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Neo-imperialists sponsored UPND are behind falsehoods about Zambia in the media– visiting ANC youths

General News Neo-imperialists sponsored UPND are behind falsehoods about Zambia in the...

Visiting Delegates from South African’s ruling Party, the African National Congress Youth League (ANC) and Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) Visiting Presidential Memorial Park
Visiting Delegates from South African’s ruling Party, the African National Congress Youth League (ANC) and Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) Visiting Presidential Memorial Park
Neo-imperialists who sponsored the United Party for National Development (UPND) in their failed bid to take over power are behind falsehoods in some international media that there is political instability in Zambia, a visiting official from South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) has charged.

Sifiso Mtsweni, who is ANC national executive committee member, says South Africa’s ruling party has full confidence in Zambia’s democracy.

“Various governments in the southern African region sent their independent monitors here during the country’s elections that saw President Lungu emerge victorious. So where is this fuss coming from? It is from the neo-imperialists that want a regime change,” Mr Mtsweni said.

Mr Mtsweni was speaking yesterday during a Patriotic Front’s interactive forum.

Two others, namely Admire Mahachi, of ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe, and Gugulethu Gwananda of ANC, were also in attendance.

Mr Mtsweni says ANC is aware of a scheme by some rich neo-imperialists that want to undermine the will of the people by pushing for regime change to suit their agenda.
“Those who seek to undermine the will of the people must be dealt with firmly. The sovereignty of our countries suffer from external politics. They sponsor opposition political parties to push for a regime change,” he said.

Mr Mtsweni said Zambia must continue to be a country of law and order, and anyone who wants to bring confusion must be dealt with firmly.

He said the UPND behaves in a thuggery and criminal manner, and government must not tolerate it.

“Do not bow down to imperialist forces. Look at what happened to Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and those nations in the north. Now they have come to target us in the SADC region. Stand up against them,” Mr Mtsweni said.

Mr Mtsweni said he was shocked to find a tranquil and peaceful country when some media houses have painted a bleak picture.

Meanwhile, Mr Mtsweni says he will lobby the South African government to refurbish the houses which their freedom fighters once lived in.

“Lusaka is a special place for South Africans. We want some of these houses to be symbols of tourism,” he said.

And Gugulethu Gwananda of ANC says young people must stand up and defend President Lungu.

“Youths must voice out. There can be nothing for us without us. So stand up for your President and speak for him because he means well for this country,” Ms Gwananda said.


    • Yap. Your 1mbecility do make sense of the genetically transmuted brain damage.
      In to-day world there is only one neo-imperialist entity, “Peoples” (LOL) Republic of China.

    • He is coming from a country were people can toitoi in the streets any time anywhere,without police interfering just yesterday nzamande was holding a press briefing, where he was castigating ANC, we didn’t see any police presence there, but in Zambia thats the opposite, anyway the guy got full after been feted.

    • “Mr Mtsweni said he was shocked to find a tranquil and peaceful country when some media houses have painted a bleak picture”………lies have got short legs. The ANC & ZANU PF have found out the truth and that’s what they’ll take back to SA and Zimbabwe.

    • We shall not allow selfish imperialists interests to overtake our sovereignty as a country. We shall not allow Libya, Egypt or Tunisia situation to duplicate itself into our peaceful country.May Zambia’s ruler ship be protected by the almighty God. May those who plot for such vices their plans be futile.

    • What would you get from ANC? they are also as confused as PF. They have changed SA to dictatorship. Its a matter of time, they will also be out of power.

    • ANC has lost direction altogether. ANC now is under the influence of a dictator One Zuma, a man of many wives and no direction for his country. Gupta family has taken over the original ANC and replaced it with corruption and an constitutional behavior of anc officials.

    • The instability in Zambia has been certified by the PFolice itself who will not allow the opposition to even meet in their homes. Zambia is in fire. You just have to see how PF has militarised Zambia. We do not need foreigners who are led by crooked dictators like Zuma and Mugabe to tell us how Zambia is.

  1. When NUMSA and other SA tuntembas “ordered ” Lungu to release a rebel called HH, it was ok and not interference in Zambia ‘s affairs. Now these kids say something different, all Upnd cadres develop goose bumps. Day by day HH is being isolated by people until no one will even think there’s an HH locked up somewhere .

    • Correct. What do you expect from people whose thinking has been overtaken by anger, hate and insults?

  2. hahaha those guys are laughing to the bank as we speak,it doent take a genius to know what their agenda is, why did the youths from ruling parties only invited?how about those in opposition,for a balanced assessment,these guys are visitors on a paid for trip and you expect them to say otherwise?

  3. Only a stupid man can be taken by these stupid statements,what do you think Mugabe and zuma can say,take your foolishness to your countries not here in Zambia,don’t bring confusion in our country

  4. How do you expect the ruling party to play hide and sick with opposition, no logic in this, grow up. down down imperialists supporters.

  5. Well said young men and woman of the SADC region,let us not condone stupidity in our region. HH must be taught a lesson for him to become a better citizen.

  6. He said look at what happened in Libya, ANC are part of the problem that put Libya is such a state when they voted for no fly zone when Gadaffi was leader. Today this man wants to be holier than though and make HH and UPND look bad.. They did that to Libya its the same thing they want to do in Zambia.. Go and remove the plunk in your eyes first before removing someone else’s.. People in South Africa want President Zuma to step down go and fix that before saying things in Zambia..People in South Africa dont seem to like Zuma and People in Zambia seem dont like Lungu they both have something in common and are trying to be united with each other..

    • * thou…………..The ANC government through the delegation they sent to vote for no fly zone for libya and they allowed Gadaffi our very own African to be killed by foreign powers..

    • Forgive him typical of cadres. He is not aware of SA’s involvement in Libya. Later on he has no idea what SA was doing in Central African Republic. Shame on cadres thirsty for Brown envelops.

  7. Voetsak back to your own countries you bunch of hooligans. ANC youths support corruption and the Guptas that have taken over south africa. ZANUPF support a regime that has brought nothing but hunger and misery to the people of Zimbabwe – you don’t even have your own currency. Get out of our country and go and preach your lies in your own countires.

  8. Upnd just showing us how averse they’re against diversity. Very undemocratic to accept other opinions. Keep on hating until you end up hating yourselves.

  9. Kikikk even when one can see that the human rights record is poor and that opposition is been persecuted these monkeys from wherever they come from want to make us believe that everything is OK in Zambia. A country that is failing to borrow kaloba Kikikk. Lungu stop wasting tax payers money paying these guys to sing praise for you. You are about to die so we will sing praise for you at your funeral like is the norm

    • Which human rights? Misconduct can only be corrected by punishment and that’s what is being done to a rebel called HH. They say you can’t change someone if they fail to see what’s wrong with their conduct. Only correction is incarcerating them..out of the way of peace loving citizens.

    • Hey ndanje next we will be told that it is aliens from Mars that have caused this kiki

  10. The Zimbabwean youth are the product of indoctrination from early days in school, with blind worship encouraged for and by the despot mugabe. Assimilar to stockholm syndrome whereby to survive you the vuctim identifies with and praises his caltor/abuser.
    Mugabe fought correctly for sth rhodesia bht then startdd to enjoy the lifestyle and belief his own rhetoric.
    Economically and morally it is a basket case. With mugabe humored by the world because they know his time is nigh.
    What can we say about a dysfunctional government and politacal system in STH Africa. Just dont bring either countries views to zambia


  12. Just one USA state has executed five inmates within a week and you talk of human rights abuse in Zambia where even people like Tayali can insult the president and go scott free? If HH continues to misbehave he’ll make prison his permanent home.

  13. At least it’s not blaming “South African spies” and “Mushala” this time for total government incompetence – we have graduated at least from the 1980s

  14. ati Neo-imperialists? hahaha 95% of everything you see and use around you are inventions by white people

  15. Hired ANC youths, go take a shower, thank you.
    Better still, go look at the painting “the spear”

  16. Mtsweni, isn’t it in your country where those peaceful protesting workers were shot dead by your police. Just eat and go back to your thug filled country than make unnecessary comments. We know what we Zambians are talking about.

  17. When does interference in internal matters of a sovereign country start? Is it when PF is mentioned by foreign organizations or when they are praised? These wankers and wankeresses should not comment on matters before the courts and are for Zambians. When PF is condemned for violence during the last general elections in RSA, Emmanuel Mwamba the Chief wanker is first to condemn interference in internal affairs. Now where is he? Silent…

  18. They also hacked into ECZ website and gave away people’s emails. Glad mine was closed down. I can imagine the hate.

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