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Zambians die in South Africa Bus Accident


The Zambia bound Bus that was involved in the Accident

FOUR people, three of whom have been identified as Zambians, have died in South Africa in a road traffic accident involving a bus owned by Jitotwe Bus Services.

According to a statement issued to the media by Nicky Shabolyo, the press secretary at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa, reports indicate that the four died on the spot while five others are in critical condition and have been admitted to medical facilities in Limpopo Province.

Witnesses say the bus travelling from Johannesburg to Lusaka flipped onto the side as the driver tried to avoid an object ahead of him. The accident happened around midnight on Sunday in Louis Trichardt town (formerly Trichardtsdorp), just before Beitbridge.

Those who died have been identified as Memory Kainga and her daughter, Taonga Mwale. Angel Kunda, the conductor on the bus, was also killed in the accident. The fourth person is yet to be identified.
The driver’s whereabouts are unknown at the moment.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has described the incident as tragic especially coming after a number of other accidents involving public transport vehicles which have claimed lives in Zambia.

Mr. Mwamba has said that the High Commission is in contact with the owners of the bus to ensure that logistical issues are attended to.

“Our initial step when we heard about the accident was to make contact with various authorities and the Zambian community in Johannesburg. We are closely following all developments around the incident so that appropriate follow-up steps can be taken.”

“We wish to convey our condolences to the families of the deceased and wish the injured quick recovery,” Mr. Mwamba said.


  1. We in upnd are so saddened by this development. Mtsrip. It is sad to lose our own people in such a way. Zambians are desperate for a better life and see other countries as their only hope due to the stubbornness and failure of the illegal pf government. Had we had a good government under upnd with sound economic plans and programs then maybe these 3 would not have seen the need to greener pastures and saved their lives.

    • Those who know the Zambian high commission In south Africa will do nothing to help those injured or to help bring those dead bodies home,,,,”his Excellency” just makes statements to appear busy

    • This is a rather unfortunate comment. You only think of yourselves and that’s why it’s been difficult to form government. Learn to differentiate politics from such calamities.

    • I feel sorry for families, it’s a trategy and worse in His Excellency’s Mwamba’s territory, whom I also doubt that he can arrange anything in a mature way.

    • @NEZ – your comments are misplaced and would sound like lack of understanding current affairs. We are living in a global economy hence people move from one country to the other to exchange business opportunities. I am sure you see a lot of Chinese, Australians, South Africans etc., etc. here in Zambia “TO YOU THAT MEANS THERE IS POOR ECONOMY AND LEADERSHIP IN CHINA, AUSTRALIA AND RSA???”
      Please mature your comments and at least have a heart for the believed families. May Their Souls Rest in Peace.

  2. Uuh NEZ: Business trips are made by every body to any part of the world where the kind of service is available. Tell me a country whose citizen do not go outside to buy items. What happens to planes that crush? Whose economy is bad? Let us mourn with those who are mourning and not always bringing politics into these catastrophes that our friends are going through. You never know maybe some the dead went for holidays in RSA the way people travel to our livingstone for holidays. This is a sad situation that does not need politics

    • @miya, nez and ndobo are tongas and what do you exoect from hardcore tongas.
      these tongas and lozis are the only tribes in zambia that teach their offsprings to hate and hate big time.
      @miya, have you ever interacted with these two tribes in your life? if you have, am sure you and the rest out there who have had the misfortune of meeting or knowing these rustic characters will agree with me that they are a curse to humanity. period!

    • please show respect for the departed my friend. You have chose to only see the part that constructively criticises your party in my comment. The truth of the matter is that the zambian economy is on its knees. It does not stop there, with poor human rights records and social delinquencies left right centre. The sooner you wake up to this reality the better for you.

  3. Condolences to the families. Zambian drivers are now a danger both at home and abroad.Why travel at night when the Zambian GRZ has banned night driving?driver must have been driving at high speed.


    • The question is why travel at night, most Zambian buses travel between louis trichardt and beitbridge around 14h/15h

  4. May the souls of the deceased rest in eternal peace….to all drivers,let’s try at all cost to drive at a low speed to save lives,remember that you are vital to the development of our great nation.

  5. @ Mature. I may not belong to any of the two tribes that you singled out, but in this case it is better to say it is your tribe that is born with hatred of the same tribes. The issue here is about the accident, but you decide to bring in tribalism. Where do your tribal reference comments fit in the story.?? Ba mubwa!!!!. The NEZ blogger only expresses opinion that it is the lack of economic opportunities that compels citizens to explore entrepreneurship elsewhere because of the leadership. Why can’t you argue on the basis of that ideology without referring to tribes?? Wherever you are, God is a Mighty God and he will destroy the spirit of pride, spirit of domination and self confessed righteousness in you.

  6. While I appreciate the fact that accidents can happen anywhere and by anyone, one thing for sure is most recent Zambian Drivers are actually a hazard on the roads, no wonder the only thing they know to use are hazard lights even where these are not necessary. It is a pity we have to lose lives in that manner, but unless we accept the fact that we no longer have competent public drivers after those tranied at CH and UBZ, our lives in public transports ate not safe at all at all.

  7. with or witout PF, Business has to continue for people to sustain themselves and families. Hence it is unfortunate to hear from one of the personnel commenting that if UPND was in power those lives would have been saved. Death knows no party and person we are all bound to die one day, there is no one who is immortal, its just unfortunate to lose our beloved Zambian in such untimely death. MTSRIEP.

  8. Too bad for our people to die in such a manner in a foreign country. To you guys bringing politics here stop it forever same to you folks issuing tribal remarks also stop it forever. We are jst one people why shud stupid politics separate us kanshi? Learn from lwanda’s genocide i see the same happening here in zambia and its not long before it occurs. Please learn to accept divergence views. Each and everyone is eunique and sees things differently bt in the end we are jst zambians. Zambia is bigger than the politics and the 72 tribes that are in this country.0

  9. Sad to lose souls. Sad. Let them get the help and please don’t put suspension some on jitotwe because soone more families will be affected. Just in case. I would rather an SI to say culprits of such public accidents with such loss of lives especially at due to negligency be it on the hands of the driver or the owners are penalised not more than k500,000.

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