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Lungu warns mayors,DCs

Headlines Lungu warns mayors,DCs

President Edgar Lungu has warned Mayors, Council Chairpersons and District Commissioners that he will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against them if they engage in conflict over their roles.

President Lungu says Secretary to the Cabinet Rowland Msiska issued a circular which guided the administrative interface between the local authorities and district administration.

The President says as public functionaries mayors, council chairpersons and District Commissioners are called to serve the people and not to satisfy their personal interests.

President Lungu said this in a speech read for him by Vice President Inonge Wina at the official opening of the 61st  Joint Annual Conference of the Local Government Association of Zambia and the 14th General Assembly of the Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders in Livingstone this afternoon.

And President Lungu says central government expects local authorities to embrace strategic thinking in the management of public affairs.

Meanwhile Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale says the government is in the process of declaring newly established local authorities as rating authorities.

Mr. Mwale also says that owing to the rampant fire outbreaks that the nation has experienced the government will also declare all local authorities in the country as Fire Authorities.

And speaking earlier Local Government Association of Zambia president Christopher Kan’gombe said the realization of decentralization lies in overcoming various constraints that influence governance at local level.


  1. This Lazy Bum has always been warning, its the same with his minister even a dog would not that its owner is a mere joker…who has he ever disciplined. Its rich of him to talk of engaging in conflict over their roles, when he is the master of it.

  2. Chiluba created the office of district commissioner for political expedience, please we are a poor country, do I need to remind you – you cant have mayor, district administrative officer, district commissioner and all in one district doing the same things, that’s why there is conflict – niva chani vonse ivi please?

  3. So who is under who??
    Very poor organisation structures from ministries to D.C.!!
    PLEASE SORT OUT THE MESS YOURSELF otherwise failure and dysfunction is your reward.
    By the way, how does this help decentralisation when you warn mayors who are elected office bearers??
    PLEASE SORT OUT YOUR OWN APPOINTEES and leave mayors alone, Sir.

  4. All we hear is Lungu has WARNED so & so, Lungu has THREATENED so & so, Lungu has arrested so & so, Lungu has tortured so & so.

    This man is clueless on what needs to be done. So he makes threats to hide his own ignorance.

    It’s just like at school, most brutal teachers, who are always punishing pupils, are actually NOT good at teaching.

  5. Districts are being over-governed. It is like having 5 cooks in one kitchen, each one expected to cook breakfast, lunch and supper for a family of 10! This is what is called disguised unemployment in economics. There is a cost attached to such settings, and this proves that ECL is truly ill-equipped to run Zambia as a developing country. He is dragging it down through his grand ideas full of incompetence.

  6. This message is very specific to Tutwa Ngulube. His personal and commercial relationship with Mazhandu over shadows his public interest as an elected official or representative. Who does Tutwa Ngulube speak for ? Certainly not us, the people of Kabwe Central.


  7. With the coming of executive mayors and district chairpersons, there is no need for a district commissioner. Let the elected leaders run the districts.

  8. The man is number one lawbreaker. He expects all citizens to be law abiding when he doesn’t lead by example. He is full of double standards. Mr. President you are full of threats and warnings lead by example.

  9. We are tired of warnings we want to the action, since the coming of pf in power in the second its warnings and promises when are you going to take action and fulfil your promises?

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