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Saunders challenges Police to explain alleged robbery at HH’s home during the raid


Daunte Saunders speaking at the UPND news conference
Daunte Saunders

The Zambia Police has been challenged to tell the nation whether or not the alleged robbery that took place at UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s residence during his recent arrest was justified.

UPND member Dante Saunders says he personally agrees with the assertion that the alleged stealing of Mr. Hichilema’s belongings during his arrest amounted to aggravated robbery.

Mr. Saunders has wondered what else it would be other aggregated robbery for armed police officers to allegedly break-in at Mr. Hichilema’s house and allegedly get away with some of his monies.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Saunders has asked the Police command to tell the nation whether stealing of Mr. Hichilema’s property was part of entire operation in which he was arrested.

Mr. Saunders says he does not think there is any justification on the part of police officers that arrested Mr. Hichilema to also allegedly steal his food stuffs and bed sheets as is being alleged.

He states that the alleged aggravated robbery that took place at Mr. Hichilema’s home must not be allowed to die a natural death.


    • Saunders should be deported. He exhumes arrogance and offers nothing to this country.

      He is not Zambian with his skin tone.



    • Mishota the black is infecting whites with STDs and giving black women a bad rep in the UK
      Deport her back to Zambia.

    • Mushota.
      This is where the whites are failing. They allow a black monkey like mishota to spout nonsense just because they learned a bit of English. Now the black thinks she is more white than her fellow blacks. You are black. Get over it.
      Such monkies should be deported asap back to where they came from.

    • But awe mwe…How can someone steal an underwear sure, and go for romance either with his wife or girl friend, and still able to feel civilised..Elo nomba inga abakashi baipusha abati, “mwafumya kwisa iyo bamba iyamuntengo? khikikiki….Ba PF cardes nipapa saana fye!!! We shoudnt worry when some of these cops even start behaving like dogs…they also did steal pedigree (dog and cat biscuits, and minced bones for indoor pets)..Shock of the century: an adult man stealing a used underwear and pedigree!!!!

    • They actually mistook dog food for biscuits and gave it to their children, that’s how lowly these pf lads can get in life.

  1. Saunders should prove his allegation if he has any in the court of law than barking like a pregnant bicycle without evidence.

  2. There a lot of false allegations that have been brought up including the one Saunders is talking about. Here’s one that proves what am talking about:The police officers pepper sprayed HH on the private parts. How possible is this when HH locked himself up in his bunker the whole night and only opened it when his lawyers were allowed to enter his mansion in the morning? At what point was he pepper sprayed on the private parts? If police officers failed to get access to him because of how well his bunker is fortified, how possible is it that they were able to get access to his money and other valuables he keeps in his safe?

  3. I visited the house straight after raid and Mrs hichilema carried out an inventory check where she realised that certain valuable pieces were missing. In a normal society the police are there to protect the property and lives of citizens. Now when you have a police been controlled from state house by a lunatic who is behaving like he about to die, how can you say we have a functioning government. The same police been used by that dog lungu are suffering and we’re stealing food at hh house. How embarrassing is that. Anyway it is a sign of how failed this illegal government is.

    • Iamfras do you see how f00Iish you look because in a normal working society the police should have taken statement from the legal first lady and then initiated investigation. But how can the pf police do that when they are the culprits themselves. Do you now see why I say Zambia is now a failed state. Learn to analyse things because tomorrow it will be you affected by this behavior. Don’t be a dIck

    • nez if you are the new educated Zambia then I am afraid, the education standards in Zambia are not what they used to be. Was there any report made to the police of the so called theft? My guess is NO. instead of you guys barking like wild dogs(which you are) why not go and report the matter to the police and give us the case number. After reporting the matter if there after the police fail to do anything, then you can go to the press. As for Saunders his appearance says it all” ya muchokola njala”. May be that is how all coloreds look like in Zambia

  4. This soundani is the worst clawn ever from his kind ( BASTARDS) There was no robbery that took place at the masonic headquarters. Batila, uwawa, tabula kabepesho, just keep following crimes committed by your freemanson in courts

    • where you there to know to conclude that nothing was stolen?i am not saying that for a fact i know what went down but looking at the pictures of vandalism that took place i wouldnt be surprised if valuables were stolen amidst the comfusion

    • Iamfras is just a frustrated pf cadre. We call that blind following. And you know what they say about blind followers that it is easy to lead them to their death. People like Iamfras will die soon because they lack any foresight


    • PF police steal even from accident victims how can they fail to steal from their commanders opponent to teach him a lesson.It was primitive to arrest HH the way they did because HH is not a criminal he has always responded to their call outs.No politician in the history of Zambian politics has suffered the kind of abuse HH has undergone at the hands of PF.Its sad to note the levels to which PF has taken the country to in the name of politics.

  5. 1. The Police raid at HHs’ house was unlawful, barbaric and unnecessary when all that was required a call out
    2. We don’t have evidence of any thefts during the raid at HH’s house. The onus of providing proof is on HH’s family
    3. The torture of HH is unnecessary. And since the leadership has not condemned it, it is only fair that parliament sits and considers removal the preamble to the constitution which says Zambia is a Christian nation.
    4. I also suggest that the human rights commission of Zambia winds up voluntarily, it has never served any purpose
    5. Arsonists must stop what they are doing and be law abiding
    6. The right people in the Mongu road raid must be charged, possibly people who were in charge of driving HH’s motorcade. 60 drivers

  6. The house boys might have taken advantage of the situation and stole hh items since they are poorly paid by this rich greedy tribal leader. Who can steal mabisi. If you claim it’s aggravated robbery by police then where are you going to report the case.?
    This Upnd cadre sondas must be deported as alleged by @mushota.

  7. The same SAUNDERS is one of those who is an advisor to HH. GOD please help us! What comes out of this man’s mouth is really disgusting…. Some times its better to keep quite than yapping at anything without facts. Why ask the POLICE to present their wrongs when he Saunders seemly assumes he has facts.

    People like Saunders are wasted brains.

    • Ba Stanely, he said the police must investigate and issue a statement. Allegations of theft have been leveled against the police. There is evidence of vandalism at the house, so why not respond to allegations. This the sanity and transparency that the Catholic Bishops are calling for. In your post you don’t offer any counter argument except to say what comes out of his mouth is disgusting. This is not a counter idea to what he said but a verbal abuse. These kinds of responses is what is causing anarchy in the nation.

    • Wiseone, I still insist if SAUNDERS and Team have facts let them present them to the Police other than speculations. Breaking a door to gain entry to the premises is because the owner was refusing to co-operate, how did you expect the Police to get hold of their target? Wait for sunset…..In an operation set up! Commandos work under strict instructions. Let SAUNDERS present facts and not hearsay. It’s time SAUNDERS retire from toxic politics it wont help him. He is a spent force like Dipack Patel.

    • Wiseone, I still insist if SAUNDERS and Team have facts let them present them to the Police other than speculations. Breaking a door to gain entry to the premises is because the owner was refusing to co-operate, how did you expect the Police to get hold of their target? Wait for sunset…..In an operation set up! Commandos work under strict instructions. Let SAUNDERS present facts and not hearsay. It’s time SAUNDERS retire from toxic politics it wont help him. He is a spent force like Dipack Patel.

    • Wiseone, I still insist if SAUNDERS and Team have facts let them present them to the Police other than speculations. Breaking a door to gain entry to the premises was because the owner was refusing to co-operate. How did you expect the Police to get hold of their target? Wait for sunset…..In an operation set up! Commandos work under strict planning. Let SAUNDERS present facts and not hearsay. It’s time for SAUNDERS to retire from politics as I feel he is too toxic. He is just a spent force like Dipack Patel.

    • @Stanely you are entitled to your opinion and I respect it though I don’t agree with it. I wouldn’t open for anyone banging at my door in the middle of the night even if they identified themselves as police, better they break the door than me letting them in.

  8. In Bemba we say “mwikala patalala, mwine apatalalika” meaning if you want to remain peaceful be peaceful in your dealings with others.

  9. If I was Mushota I would stop behaving like a 3 year old kid. You are a grown up and be polite and watch your tongue.

  10. So ECL should order the constitution court to hear HH’s petition, after the stipulated 14 days? Whose mistake was it that the matter was never heard? Was it not HH’s liars(lawyers) who kept on raising preliminary issues after issues. THE PETITION WILL NEVER BE HEARD IN ANY COURT ON EARTH.
    As for the Mongu incident in other countries( it has happened several times in South Africa) HH’s motorcade would have been shot at by the presidential escort team.
    HH went to UNZA in 1980/1981 academic year and should have graduated 1984/1985. Why was he suspended and only graduated 1985/1986

  11. Just a quick question to these PF low brains. If what happened to HH had happened to Lungu if he was opposition. Would you agree? A wrong is a wrong. It should not happen to any Zambian citizen. Opposition or not. Police actions were unjustified at all levels.

  12. Lets concentrate on the main issue, the treason. All others are time wasting preliminaries, not helpful to the man behind bars.
    If you Saunders want to pursue that false allegation, be sure to consult Mrs Mutinta, she may not be willing to pursue it for lack of merit, you know the excitement that accompanied her husband’s arrest.

  13. I don’t know what is happening in this country. The Pf under Lungu is of robbers. Pay back what you stole from the president of this nation Mr H.H. who is recognized internationally. Shame!

  14. Just imagine a cluster of UPND’s current senior Party members: Dante Saunders, Nevers Mumba, GBM, Mr. Katuka, Guy Scott, Fred Mmembe, Musa Mwenye, Linda Kasonde, Ms. Mushipe, VJ Mwaanga, William Banda, Mr Munkombwe, Prof. Lungwangwa. What kind of sense would come out of this mixed grill? How on earth can an old man like Dante Saunders publicly dwell on the allegation of HH’s stolen underwear? Awe mwandi. Even the die-hard UPND cadres are agonizing in pain to figure out how this bunch of leaders are going to lead their Party minus HH. What a heap of lunatics! It appears Chainama is the fertile recruitment ground for membership to UPND.

  15. Mushota is Lusaka Times. I don’t think a person engaged meaningful employment or school can wait around the site just to be the first one to pass a comment

  16. Saunders is trying to trap the police to comment on a court case. The police, if they are wise, will not comment. The onus is on HH to prove that indeed his property was stolen, or else it will be just another huge lie from UPND. Stolen election, stolen property, teargas in genitals (I wonder what tears came from there), etc.

    HH will after this be sued for defaming the police. This guy will spend much time in the courts than running his collapsing party.

  17. If at all the money was genuinely stolen then hats off to the police because they are only returning what rightfully belongs to Zambia privatisation money does that ring a bell to anybody. Let the truth be spoken.

  18. What’s wrong with this country …how can people not see anything wrong with this? The whole Police division was in this man’s property. ..imagine if he fired at them. Everything is wrong – we also have the Fanwell Siandenge issue where its not clear why ZP can put up a such a huge ransom for unknown robbery; when the foools hardly put up such amounts for murderers. Police has turned into a PF security wing.

  19. Why forcing someone to recognize you? Let the people who voted you do that! Even myself lungu is not my president, why? The answer is because i didn’t vote for him. Lungu is the president of his pf party we shall recognize him after the petition is heard that is if!

    • Well said Vodgar Wrungu, the millions who voted and other who may not have just voted due to either age or any other reason recognise Lungu. Remember, Zambia’s population is bigger than those who voted. You will be shocked that the number of people who recognise Lungu far outweigh those for your HH. This is the reason why it is very difficult for HH and UPND to gain the huge support they expect from the wider Zambian population. HH and UPND have their support in 3 provinces, but the population is much bigger in the PF strongholds. This scenerio is the biggest hurdle for HH and UPND, you are squeezed in 3 provinces to gain winning post-election support. Even the sympathy for HH’s incarceration is only in Southern province, in other provinces they do not give a damn, they only wish the…

  20. Mushota imagine a phd doctorate and uses “”exhumes” rather than exudes. Can you Google my girl, google Freemasons then start talking about satanists as you always do. Freemason originated in Engla d and many scottish craftsmen wpuld have been freemasons. Has you boyfriend been ritually sacficing you with his masonic tool to the point your logic is impaired

  21. I have told you that PF is full of thieves; didn’t their leader steal clients’ money; the only way to get rid of this lawlessness out of Zambia is to get ride of Lungu and his thugs in 2021.

    • Talking about thieves mmm am just thinking, ba HH finishes form 5 in 1978/79 he goes to the university in 1980/81,he finishes in 1984/85 and in 1986/87 he goes to England for further studies.He comes back 1989 or 1990 and works for an audit company.In 2005/2006 he inherits UPND presidency and he is a millionare owns thousands of cattle,huge track of land,shares in various companies,a mansion in Kabulonga and now in new Kasama.He must be super human.Anyway am just thinking.

  22. Even if the police deny this, will Dante Saunders accept? No. Who witnessed this “plunder ” apart from Mrs Hichilema? .

  23. I don’t why and how people fall into Mushota ‘s traps. He/she deliberately posts a provocative item so that you’re distracted from real issues. Unfortunately you all fall for it.

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