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CEC Liquid Telecoms refutes claims of Phone tapping

Economy CEC Liquid Telecoms refutes claims of Phone tapping


WE wish to advise that the CEC Liquid Telecom office was visited yesterday by the ZICTA Compliance Enforcement team as part of their compliance enforcement relating to unlicensed international operators suspected of using CEC Liquid Telecom’s infrastructure. In the process, certain PoPs were selected.

CEC Liquid Telecom is cooperating fully with ZICTA in this regard to ensure swift resolution of this matter.

Kindly note that services to customers contracted and billed directly by CEC Liquid Telecom have not and will not be affected at all by this exercise.

We further wish to state that the allegation linking the ZICTA visit to phone tapping and/or other activities as reported by some media is completely false and CEC Liquid Telecom is in no way connected to or affected by that.

We wish to assure you that CEC Liquid Telecom remains, as always, committed to operating in a manner fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulatory rules.

Issued by:
CEC Liquid Telecom Management


  1. Everyone else can now see how visionless PF bandits & blind Lungu with his two banditry Chola boys ~KZ & Mosi Chanda~ are scared of their own shadows!
    PF Kuyabebele.
    How much is mealie meal today?
    The Skeleton Key

    • Skeleton Key, you had disappeared and we rested from your nonsense and now you are back. I pray ZICTA will trace you.

  2. We in upnd don’t need to tap because the pf secret service reports to us.

  3. @Skeleton
    But you were saying Pf Kuyabebele even before the 2016 general elections. But Pf is still in power. Do you not surprise yourself even with your utterances?

    • Zedoc~PF is in power illegally & the whole world knows about it!
      The only main thing that surprises me is that, visionless Lungu breached the constitution by his duckling failure to give power to the speaker & allow the presidential petition to be heard.
      But alas, visionless Lungu undemocratically, illegally & unlawfully with PF bandits inaugurated himself as president using a court clerk whilst the incompetent CJ~Chibesakunda & Matibini were sleeping.
      Until the petition is unbiased & heard by competent & impartial court, not the PF kangaroo ones.
      PF bandits are feeling the pressure from all angles~mwapya!
      The Skeleton Key

  4. Lungu’s administration is using government resources to suppress freedom of speech and expression. Closures of media houses and intimidation of political opponents is just a way of holding on to power.
    Our leaders are worst we have ever had. The most corrupt I have personally seen. Our president himself is a hypocrite of the highest caliber. Very good at presenting himself on TV and in the papers as a God fearing man, pictures of him in church all the time but his action are the exact opposite.
    He needs to get rid of that gang of conniving thieves of the Amos Chandas and Kaiza Zulus etc for starters.
    People that support PF after all that they have done really do surprise me. They must be dam or dimwitted. Either way its not a good future that we are heading for.

  5. This is what happens when you have failures running the country. They never focus on real things. What are they trying to conceal now. Lungu’s instructions to thugs and criminals in police uniform to go harm an innocent man and his family at night. Loot and damage his property. Lungu’s will not manage trying to immitate an expired leader like Mugabe. Zimbabwe is now sick due to overdose of an expired leader.

  6. The oppresive regime of meno meno what useless administration this is will go down as the worst Zambia has ever had.Let them just deal with issues like maize gate and RDA looting time will catch up with them.Stealing an election to cover your crimes will not take you anywhere.IMF should not give them money and we shall see how they ran the country

  7. @1 Skeleton, PF kuyabebele, going where? PF is going nowhere and we shall review favourably in 2021. As I have always said, the problem with UPND is that under any scenario that we can consider it is not and cannot be an alternative to PF or any other party.
    They came close in 2016 by fluke cheating the Miles Sampras etc of this world. All these are back to the fold. Even Hon Felix Mutati abandoned UPND from 2015 when he realised in time that it is full of donkeys. In 2021 UPND will be the smallest opposition party in Zambia, looking at their behaviour since August 2016. Now even their chiefs have confirmed what we have always known, a party for their tribal sons.

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