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Government shuts down Mulungushi University following riots by students

General News Government shuts down Mulungushi University following riots by students

Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo
MULUNGUSHI University has been closed with immediate effect following riotous behaviour by students leading to damage of property and infrastructure, after management announced an increase in school tuition fees.

The university will open after 10 days, and only students that will be invited back to the school will continue learning, while those that will not be written to will remain suspended.

The students ran amok destroying university property and private vehicles, and have been boycotting classes since April 18, 2017.

On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the police arrested 59 students who spent a night in police custody and were released the following day.

The students who were released from custody are believed to be inciting other students to continue with the riotous behaviour.

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo announced the closure at a press briefing in Lusaka saying that government is spending huge sums of money to upgrade institutions and will not allow students to frustrate its efforts.

“It has, however, become clear to me that the problem at Mulungushi University has nothing to do with the increase in fees, or the disagreements with the policy of the senate on deferred examinations. If it was about the fees, the reaction should have been in February because that is when the new fees were announced.

The behaviour displayed by some students in frustrating chances of dialogue has shown that they are bent on causing confusion,” she said.

Prof Luo said the closure is meant to restore order at the institution.

“In view of this, I have, therefore, today, with a very heavy heart, decided to close the university in order to restore order at the institution. This closure will be for a period of 10 days, and it is in line with section 40(2) of the higher education act, number 4 of 2013,” she said.

She urged all students to leave campus premises by 18:00 hours today.

“The university will reopen on Monday, May 15, 2017; students should note that the exams schedule will remain the same, prior to the opening, parents, guardians and sponsors will be expected to make a written commitment to the university of willingness to pay fees required by the university,” she said.


  1. The fees at this university are higher than what their colleagues who choose to study in China pay. Further, government bursary hasn’t been extended to this public institution. The best thing to do is iron out these pertinent issues than issue old fashioned threats

    • PF and its poor education policy will take this country to the dark edges. And some people still believe pf is pro-life. For sure it is more money in the pockets and less tax at 37.5% paye.

  2. Education is expensive, you don’t have to expect everything to be done by the government. Days are different the population has grown and resources are limited.

    • What do we pay TAXES for then? Just to subsidise Vascodegamas world travels and Jamesoni? And add to the 23 million already in his bank account?

      Get REAL. Providing decent education is THE JOB of any RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT.

      What you are saying is that this Government is so useless it cannot do the job,

  3. If it is not about fees then why does the minister say that only those with a written commitment to pay fees will be allowed back.
    Strange logic madame doctor.
    Is it possible that there is no money to look after the students.

  4. Apparently, Prof Luo has a mammoth task to de-mine the LAND MINES that the former Minister Kaingu planted at 3 public universities (Mulungushi, CBU & Unza). Kaingu’s failed hope that if he got re-elected he would continue to plunder these institutions’ financial resources through kick-backs from foreign land developers. He was the brain behind loss of Unza land through the creation of East Park and an attempt to allow Chinese own Unza’s Liempe Farm by directing to offer them more than 60% shares in the fake development of Liempe.

    Kaingu also deliberately infused more Unionists in University Interim Councils just to nurture confusion. We pray that Prof. Luo will clean up the mess in our public Universities.

  5. If Zambians had ever listened to the late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, the country of Zambian would’ve in the top 3 in Africa. Now it’s problem after problem.

  6. Is there anything going right in this country. They thought that it will be heaven on earth once they locked up and silenced hh but to me it looks like things are getting worse. Information coming from my reliable secret sources who work at state house is that lungu is very stressed and is fainting uncontrollably with his kunyu

  7. Just like UNZA and CBU, Mulungushi University is seriously mismanaged. Fire the VC Prof. Hellicy Ng’ambi. Bring in fresh brains to run these institutions for the poor Zambian students to get a semblance of university education. I’m saying poor students because I don’t care about Zambian university degrees which are sub-standard. My daughter is studying at the University of Cape Town, Africa’s number 1 university. Thanks

  8. Dear affected students
    I have opened a new university in Lusaka and will soon post an advertisement in the media, so do not worry if you do not receive an invitation to go back.

  9. This is no a University, its a college. There is only one university which is UNZA.
    Those students rioting are UPND cadres who needs to schooled at home before they join the rest of the population.

  10. UNZA is not among the top 30 universities in Africa. Corollary, it’s not at the cutting edge.
    University of Cape Town is Number 1 in Africa; yes study at UCT!

  11. They are really dull. In a country where education is everything for life, Why burn down your facilities? Everywhere in the world fees go up for learning, but bricking your college windows is defeating the purpose of your riot. NOW THEY REALLY HAVE TO PUT UP THE FEES FOR REPAIRS.

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