criminal acts individuals commit, simply talk because that is what brings them funding – not that they have anything good at heart for the country.

    • The best we can do is divide the country. PF and similar on one side and the rest on the other side.

    • @Mushota you must know that there comes a time one makes a decision to continue to work or kill his/her mother/father or sister/brother.In a civil war the police and the military will fold there arms because they can not kill there relatives for the sake of one dictators.Example is the case of Gambia were The Chief of the Armed forces in Gambia told his sodiers not to fight a stupit war.The result was that Yaya Jame fled the country.He now facing arrest.Lungu should no that The police are getting fade up and the sodiers are even angry.KK ,RB ,Mupezeni,Mwata Kazembe and Chitimukulu should advice Lungu to release HH today.Then call for dialogue and healing.HH has enough internation backing we are watching.

    • – HH is like Jesus, accused of treason for calling himself King of the Jews

      – Lungu is like the snake, the devil trying to kill Jesus because he knows he has real power. He’s just fulfilling prophesy by Prophet Bushiri.

      – Fr. Bwalya is Judas Iscariot who for 30 pieces of silver has sold his soul to Lungu the devil

      – Kaizer & the PF Police who raided HH are the roman soldiers who went to arrest Jesus

      – PF cadres are like the Jews who shouted that Jesus should hang

      – High Court is like Pontius Pilate.

      Is it coincidence that this is happening around Easter?

    • *Pastor Joshua Banda & Christians for Lungu are also Judas Iscariot who for 30 pieces of silver sold their souls to Lungu the snake, the deceiver.

    • *Garry Nkombo is like Simon Peter who confronted the roman soldiers as they arrested his master at night in garden of gethsemane

    • @Marie-Anne, the happenings during this Holy Week are bizzare to say the least. Lungu’s schemes are exactly like what happened to Jesus Christ in 33 AD.

    • @Mushota, Agree 100%. Guys be objective. Politics aside. Was HH wrong? Answer is year. Based on Zambian constitution, are the charges right? Don’t know much about it, but from what I hear they are ok. Lesson for HH, NEVER give your opponent an opportunity to bring you down. If it was an illegal arrest, you would have heard all these embassies making statements. No one is above the law. I am not a fan of Lungu. On this one, HH was wrong.

    • Novices like this Katondo boy and his boss may try as much as they can to pretend that they have no hand in the arrest of this one or that one, but their careless talk and excitement still shows that they are influencing every one from the courts to their own mashinsha cleaner.

    • Mushota , when you ask a question in your writing say for instance ;
      ‘What is wrong with HH. ‘
      It should end with a question mark not a full stop. This elementally grade nine English not PHD .

  2. Bandit Kapyango & your visionless PF is downfall is very near you hypocrites!
    PF hypocrites have no respect for God & Jesus by persecuting innocent HH during Easter. Shame on the demonic PF of visionless Dagama who pretends to be Christian, when infact a ruthless snake by night.
    After arresting HH for TREE ZONE, or ‘treason’ by charge, has the prices of mealie meal reduced?
    The Skeleton Key

    • Dead man(@… skeleton )just shut your mouth kumbo takuya babwela, remember that you dead, so leave it for the living, don’t bring ifimano fya fiwa pa media. HH is foooooooooooool and he is heartless for the nation. that he is found with fools like CHIMBWI . M, Nemfumu shenu shine fipuba coz they are the ones who were supposed to hungry hyena down and tell him that he can not only win in three provinces. I even wonder how you live in your provinces.

    • Lusaka Hour,
      Your illusions of being a mental deluded PF bandit cadre is taking coarse!
      Your colloquial & vulgarity comment has exposed the primitivity in you, no wonder you you are blindly following & supporting visionless leadership.
      It seems you have no mealie meal & you get jittery when you hear the mentioning of Mealie meal~lol. Grow up @ Lusaka Hour, its not too late!
      The Skeleton Key

    • The Boat,
      From today, get it into your PF banditry empty skull that the skeleton never dies.
      When the body dies, only the flesh is decomposed & beneath the rotten carcass of life lies the Skeleton. The Skeleton is here to stay forever, unlike the Boat, Canoe or Dingy without calcium.
      Don’t be deceived by PF bandits illusions of 3 provinces. The presidential petition must be heard so that HH~GBM~UPND can establish notability of their electoral win in court. Like wise, the PF bandits should present evidence of how & if at all, they ‘won’ the elections by bringing Samuel Chavula into the Docks.
      A boat can die & rot but not the skeleton. PF is feeling the scorching heat.
      The Skeleton Key

  3. So, how do you reconcile the call and desire for the rule of law by all these NGOs, Churches and Diplomats and now Chiefs with the call to ask the President to order police to drop charges against Under 2 Hakainde Hichilema?

    How how do you reconcile the call and desire for the rule of law by by all these UPND cadres with their quest to cause riots , burn down everything to ensure that their Spiritual Leader does not even go to court but just walk out free without even faciong a judge.

    IS this the type Zambia UPND would want to preside over? A Zambia where law enforcement agencies and courts are irrelevant, but the President and the cadres?

    What gives?

    • Mate don’t pretend Lungu and his minions have nothing to do with HH’s arrest. Try to see through your hatred and bias for the man and for once be objective. Amazing how Zambians would cry racism abroad and yet they still think tribalism back home.

      How could this possibly be called a rule of law when the police are controlled by those in government and those in government break the same law with impunity?

      Let’s face the only reason why HH isn’t a president of this country is because of his Tonga ethnicity, and the fact Lungu robbed him of his victory. No I’m no UPND cadre but it’s obvious from where I’m seated that he is better than Sata or Lungu combined.

    • This Kampyongo is the REAL criminal here and should be the one in a court answering charges!

      Let anyone deny that throwing stones at a helicopter that is trying to land is not an evil and malicious act! Endangering life and property!

      But sitting as a passenger in a car is TREASON ????

      Do these PFools really think people are that ignorant and stupid?

    • This Kampyongo is the REAL criminal here and should be the one in a court answering charges!

      Let anyone deny that throwing stones at a helicopter that is trying to land is not an evil and malicious act! Endangering life and property!

      But sitting as a passenger in a car is TREASON ????

      Do these PF.ools really think people are that ignorant and stu.pod??

  4. There’s time for everything,,,let us wait and see what tomorrow will bring..I pity kampyongo and the entire team…

  5. Coming from a member of the team of the most inconsequential, incompetent, thuggish, and corrupt government that Zambia has ever offered the world. The contributors to those who have made Zambia a laughing stock of this region.

    • Boggles my mind when these ruling politicians talk on behalf of the supposedly police. During holidays like the recent Easter weekend announcements for road users to drive safely usually come from the police and not politicians… dictatorship regime this one for sure.

  6. Kampyongo better learn to be humble Lungu has got immunity. The icc will be his final destination no one will protect him not even the man he zealously serves like a mad dog.Wise up amenso ya bantu yalaletelela look at kambwili used and discarded

    • Power is good when you are in control of everything.Vanity upon vanity is VANITY The same scale you are using to measure your RIVALS will be used to you as well one day BE WISE BA KAMPYONGO WESU.

    • Mulomo you are write a Bad leader is a danger to all.Dont think because you are Bemba or Nyanja Lungu will not kill you.Who killed Mulenga the driver in the Kuomboka presidential motor.Is Mulenga not a Bemba.Lungu is a danger and must be stopped quickly before he becomes another IDI AMIN.

  7. You foolish minister how can you say police should act professionally when they never showed that when they arrested our leader.You and stupid fools will be arrested when you leave office.Lungu will be charged for not observing human rights.

    Just know that you will not be in power forever.ONE Day you will account for your actions

  8. He will appear in his new found passion court hearings but it wont change the fact he wanted the head of state to be harmed hence his refusal to give way to the presidential motorcade now he has placed the life of his own family in misery all because of selfishness!

  9. Mwaice Kampyongo, make sure that the insolent suspect is dressed in the orange shirt and shorts with handcuffs on his arms. Get him also ma “igo igo” or patapata for his footwear as he is arraigned before the courts. That bushy hair should also be completely cut.

    • Unfortunately, in this world we have to live even with maniacs like @zedoc. Some even went to school but never got educated. There is no need to remain blinded by hate towards another person.

  10. You can only be taken to ICC if you kill certain number of people .In zambia not even 200 have been killed ati ICC you mad, talk about 1500 deaths then one qualifies to go to ICC not less than 50 people

    • Dev you are a liar,even one important USA citizen in Zambia if he is killed by the state can amount to the arrest of who ever did it to ICC.Example in the Congo the case Bemba.Lungu is a potential customer of ICC ICJ.


  12. Yes law and order should be maintained. People in other countries are allowed to hold peaceful demonstrations. It is part of democracy. What is happening in our country is really scaring.

  13. What type of thinking is this? Police created unnecessary anarchy when arresting HH at his home and today a Minister should not expect anarchy at court?

  14. Police officers are human beings…some may not be willing to kill innocent citizens when they also are facing the same economical hardships most of Zambians are going through.

    • @ Zilimbwe

      Accurate observation. PF should stop relying on Police & the rotten corrupt judiciary to fight their political battles.

      Everyone is feeling the pinch of their failed economic policies. Try squeezing the tail of your own dog & it will bite you even though it’s you that feeds it.

  15. The case of HH should be shown live on znbc so that we all can follow the case and not to be cheated. This is a high profile case

  16. Today they will not waste time at the court because it’s plea, buying time maybe adjourn to next week just to punish the opponent.

    • Any sober, intelligent and impartial Judge will immediately throw out this case based on trumped up charges forthwith. It should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

      AND castigate the police for wasting the Courts time and public resources!

  17. You should have thought of the consequences of giving HH the bogus treason charge.

    Now it’s too late for dialogue & peace with PF00Ls & their cadres dressed in police uniforms.

    If the High Court judges don’t quash bogus treason charges today, they’ll flush themselves into the septic tank to join the disgraced Kangaroo Constitutional Court Judges.

  18. Truth is very stubborn it will eventually come out. Once the truth comes out no one can challenge it but it will set all of us free. Sin can never be concealed, it equally comes out. A bad Conscious is to be feared as it is a voice within that cannot be quenched.

  19. Rupiah Banda must go and support HH ,he used to support him when he was passing through the same torture by the late M.C Sata just four years ago.

    • Jangjawid you are wright lol lol.Were are Bemba chiefs?Chief Mukuni of the Tonga come and joined chiefs from Northern when GBM was arrested.We are watching.These analysis will help plan.

  20. I pray for justice from the Almighty God. I cannot believe this is the Zambia I was born in. God does not practice partiality. He will surely deliver His people. I know Zambian true believera are praying.

    • “When it seems that you prayed ’til your strength is all gone,
      and your tears fall like raindrops all the day long
      Jesus cares and He knows just how much you can bear
      He’ll speak your name to someone in prayer”
      pray on saints pray on,

  21. The funny part is that 97percent bloggers are all outside Zambia and are the same inciting violence to happen upon the county.

    • Please do not display your ignorance here!

      I am not supporting any political party, but I really do not like what I am seeing here IN ZAMBIA. Right now I am less than 1 Km from the court.

      Zambians Rights are being abused and trashed by this Government and politicized Police. Not for the betterment of Zambians, but for the GREED of a few selfish politicians.

      Zambians must stand up and say this is ENOUGH of this NONSENSE!

      We want JOBS. We want a better ECONOMY.

      NOT so called “leaders” wasting millions of our taxpayers money being petty and fighting like children for their own selfish GTEEDY GAINS!

  22. Lungu will not be there to save you when jail time comes or when you start answering your wrong doing. Act in line with what is right. You are also a candidate for jail. Please keep yourself well. Justice will come your way. What police did was wrong and what you are doing is wrong.

    • True Zambian even our fore fathers sacrificed to fight the brutal Whites before independency.So you think we can not take own Ka Lungu from Chawama.

  23. Of course Kampyongo you wont’t tolerate UPND supporters anywhere nearby. Even if the UPND supporters were all in St. Ann Ambassador vehicles your PF police would shoot at them and say they were being chaotic

  24. I have just arrived at the upnd secretariat and been briefing hh lawyers. I have read this article and just realised that this kampyongo guy is an illiterate thug dressed in a suit. To him everything is about threatening upnd. What this boy don’t understand is that his silly president lungu is sick and will die soon. When this happens this boy won’t have any protection and will face the wrath of the law. I advise him to be very careful

    • NEZ This chap does not realise he is been used. As young man he should consider been a principled citizen. Thug and criminal actions lead to problems.

  25. Ba Mushota…. twapapata. Fear GOD and keep HIS commandments. Do you love HH? Do you hate President Edgar Lungu? Are you a Christian? Do you love sinners as Jesus came to die for sinners?
    As an accountant and believer, Ba Mushota , I urge you to love your enemies, please , and pray for HH. Don’t call him hyena.
    Did GOD create HH for hyena or is HH not created in God’s image?
    See the peck in HH’s eye , how about the log in many of us?

    • “Have the clouds ’round you Gathered in the midst of a storm
      Is your ship tossed and battered Are you weary and worn
      Don’t lose hope someone’s praying For you this very day
      And peace be still is already on the way”

  26. If lungu is so popular as Pf00ls claim, then why does he use police brutality and bribing the judiciary to defeat his political opponents?

    Why is lungu & PF00Ls so scared of HH becoming president to a point of provoking the country into anarchy & dictatorship? There’s something fishy.

    • @ ZOONEST I guess you are either def,blind or both, Lungu does not use the police, they simply do their job on culprits like hh. But just to put you in the right direction, Lungu won the elections in his first attempt in 2015, how many attempt had your hh tried? Kaya, Lungu won again in his second attempt last year when other guy was going the wrong direction. Who do you think is popular?

  27. Mushota
    i 100% agree with you, for the sake of the majority of zambians, HH would have just conceided defeat for peace to prevail in the country. HH does not know how to gain political mileage. He is a danger to the country. His stubborness will not take him to plot 1

    • miles how can you expect HH to just concede defeat on something he knows is wrong; have you no scruples; do you want people to suffer more and more like we are doing under pf? come on man we are in a democracy and people have rights; this same attitude we have in Zambia of olo chibe fye must stop; we are not advancing but going backwards with our hands forever in a begging position to the west because of people like you who think backwards; let the petition be heard

  28. @Mushota has been bewitched by PF dunderheads. USA and Zambia elections result comparison and Mushota gets lessons from it and splash it to Zambians. Frankly, that is disgraceful for a BB2014. Donald Trump is held to account and Americans wont have it. Certainly he has not incarcerated Hilary Clinton or arbitrary arrests going on in America, let alone prevented democrats holding rallies. Shame on you Mushota who claim to be above board, you are a disciple of doom in intellectual disposition.
    Zambians urged from today have stripped your cherished fictitious tittles.

    • Wait. Has Hillary disputes the elections ? Has Hilary refused to concede defeat ?

      The similarities are the same. Difference is HH and UPND are finding hard to accept that they lose a very close contested elections.

      Hilary had the most votes and within 24 hours accepted defeat knowing Trump won the most votes.

      What were you saying again?



    • Ka Mushota I have been quite for too long but iam forced to try and show you that Lungu is not a person you think he is.
      1.Lungu has a huge militia which is killing,bitting and creating fires to fight opposition.
      2.He does not respect the rule of Law.He did not hand over power during petition.He has continued arresting political oponents keeping them in Jails in their thousands without trial.Is that democracy to you.
      3.He has divided the Nation by firing Tongas,Luvale,Kaondes,Lozis from their Jobs replacing them with Easterners it is a coincidence that ALL THE VICE CHANCELLORS IN THREE PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES are Easteners what a shame.

  29. Kampongo, this situation you have created requires level-headedness to resolve. Chagwa has immunity and you don’t. Advise correctly. Don’t allow yourself to be used! Don’t seal the lid on a boiling pot!

    • good advise, what has troubled us for all this long is TRUTH that is not yet coming out. Truth is like birth pangs, until the child is born, it will continue causing havoc. The solution to the current situations lies with the courts of law, until the court hears and delivers justice-the birth pangs will continue.John 16:21
      Verse Concepts
      “Whenever a woman is in labor she has pain, because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world.

  30. There no need to cause any confusion at the courts by UPND cards.

    This idea of anarchy that gets exhinited by UPND cadres at the court should not be tolerated.

    Let the law take its course, and there should be no interference whether from the public or the executive.

    I salute the president for saying he will not interfere, because interfering in this matter may sponsor anarchy in the country.

    And NGOs that are calling for the president’s interference but never condemn the criminal acts individuals commit, simply talk because that is what brings them funding – not that they have anything good at heart for the country.

    • Advice; do you even allow upnd to stand quietly? no you set the police on them and then turn around and say look; let us be fair; allow upnd to have a peaceful march without you cadres and police interfering and it will shock you that there will be no violence and what will shock you more is the crowd that will be there;

  31. As recent as two weeks ago, HH was insulting Judges calling them all sorts of names. That chewa saying ” osa nyela muponto” is so true. Politicians and their advisors must respect democratic institutions.

  32. The problem Mushota you have knowledge what you lack is wisdom. I have being reading comments pre elections, during elections and post elections, it seems you have three personality. Before elections you supported HH, because he lost you have joined us at PF. Its a shame that you don’t know what you want in life.

    • Kevin, I dont support any political party.

      I am just a seeker, of Justice and the Truth. You should have noticed I analyse that and has done so since 2007 on here.

      Point of correction Sir, I have no political affiliation.



    • Ati I analyse, noope madam, you lack analysis skills…I have noticed similar flip flops as highlighted by Kevin.You can’t compare USA election outcome to Zambian. In the USA, results were being posted online and verified by everyone after polls were closed, everyone knew who the winner was. Can you say the same for the Zambian elections? How long did you wait before final results were announced? Do you remember someone was caught allegedly tampering with results, do you know how that case ended up? Do you recall discrepancies in the count of elections, was that the same as in the USA? Stop being shallow minded and simplifying things. Again, its better to accumulated papers after gaining some experience, otherwise your papers are worthless, and its showing up in level of your analysis.

  33. Kashota, mushota or chishota or whatever his/her name is – is still alive! A cat surely has nine lives. This person has aged on Lusaka Times bloggers forumn. If she had used her time properly by now she would have been a medical doctor or lawyer but she uses her time to blog on a thirdworld blog with no light at the end of the tunnel. Call it a curse. I went and got a PHD and now I am back and she is still writing with many typos and spewing garbage for her followers to get lost even more. Is she the new age Leshina?

  34. @Skeleton,Nez and all upnd cadres,please respond to what MUSHOTA ASKED YOU.

    any wise politician values national security than his or her ego.
    Hillary Clinton was very popular and the whole world thought that she will 90% be next American president.after losing,she conceded defeat and today America has continued enjoying peace.
    But HH cannot conced defeat due to his ARROGANCE!!HH’s daily prayer is to see chaos in Zambia as long as its not him in state house!!THIS EVIL.

  35. Hh will still be charged with an offence. Criminal or treason. Both will put his presidential ambition in a coffin. So it’s bye bye to politics. It has been a battle of who the real president is and the real hyena is.

    • Bitterness, Hate, Tribalism and Denial have clouded the judgement of upnd and its supporters. They have not even analysed it that way, HHOval because they have been checkmated!! You my friend are SPOT ON!!! If upnd and its supporters had real thinkers and analysers, hh would have even been advised to stay away from Mongu to avoid any friction. But instead they hatched a plan to embarass the head of state knowing that it is their stronghold. They toasted their s.t.u.pid plan without analysing the consequences (just like the parliamentary boycott) and today they are regretting that THEY HAVE EFFECTIVELY BLOCKED THEIR BELOVED god FROM GOING NEAR ANY ELECTION IN FUTURE ONCE HE IS CONVICTED-WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS AND I.D.IOTS!!!!

  36. Ba Mushota , I don’t drink. am a seventh day Adventist. My prayer is that we must love another but not be happy when we see our enemies in trouble. I have never tasted any beer in my life or smoked.
    I love to preach Christ even if one person is condemned by the whole world…. Jesus died for everyone.

  37. Mushota if you call yourself someone after Justice! So the court not hearing the election case was justice? Lungu not stepping down was justice? Police vandaling HH’s was justice? Beating up innocent workers was justice? Let talk facts not hear say. I don’t support HH or Lungu…I after rule of law. You comments don’t come from someone after justice. Your conclusion is as though HH is guilty. Do police in UK behave that way?

  38. Hillary lost the election based on election rules not cheating. We laugh at Zimbabwe, that’s the direction Zambia is heading. During elections a foreign was caught in the computer room and the case was closed even before getting to the police. What didn’t the police about ? You your police officers fair?

    • do you ve proof that the guy was caught?with todays technology we would have seen a picture of the same guy but cannot be seen anywhere,with hh’s case we have evidence pictures en videos are all over

  39. The courts are there to prove if HH is guilty or not. Why are these UPND supporters so impatient with everything? you can not force your way through the presidency. We know HH has a big family following of people itching to lay their hands on the little resources Zambia has. These people think using western style of corporate theft, like their ring leader HH is a sign of good economics or intelligence? Zambia needs serious leaders and this HH has proven himself as mediocre. Just imagine what this HH would do if he was the president and people misbehaved like him? The police should not tolerate any unruly behavior. Arrest any trouble makers and make them clean the streets!

  40. Hee, here is a criminal who needs help, where is Linda Kasonde (LAZ) to join the proceedings or have joined already?

  41. Mr. President i think you should PARDON Mr. HH. Not so much for him but for YOUR SELF,YOU ALREADY ARE THE HEAD OF STATE, and a bigger person, Mr. HH is not. Yes he needs to give you respect. But am sure, he has done a lot of PONDERING IN THAT JAIL. If i was in your shoes, i would PARDON Mr.H H AND ALSO GIVE HIM A PUBLIC WARNING THAT IF HE ATTEMPTS TO CONDUCT HIM SELF IN SUCH A MANNER NEXT TIME. THAT WILL BE THE END FOR HIM AND HIS POLITICAL CAREER.

    • There is no word sorry in HH’s vocabulary,
      If that word was, he wouldn’t be in cells now.

      Elections took place last year and people knew who won the elections. For someone, therefore, to continue claiming that he is going to be sworn in, after the Kuomboka Ceremony, is definitely treasonable. Hichilema is therefore in the right place and at the right time-HE IS A DANGER TO THE COUNTRY

  42. @YourTimeWillComeSoon you have a NASTY SOUL, how do you character assassinate Mushota like that. Even if the two of you know each other, that is not cool. Why not call her privately and talk about your differences. NOT COOL.

  43. Can some one tell me how the presidential and HH vehicles were driving side by side because any where in the world the presidential convey is given way which HH did not do. What was his intention? That is where the issue is. For those who dont know presidential escort rules, you have to eliminate or neutralize any object perceived “not proved” to be a danger to the life of the president.
    What HH did endangered the life of the president and according to the rules, he was suppose to be eliminated or neutralized which neither happened.
    Instead of crying over HH’s arrest, you should thank the escort team because they used maximum restraint otherwise the situation could have been deadly.

  44. Just look at the so-called minister of home affairs, typical callboy/thug and that is what Zambia has to run the affairs of the country. How are they appointed? Not even in Somalia. These chaps will have a lot of explaining to do when their time is over.

  45. ‘Mushota’ doesn’t really exist as a single species. She/he is a mystical creature that metamorphosis-es to different forms when it suits them. It is astonishing that some bloggers can ‘agree’ 100% with someone who is so incoherent, inconsistent, is always deliberately a pain in most peoples sides and laughs at normal human functions, while proclaiming to be the ‘high and mighty’ achiever. Whoever this person is, or these persons are, its all a sick venture of playing with peoples’ minds – especially the gullible.

  46. What is worrisome about kampyongo’s approach to issues is always about US and THEM.If he is not warning,then he is justifying a wrong committed by his cadres.What a joke of a minister!!!

  47. @EL President of Doom – as long as they keep on breaking the rules they will eligible to be visited by the Police.

Comments are closed.

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