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China releases $58 million for bed space expansion at the Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital

Health China releases $58 million for bed space expansion at the Levy Mwanawasa...

Medical personnel at the opening ceremony of Lusaka General Hospital
Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital

THE Chinese government has released 400 million Yuan (about $58 million) for bed space expansion at the Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital from the current 150 to 850.

Chinese Embassy Charge d’ Affaires Chen Shijie said China would also help the hospital set up an endoscopy treatment centre within the next three years which would offer a better public health service to the Zambian people.

Mr Chen said China would work closely with Zambia to promote health cooperation to a higher level especially with the current favourable policy support from the Zambian Government.

“I believe that there is great potential of medical cooperation between China and Zambia. More Chinese medical equipment and medicine will be accessible to the Zambian market which will help to alleviate the shortage of medicines in the country,” Mr Chen said.

He said this during the award ceremony of the 18th Chinese medical team that had completed their one year service to Zambia and were returning to China.

Speaking in a speech read on his behalf by Ministry of Health spokesperson Kennedy Malama, Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya commended the Chinese government for their support in the medical sector that had seen more Zambian doctors study in that country in various fields.

Dr Chilufya said the 18 doctors that had been working in the country for the past one year were highly trained and carried out their work diligently.

He said the country was looking forward to the endoscopy centre that was being established at the cost of 7,000,000 Yuan and would be used to introduce and develop the latest techniques in diagnosis and treatment.

Meanwhile, representative for the 18 doctors Gou Jianjun said over the year the medical team had diagnosed more than 12,000 patients, performed more than 1,500 operations and rescued 200 patients from dangerous and serious cases.

Dr Gou said the doctors also brought new theories and techniques such as the first micro-surgical excision of intracranial tumor in Zambia and the first vocal cord polypectomy at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital that benefited the local patients.

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  1. For treatment the big men go abroad,for more beds spaces we go abroad ,for supermarket chains again we go to South African investors.Zambians we are underachievers.

  2. Our own doctors go abroad to work while the Chinese are given priorities for jobs with even higher pay. Under pf everything is either kaloba or grants. Believe me that nothing is free in this world. For this money they have given lungu they are effing his ass for it

  3. Dr. Chilufya, can you explain why Kitwe Central Hospital has never been expanded, nearly 60 years after its establishment, despite Kitwe – the second largest city – having a large and growing population? Why is the expansion of hospitals only in Lusaka and Ndola?

  4. Iyo twaingililwa nomba, no way out for us as a country anymore. Soon, even ubwali will be prepared in China yet to be consumed in Zed.


    • You have local Student Doctors yet you can not afford to pay them an allowance…you would rather a dull grade 12 Minister like Bowman.

  6. And you want to call yourself a sovereign state yet you can not priorities health…past and present leaders are happy to go to India and RSA with no shame. Here is China spending her taxpayers money on us where as if we employed value engineering and eliminated corruption in those RDA contracts four times that figure would be saved.

  7. Are they building or just putting 700 beds. If they are building a chinese company will do the building and then effectively the chinese are paying their countrymen and the money goes back to china. So whats the big deal.
    We get a grant/loan from china , chinese company gets contract , we pay and the payment goes back to china.. then we pay interesr on loan.

  8. Chinese want’s to acquire entire world. They are looking for a miserable country to support and get all the resources back to China as pretending that they are helping Zambia Genuinely.

    Thank you


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