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Situation in Livingstone has continued to be calm

General News Situation in Livingstone has continued to be calm

The situation in Livingstone has continued to be calm with people going about their normal businesses as usual.

Police have also continued to be on high alert following last week’s failed protests by some United Party for National Development-UPND cadres against the arrest of party president Hakainde Hichilema.

Police in full riot gear have also been spotted patrolling the central business district.

Meanwhile, the clergy in Livingstone has called on Zambians to unite and stand as one regardless of political affiliation.

Reverend Michael Zulu of the Worship Expressions Assemblies says Zambians should pray for the country and avoid listening to people instigating violence.

Reverend Zulu says Zambians should continue to demonstrate the peace, love and unity they are known for.

And Pastor Charles Musonda from the Church of God says this is yet another opportunity for the nation to show its resilience even in difficult situations.

Pastor Musonda has also called on Zambians to pray not only for the country but for the UPND president Mr. Hichilema and his family as the party leader faces charges leveled against him.

He has further called on Zambians to allow the courts of law to carry out their duties without undue pressure adding that the law is sufficient and that if the UPND president is innocent it will be proved so.


  1. We know our strongholds are calm because we have sensible people there. Tell us about the fires been started by pf in order for lungu to issue a state of emergency and further curtail our freedoms. Please ndanje and other pf cadres I have a message for you to pass to lungu. Please whisper in his ear ati chikaIa chawiso

  2. This should a proper wake-up call for HH. Hes must realise that the ‘support’ he enjoys in these areas are just during rallies when hungry tongas want vitenge , bicycles etc. The UPND implosion that is about to take place over who takes over as UPND President is just too obvious. Today GBM was no where near the courts. Ask yourself, where was the man and why was he issuing statements from the luxury of his SUV
    When we say HH fmbled big time when he selected GBM as Veep, you usually laugh at us.

    • Why should we allow our vice president to go there when they have planted pf dogs to cause trouble and then blame it on gbm so that he is arrested. We were not born yesterday you silly faggot. We know what is happening because we have upnd members planted withing office of president itself. So keep dreaming that gbm is after presidency when he knows that after hh rules he will automatically be candidate. It hurts you so much because that makes your tribal hallucination about upnd invalid. Please go back to drawing board and come back with a new strategy. You chikaIa

    • Who told you that we shall allow our GBM to wait until Hungry Hyena rules ? How many decades do you see him waiting for besides even my grade 3 child knows that HH’s political creer is over, pingimu !
      The danger is that you blind followers do not know GBM and the encroaching capability of the Sata Family Forest. Ever heard of the Bemba saying….umulembwe wachipuba…… ?

  3. There is ALWAYS a calm before a STORM. Bloody Gestapo and their political paymasters should not take Goda people for granted

  4. Police in Livingstone chased the wind this afternoon after being cheated that UPND members are holding a meeting at heritage restaurant near zamtel .
    The police looked so unwise after being told that it was a family come together meeting to bless a marriage of one of the family member.
    Police in riot gear were ready to ambush the people at the gathering.
    Some joined in eating as they were hungry because the all day kept on patrolling.


  5. We livingstonians are not interested in political violence and demondtrations because it does not put food on our tables.we are busy making cash to send our kids to school and buy good cars for ourselves.also police do your patrols and make allowances .good opportunity for you offices.build houses if you can and let politicians also fight for jobs…..

  6. What has become of all the “National Prayers and fasting”? Was that some wool being pulled over the voters.
    What happened to the “newly born agains” from Israel trip?
    What happened to the “Humble chosen one”?

    Are these the truce colors?

  7. These pastors and reverends should be rebuking Lungu and the police than than saying if HH is innocent, and you think you will attract many tourists with Lungu’s brutal regime which has reduced Zambia from being a peaceful nation to a dictatorial regime while hiding in the name of Christian nation

  8. Yesterday’s BBC news of 17:00 GMT read: ZAMBIA’S OPPOSITION LEADER TODAY APPEARED IN COURT TO ANSWER TREASON CHARGES AFTER HIS CONVOY GOT IN THE WAY OF THE PRESIDENTIAL MOTORCADE. Now, someone tell me: What crime did HH commit according to the penal code Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia?

    • No. 18 of 1962)
      PART II

      (a) by force used in such a manner as, whether by reason of the
      number of persons involved or the means used or both, to imperil or be
      likely to imperil the safety of the State or to cause or be likely to cause
      death or grievous harm or serious damage to property; or
      (b) by a show of force calculated to arouse reasonable apprehension
      that force will be used in such a manner as is described in paragraph

  9. @Pillar, thank you for the info and that’s exactly what I read in the downloaded copy of the penal code.
    Did HH’s act or failure to act constitute an actus reus that fits the stated crime? Thanks again and let’s talk.

  10. Treason? I don’t know. But what would the American President’s detail (security) do if a person who did not recognize his presidency had at his command a 60 car motorcade of his own that refused to yield to a lock down and insisted on driving pararell to the presidential motorcade while shouting and taunting Mr Trump? What if one misguided youthful driver decided to be a hero and drove into a speeding presidential car? would the leader take responsibility like ISIS does? I just thought that was only possible in Africa even the British would freeze at the very thought. I was frozen when I saw the clip and realized how close to disaster we were, Thank God Zambians are peaceful and the President survived. If HH ever had a plan to kill the President he had a perfect chance. I guess he does…

  11. …..he does not or did not at that moment otherwise he had a perfect chance. I dont know what case you have against you when you endanger the Presidents life like that, intentionally or not. If its treason then what about the security men and women who were supposed to effect the lockdown before the presidential motorcade came on this route? What do we do to them for endangering the President’s life?

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