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Zambia has not lost any democratic credentials – PF


Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

The ruling PF has charged that it is impossible in a Democratic Country like Zambia for a citizen to be arrested for holding divergent views.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says his party is not aware of any citizen in Zambia who has been arrested by the Police for criticizing government in the last 6 years.

Mr. Bwalya says if there is any person in jail or police custody such an individual has been arrested for breaking the law.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Bwalya says the ruling PF believes that Zambia cannot therefore lose democratic credentials just because one or two citizens have been arrested for breaking the law.

Mr. Bwalya has argued that upholding of the rule of law entails that those that break the law are brought to book and made to account for their actions.

He states that those that are arguing that some opposition leaders in the Country have been allegedly arrested because of their popularity are in this case mistaken.

Mr. Bwalya notes that there is no offense in Zambia of being popular for which any anyone can be arrested

He says history confirms it that no Zambian citizen has in fact ever been arrested for being popular.


    • Frank Bwalya, get a wife and have kids maybe you will start seeing the things the ordinary average normal Zambians see them. You delusional swine.

    • When this guy was wearing red outfits condemning rupiah banda I thought he was intelligent but when he now talks about democracy and zambia in the same sentence you wonder what the hell is going on with this failed priest! Perhaps kambwili was right after all when he said after leaving priesthood his guy has now run mad!

    • I can’t even comment. This chap Frank needs prayers. Frank do you honestly think what you are doing in God’s eyes is right. A wrong is a wrong. You should not support it. Since when did Frank become a police spokesperson or lawyer or judge? This shows how involved PF thugs and criminals were in the whole arrest. To date police themsleves have not made a statement

    • That’s not even the question. The issue is selective law enforcement in Zambia. How many times has KZ broken the law and still roams?

      Amazing how that doesn’t matter anymore.

    • You thought I was just being malicious when I told you how confused this fallen priest is. Mwashininkisha ifyo nalemyeba pali Frank Bwalya.

    • Most likely, this son of Museveni, together with that bald headed Chanda are wearing some of HH’s stollen underwears

    • Its a shame that a person who saved the lord as a catholic priest can be even encouraging Lung to be so evil?? where is forgiveness. Father Bwalya will go to evil he will never enter the kingdom of the lord. Wait. God will make you Humble.

  1. LT, why do you allow people with questionable character to be in the news. I am PF, and this man Frank Walt’s insulted our PF President Sata then day and night. Does he know that the party he is in was started by Sata and owned by Sata. Why did he come back to the party after Sara’s death. And where is his kantemba party?

  2. Kiki I forgive bwalya because he is the product of the poverty created by incompetent government like pf. In order to survive he has to agree to even the most pathetic of assertions. When hh was arrested for holding divergent views bwalya still refutes that. If lungu told him 2+2 is 4, he would still refuse to believe it was 5 even where the proof is factually there

  3. NEZ
    Don’t even go there.Wasnt this 1diot arrested for calling Sata “chumbu mwinsholola” and was he not only released when the Magistrate found that Sata was wrong.Anyway these are the pipo Lungu should surround himself with it makes it easier for the opposition to look like geniuses.

    • Defamation was an offence he was arrested for which amounts to breaking the law. HH was arrested for breaking the law with impunity and slapping him with treason was the best thing to do. When trial begins in high court that’s when he ‘ll feel the wait of the cases heeped on him. That will take a minimum of 3years.

  4. Well spoken sir. We only have criminals like hakainde treason Hichilema and chi mwaliteta. Chi big belly gbv is on the run even if he said he was ready to be arrested. He forgot he already has pending crimes which have made him to even abandon his god father, the freemanson hh treason

  5. Father turncoat , he became a politician and forgot all the good news he was preaching in church. This moron was arrested for calling someone chumbu munshololwa, what was that if I may ask? Don’t be blinded by poverty, we know that some of you can not stand on your own and put food on your table. You and Sunday fimfimo are such a disgrace devoid of any empathy and moral fiber standing. Reflect on what you have become, you promised God to uphold human dignity and fight for the oppressed, instead you have become the oppressor. Shame on you.

  6. Medias being closed oppressing the opposition, but the good part for you is zambians are not good at observing so they are listening

  7. Full letter to Chief Justice on Zambian observer
    ”Your Honour the learnt Chief Judge, the Former President of the Republic of Zambia did not step down during the petition in August 2016 when our law demanded just that for the ConCourt to commence, but he did not step down in full view of your understanding our law. Hence the ConCourt did not commence the proceedings. Whose problem was this rather impunity? Don’t you think, Your Honour, as the Keeper of Our Law, The Chief Judge that our Constitution remains suspended to date because of that act of disobedience to our Constitution, though of course. It is impossible to eat a cake and have it. Our Zambian Constitution is very clear indeed

    • The law is indeed clear on that issue. The president elect was the same sitting president. Of he was not the sitting president the speaker would ‘ve automatically taken over. In this case the president elect handed over to the sitting president who is one and same person. There was no need of handing over to the speaker. Read the new Zambian constitution

    • The Law says the President elect should hand over to the speaker on the national assemble. The speaker of the national assembly is NOT the same as the president elect. Go and read the new constitution again Oval Head.

  8. Perhaps the clown does not know the definition of divergent .Let me help,differing from each other or the standard.Therefore the expected standard when you are a cadre is to sing songs of worship to the paymaster or write a book about your paymaster but if you dare go against your paymaster by either criticizing them or trying to be smarter than them, you get disciplined.In the case of an opposition cadre or pseudo president you get jailed.This is the reality the tag of war father should be looking out for not that altenative reality you are subjected to.Off to get another beer,if I become incoherent in my comments just know that I am writing faster .?

  9. Congratulations Kanawa the best blog for 2017.
    Please everybody think of the majority of zambians who are in poverty , i believe world authorities cited it a 78%, they are the pipo we should be finding solutions from poverty.
    We get investors for agriculture but the only benefactor is, the investor, .unfortunately modern farming doesnt assist subsistence farmers. Mechanization that we are introducing helps larger scale farming. Wish i had the answer to raise the standard of living of the 78% .
    Zambia’s young intelligencia get together and find answers for your village families.strong student unions are a start

  10. UPND and PF, Just a bunch of noise makers. We want productivity imwe.

    Stop your jokes and quarreling all the time.

    Ndimwe olowewa ?

  11. Bwalya does not understand the ethos of democracy. If he really understands the connotation of the phrase of democracy, he might as well as endorse the Kim dynasty in North Korea as democratically elected leaders. Bwalya must define what democracy denotes. Perhaps, our educated colleagues in the PF government coined a new definition of democracy. How does a law graduate define democracy? How do other experts define democracy? for example; UNZA academics who ought to be independent of PF interference. Bwalya must stop making irrational statements which are grounded in a confused and vague biased analysis of the current happenings in Zambia. Thanks

  12. Vision..less lungu bizy fixing the opposition than fixing the economy.
    Mushota U must have your head up your ass that you can’t see what’s going on.

  13. Its funny how priests from the same church can have such divergent views. We have the Conference of
    Catholic Bishops saying we are all but in a dictatorship on one hand and on the other, we have former Fr Frank Bwalya saying democracy prevails in Zambia. Obviously, someone is a cadre as opposed to being a man of God. Mr Frank Bwalya is a beneficiary of the chaos pertaining in the country, we will therefore take his word with a pinch of salt, the Catholic Bishops are more in touch with reality.

  14. This cadre father bwalwa failed as a priest and failed his own political party and he busy destroying the already finished Pf shame! In this country the hero is president H.H. not machende lungu!

    • How can a finished party beat your UPND. You cannot win by insults!! Unless you and HH have no arse and penises, balls completely have no genitalia. You are just insulting yourself, foolish UNPD. Insult as much as you want, you will never rule. You have been warned about this barbaric behaviour several in all past election but failed to heed advise. No wonder you will never win support outside tribal grounds and Southern Province!!!!

      Continue insulting, PF and other partys to come will continue to beat you until you beaome civlised. It could be in the next century.

  15. Faza “Icumbu Mushololwa” Bwalya, you cannot dictate to people how they are going to see things. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it might as well be a duck for practical purposes. So if it looks like you are locking people up for opposition, it might as well be true because that is the perception people all across the globe are going to have. Even if it’s not technically “true”, what is happening looks like features of a dictatorship

  16. Catholic Bishops are hell bent to bring problems. The Catholic Church participated in parallel voters tabulation and closely monitored the elections with the other two church mother bodies and they presented the observations which were very similar to ECZ. Father Chiti was even interviewed on BBC Africa where he affirmed that Lungu Edgar won the August 2016. My question is “ARE THESE BISHOPS BEING TRUTHFUL AND HONEST?” Would it be wrong to conclude that they church has a bone to sew this the present government? Does democracy means doing anything that an individual likes, no existence of the law. Do they think a dictator would leave HH do what he did when by now he would have been history. Please take a neutral stand not this behaviour..Concerned Zambian Abroad.

  17. This clown of a priest should be forgiven. If he doesn’t yap, teti alye. What a fall from grace. I did admire this clown during his time at Chengelo radio, but now i can see that he is a pauper. Why do God delay in punishing such maliongos and deceptive chuffs?

  18. This disgraced priest should be forgiven. If he doesn’t yap, teti alye. What a fall from grace. I used to admire this clown during his time at Chengelo radio, but now i can see that he is a pauper. Why do God delay in punishing such maliongos and deceptive chuffs?

  19. He forgot to mention that actually we are more democratic now than any point in time ,in the history of our country

  20. Yes, Bwalya. You can fool all the people if you want, but you can not fool God. One day you and you
    thugs will get what you deserve. May God who is never fooled curse you.

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