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PF members in Diaspora are proud of President Lungu’s Governance Record


Mongu residents welcome President Edgar Lungu at Mongu airport
FILE: Mongu residents welcome President Edgar Lungu at Mongu airport


London, 20th April 2017, United Kingdom


We, the undersigned, on behalf of all the members and sympathisers of the Patriotic Front in the United Kingdom, wish to express our solidarity and confidence in the leadership of His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia for following in the footsteps of his predecessors. President Lungu has promoted the slogan of One Zambia, One Nation and has further ensured the country remains highly democratic and upholds its international reputation as a Oasis of peace on the African continent. His dedication for upholding the rule of law and indeed for granting Zambians a people-driven constitution which had eluded citizens for many generations remains commendable and a strong legacy he has built for himself and Zambia.

It has therefore come as a shock that some persons of Zambians origin in the Diaspora have launched false scathing attacks against a government of the people, for the people and by the people, on social media and mainstream media in their quest to tarnish Zambia’s impressive standing in the global village of nations. All this has been triggered by the arrest of United Party for National Development leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

Unlike what Zambians are known for, we have noted this strange behaviour from people who call themselves Zambians but remain void of patriotism. They have not learnt from other countries that do not rush to tarnish their nation’s images because in the case of Zambia, the country is our common heritage. Tarnishing Zambia’s name does not make anyone win and election neither does it result in increased foreign direct investment. We therefore wonder what is motivating these reactionary forces when they embark on a mission to give Zambia a bad name.

Sadly not even their UPND leadership can stand up to defend the Country’s image. This is because in the mind of Mr. Hichilema it does not matter if Zambia went down with him – that is how egocentric the man is. Falsehoods in the Diaspora by UPND members claim there has been massive decay in the once promising young Zambian democracy charging that the country is marred with police brutality, victimisation of dissent views especially private media houses, torture and in some cases murder of those in opposition by those directly connected to the President with impunity.

As responsible residents in the UK who are also Zambians by birth or heritage, we feel duty bound to rebut these blatant lies being orchestrated by UPND with full support from Mr. Hichilema’s leadership. We are however not worried because only people of poor judgment would stand up to support what is contained in the video footage from prime TV that went viral on social media and it should be mentioned that the interview of Mr. Hichilema on the same station is very revealing and quite telling on how much misconduct and deliberate the actions of the UPND leader and his convoy were in daring and disrespecting the Motorcade of the Head of State President Lungu were and thereby endangering the Head of State’s life.

Let it be made clear to the international community that the arrest of UPND leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has nothing to do with the lack of demise of good governance in the country as the UPND in the Diaspora are charging. It is a fallacy that Mr. Hichilema was arrested because democracy has perished in Zambia. His arrest does not even have anything to do with his decision to refuse to acknowledge President Edgar Lungu as the duly elected President. It is not even about a challenged election because there is not a petition to challenge the election in any Court of law in Zambia.

Without going into the merits and demerits of the case before the Courts, we seek to correct some distortions being created by the UPND in the Diaspora. We have also observed that UPND members in the Diaspora are misleading unsuspecting members of the general public especially on social media that the treason charges amount to political witch-hunt as it is not sound at law. These UPND members are busy misleading the public that the definition of treason is as defined by American law and therefore is identical to Zambian law or even of universal application when it’s not.

Under American law treason is defined as:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” (Article III Section (3) of the U.S. Constitution).

Under English law treason was redefined by the Treason Act 1795 and the principal forms now include: (1) compassing the death or serious injury of the sovereign or his (or her) spouse or eldest son; (2) levying war against the sovereign in his (or her) realm, which includes any insurrection against the authority of the sovereign or of the government that goes beyond riot or violent disorder; (3) giving aid or comfort to the sovereign’s enemies in wartime.

It’s clear from the above that the Zambian law on treason is more close to the English than American law.

In Zambia treason may be committed in a number of ways including preparing or endeavouring to carry out by force any enterprise which usurps the executive power of the State in any matter of both a public and a general nature. (Section 43 (1) (d) of the Penal Code).

Section 43 (2) (a)-(b) of the Penal Code tells us what “by force” means. It says:

“(a) by force used in such a manner as, whether by reason of the number of persons involved or the means used or both, to imperil or be likely to imperil the safety of the State or to cause or be likely to cause death or grievous harm or serious damage to property; or

(b) by a show of force calculated to arouse reasonable apprehension that force will be used in such a manner as is described in paragraph (a).”

This means that it is treason to compass (plot) or attempt to kill or cause serious injury to the head of state. Even merely causing reasonable fear to the head of state that force would be used against him suffices as use of force.

“…or to cause or be likely to cause death or grievous harm…” That can only apply to natural person as the State cannot be killed or grievously harmed. Neither can it apprehend any use of force.

Of course, it is not every plot to kill or seriously injure the President that would amount to treason but any such plot accompanied by any intention to usurp the executive power.


It is disheartening to note that when some misguided elements are projecting a negative picture of doom to the international community, the outside world thinks otherwise since Zambia is a citadel of peace and tranquillity.

This has led to Zambia deservedly earning herself an opportunity to host the second African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council retreat recently. Isn’t this an honour to a country that is not only peaceful but has been declared as a Christian Nation with a national prayers day to honour God.

As Secretary of African Union Peace and Security Council Admore Kambudzi recently noted while many other African countries are experiencing persistent conflicts and wars that have undermined the continent’s economic growth, Zambia has remained a peaceful nation since independence.

From the onset when we freed ourselves from the yokes of colonialism, Zambia has been a peaceful country whose independence was not as bloody as some of its African counterparts.

One should also consider the fact that in its early days, Zambia was surrounded by hostile regimes; the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique, the Ian Smith minority regime in then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and the apartheid regime in then South West Africa (now Namibia) and South Africa.

Largely, as a result of its unflinching support to the liberation movements in these countries, Zambia was a target of hostilities from these regimes. However, throughout the liberation struggle Zambia remained united and peaceful, a hallmark which has stood us out regionally and globally.

Although the country has some challenges to overcome in its quest to deliver high levels of prosperity, its leaders are determined to face the future with heightened energy and enthusiasm to consolidate political, economic and social progress.

This is testimony of our country’s stability that has continued to serve as the magnet pulling thousands of refugees from restive neighbours and beyond. Even after the end of the civil strife in their home countries many refugees choose to remain in Zambia by applying for integration into the Zambian society.


When the elections results were announced, the (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema gave chilling orders for party cadres to carry out ethnic cleansing of selected tribes and non-UPND members in Maala, Namwala following the declaration of President-Elect Edgar Lungu’s victory.

Following the unnerving order, Maala in Southern Province of Zambia and surrounding villages were turned into warzones with all PF supporters becoming victims of violence and tribal cleansing. Tribes like Bemba and Ngonis and other non-Tongas were is labelled as PF supporters and attacked. Others had their houses burnt or displaced in senseless mayhem.

Over 250 people all of them non-Tongas (Hichilema’s tribe were internally displaced in Namwala calling for urgent remedial measures from the government to address their problem. Disaster Management and Mitigating Unit (DMMU) intervened by camping 58 families at Namwala Secondary School. Over 200 victims were placed in different locations for safety.

We have pictorial evidence of both still and movie pictures for nationals and the international community to prove for themselves who the aggressor has been. As responsible citizens in the Diaspora, we shall package and circulate widely this footage including the Mongu incident so that the World can judge for itself.
As both a peace-loving government, we didn’t want to fuel the situation by showing the pictures of ethnic cleansing in southern province perpetuated by the UPND and Mr. Hichilema’s violent talk.

However, since Zambia is wrongly being accused of jailing an innocent man, as Zambian citizens in the Diaspora we have a duty and remain ready to produce pictorial and video evidence to anyone who is interested in understanding the violent and undemocratic nature of Mr. Hichilema which his praise singers are trying to cover up.


While it is the right of planned protesters to be heard, we are asking the Zambian population in the United Kingdom to shun the planned activity scheduled for tomorrow because it is an effort to tarnish Zambia’s image. Zambians in the Diaspora stand with President Edgar Lungu for ensuring that dual citizenship became a reality, something that no Zambian leader before him had ever done!

Signed and Issued By: Arnold Zulu (Mr)
Chairperson – PF in the UK

Dr. Mutambo
Vice Chairperson – PF in the UK


  1. As a leader he is compleat, a steady hand for tall orders to count on towards realizing a stable and united Zambia for all. Though with some clean-up works inevitable in the support staff pipeline, the man needs and deserves our unflinching support.

    • Amos, Kaiser or Freedom Sikazwe didn’t sign that document. Close that PF branch in UK, they are disrespectful to Lungu commands, char them with treason.

    • This statement is a strategic level and people discrediting it, are a disgrace

      Well done for this report

      It is the right message everywhere, even my fiance thinks we as a country are doing very well



    • @ Nostrandus
      Kekekekekeke! But zoona, you are right boi, I don’t see where kaizer signed here,,,,
      Ala, these chaps even say and I quote ‘ persons of zambian orgin’,,,

    • There is no PF supporters in the diaspora apart from those who are directly sponsored by PF or work in embassies.

      Very soon I shall be exposing these PF savages to the UK parlianent. We shsll see who is who on the Zambian governing matter.

      Really UK happy with all those PF killings with impunity? I not aware of that.

      Every one I have spoken to are worried about the way ka lungu is ruling Zambia.

      PF has just farted this claim beyond their smell ability again. It utterly preposterous to think that UK can condone PF msdness!

    • Maybe “PF members in Diaspora are proud of President Lungu’s Governance Record” but those of us here in Zambia itself may chose to disagree!

      When a Zambian Citizen can be arrested in the most brutal way and charged with treason for merely BEING A PASSENGER in a vehicle that may have committed a traffic offense, every Zambian Citizen needs to be worried!

      What next? Life imprisonment for littering? Demolition of your house for reading a non PF newspaper? Raping your wife for not attending a PF rally? Kicking your kids out of school because you are SUSPECTED of being an opposition supporter? Starving you to death because you live in an area seen as unsympathetic to the PF?

      So stay in the UK where the police are not allowed to break down your door without a Court Order.

      Or come…

    • Two man band, unless your release the list of so called supporters in the diaspora. Why it a secret!? Supporters of PF are secretaries and cadres in foreign missions who never dreamt it was possible to be in UK, they have no choice.

    • And I am sure the picture is not showing us those cadres are in UK. Because UK has enough water for bathing. Those people terribly need a shower!

    • Rainman those are pf cadres in the diaspora based in barotseland, am sure others are foreign dignitaries who went for the kuomboko from northeastern Rhodesia.

    • This article is as useful as an appendix in the digestive system.

      Some experts say an appendix is usefull after a diarrhoeal illness.

    • The majority of individuals in the diaspora are ill-educated, unemployed or work lower level / blue color jobs such as cleaning, stucking shelves etc. They’re a typical represetation of the PF character. Both the undersigned are retirees leaving on hand-outs from the social welfare system (time wasters with so much time on them).

  2. the problem with pf is that everyone is a spokeman or spokewoman. The talking by everyone reduces the credibility of the PF . Everyone is the boss andcan say anything….. What they say one wonders whether they are serious in developing this country or talk is work for them…..

  3. Diabolical article. No where do those ‘legal’ quotes on treason relate to the trumped up charges in Zambia. What a desperate attempt to exonerate a dictator and despicable party from sheer brutality and suppression of perceived enemies. The actions of Lungu and the PF in general manifest ignorance and a lack of moral and legal restraint. You cannot rejuvenate a party that has its origins in decadence and lack of civility.

  4. Mukwita @work. Since Sata died pf has no head! It’s just yesterday the President ordered govt ministers n pf spokespersons to stop commenting on the case &some beneficiaries today are making a statement in total disregard of the President. It’s unfortunate that you can’t obey the leader whom you have stated are pleased with. Your disobedience to his order is a sign of dissatisfaction

  5. If you are happy with illegal pf then what are u doing scavenging as economic refugees abroad. Come and enjoy your pf economy here not busy wiping old people’s behinds and been called monkeys day in day out. Meanwhile why isn’t Lusaka times reporting on the attempt assassination of kambwili by pf thugs who tampered with his car

  6. This is utter nonsense! If you had evidence of ethnic cleansing, you wouldn’t have waited until you had flimsy grounds to charge HH. The 2 man UK PF branch just exposed their uselessness! Trying to add an international support element, malabbishi!

  7. Me shocked I have never heard or met these so called pf supporters, to be honest we are a laughing stock here everyone is shocked that a traffic offence amounts to treason in Zambia probably these pf supporters do not work and are looking for jobs from EL

  8. Anold Zulu and dr. Mutambo are misrepresenting Zambians in UK.
    To begin with, the UK government has given us ZAMBIANS in UK permission to protest, with current political persecutions happenings in Zambia. We have protested at our UK Zambian embassy. The huge number of people that turned up to protest with those sympathetic to UPND cause prompted the UK government to close the embassy because of security concerns. As we blog over the barbaric actions made to HH and his family by PF regime, the Zambian embassy remains closed. They are far more reaching consequences than brutality being mated by PF regime to innocent Zambians of arbitrary arrests. We are also in possession of the hit list of people PF and Lungu want to arrest and detain in Zambian prisons through out the country. UK PF…

  9. why are you speaking on our behalf. If there is anything living in the U.K. Has taught me that the likes of Lungu belong in Jail not in state house. What has Lungu done that can be praised anyway??

  10. PF enjoy propaganda as a way of life and forcefully keeping themselves in power through police force…What ever rubbish they have posted was there three years ago before LUNGU went to state house but now with this kind of talk he has turned himself into a brutal dictator…I live in U.K but most of Zambians are not happy and l can refute that claim that PF is alive in U.K to write such kind of NOSENSE. The people who might have written that are the Embassy people to preserve their work but not the majority we support HH with a vision not LUNGU very brutal

  11. Keep sweeping the streets of London. Or wiping the bottoms of old people. Shame on you for this rubbish and sycophantic article. There are better ways to pray for a job from PF than this rubbish



  13. Voice of reason. It does appear that this view is shared by a considerable number of Zambians around the globe. Of course there are those who think HH has not done anything wrong. That is the beauty of democracy. But clearly he hh has been more of a cry baby and out right rude and self centred with no regard to a bigger picture of the country. He remains a less leader and this view is confirmed by the number of loses he has incurred. He has clearly not met the grade to be a Republican leader of our great nation. Lately he has also shown that he is a very bad opposition leader. largely to his leadership style. He is more of a dictator than a natural leader who would convince the majority of Zambians to endorse him.

  14. What level of cheap politics PF UK have lowered themselves to. Very shameful that people enjoying the cradle of democracy will be promoting totalitarian rule in Zambia. They haven’t even mentioned the criminal nature the govt police of Zambia conducted themselves by breaking into HH’S house teargassing his wife, children and himself. Where in UK can that be justified. They are cheap corrupt criminals living in a developed world.

    • The ethnic cleansing you are mentioning here FC only existed in your own imagination as a PF cadre, HH would never have ordered such things, however l cannot your level of thinking or reasoning since all you are interested in is cheap propaganda.
      As for me l will continue to ensure that Zambia remains a place where human dignity is upheld and respected and that the rule of law is cornerstone of our democracy.

  15. I am for Country First and not Lungu or HH. Lungu has messed up Zambia to almost beyond redemption yet we get twats like the one in Glasgow puking triavialities for the sake of entertainment. It is rather embarrassing for some Zambians living in the UK under government benefits and breeding for to gain more money and talking trash online. We Zambians in diaspora or not, we ought to look at a visionary bigger picture of the future of Zambia. Zambia is bigger than Lungu and HH. Lungu has compromised the laws of our land and we here playing referees. Are we just nuts as a people or what? The state of emergency is definitely the second phase for the limited Pf administration. The question is all this nonsense if Lungu won legitimately. Country first!!

  16. Why all the drama if Kungu won legitimately. Funny that Kungu is saying he will not interfere when he is the one calling the shots. Antony is, nothing is going as planned. Hear the petition and help get this country back on track!

  17. i never thought Zambia can have f00ls like this Dr Mutembo and Arnold Zulu in diaspora supporting a ruthless thug like Edgar.they’re enjoying freedom in the UK but are advocates of dictatorship in Zambia ,Shame on them

  18. Sorry which diaspore are you talking about? Not us here in canada, bufi, he promised you to own land where is it? Dual citizenship, non starter. Talk to your own. Not generalizing. Twakana BUFI

  19. Kamushota nako nikaselela kwakaba, not long ago, she was saying Zambia is very dirty, boasting ingalelo chakolwa awama shani? What has chokolwa promised you? Your relatives are suffering ku mansa, and you say, in diaspore ubupuba

  20. We know you Arnold Foster Zulu. Do you know Bruce Zulum Michael Zulu and Doreen Zulu. And you are in Ilford, Essex. Get ready we are coming for you.

  21. This is fantastic, with duo citizenship this how you should pay back, even to someone who confesses to have no vision for the country.

  22. Their integration in the UK has done nothing to these fellows! One would just conclude that these are products of evil schemes, such as tribalism, corruption, nepotism etc! If a fellow human being is chili sprayed on private part for a traffic offence, and someone living in UK can have the audacity to ‘shout, good did!’



    We often hear the phrase “that person is insecure” but what does that mean? It simply means that a person is not secure about things in their life so they compensate for their shortcomings by depending on something else to fill the void. An example may be a woman asking repeatedly “do I look fat” or “do you love me” twenty times a day. She is insecure about her appearance and so she needs constant validation to fill the void. A man may brag on how many women he has slept with and continuously remind everyone of his physique which is really a sign he is insecure about his manliness and needs constant validation.

    Can leadership be insecure? Yes! All despots, tyrants,…

  24. I agree 200% with the article we have had enough of bitterness from HH all he talks about are stolen votes no checks and balances when will he grow up and understand that there is victory in defeat.

  25. Thank you Honourable Patriots for your duty, Hon. Zulu and Hon Mutambo. A Citizen award of highest merit is due them. You write well and with truth abounding unlike our discredited Opposition UPND.

  26. I live abroad but I do not support PF…. these could only be a handful of Lungu’s relatives living in the UK as refugees.. !

  27. Kikiki…proud of WHO!! Zambia’s abroad would never torelet the stupidity of PF, only thugs are proud of Lungu. Infact we Zambia’s abroad we are ashamed of what’s going on in our beautiful country under Ba Lungu PF.

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