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Lusambo bestowed with an honorary doctorate in public administration

Headlines Lusambo bestowed with an honorary doctorate in public administration

  Bowman Lusambo after being conferred
with an honorary doctorate

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo has been conferred with an honorary doctorate in public administration for his contribution to the growth of democracy in Zambia.

At the honorary award ceremony held in Pretoria, South Africa over the weekend by the Pan African Missionary Association, an affiliate of St Thomas-A-Beckett University of Canterbury, Kent in England, Dr Thinus Van Dyk said Mr. Lusambo is a true inspiration for many young people in Zambia and across the world.

Dr Dyk said the university has closely been following Mr. Lusambo’s political activities and has been impressed by his strong commitment to uplifting the lives of the vulnerable in society especially young people.

He said the honorary doctorate should serve as motivation for other young people in Africa to rise and contribute to the development of the continent.

And Dr Johnny Johnson said Mr. Lusambo’s political activism should encourage young people to venture into politics as a way of serving humanity.

Dr Johnson said the doctorate in public administration conferred on Mr. Lusambo is a demonstration of the appreciation that society has  for his work.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Lusambo said the gesture was humbling.

He thanked President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for entrusting young people with leadership roles in his administration.

“The doctorate should motivate me do even more for the people of Zambia especially my fellow youths. This would not have happened if it weren’t for the sound vision of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who saw leadership potential in me and appointed me to administer affairs of a very sensitive province,”Mr. Lusambo said.


    • Deservedly so.

      He worked hard. I’m graduating this summer. Can’t wait.

      Dr.mushota Chimfwembe. Sounds good to me.



    • This outbreak of DRs in Zambia, now even o be addressed as Dr.Lungu just sounds like an insult such as chikkala or mbwawe something.

    • Hahahahaha! joke of the day!

      What has Lusambo done in Zambia? The guy is only a few months in government, all along he has been a violent MMD cadre.

      Are these PF cadres paying for these honorary doctorates or what?, Kambwili was also conferred with an honorary doctorate by a pre-school association from the USA.

      Lusambo was conferred with an honorary doctorate in public administration the Pan African Missionary Association….. A religious organization…. and the guy does not even know what Public Administration means. I hope no one calls him Dr.

    • I have 12 bullets in silenced spit nozzle of 9mm for Mark 2 and Lusambo (6 each) just waiting for a chance. The negros’ brains will blow up like watermelon in Oscar Pistorius Video.

    • South African Doctoral Degrees have become this cheap?? that country has also gone to dogs like Zambia. what a shame. Dictators honoring each other..

    • Can’t wait to hear ZNBC especially refer to him as Dr. Lusambo. Kikikiki. Some of these universities just want favours from politicians that’s why they honour them.

    • Motor mouth! What exceptional thing has he done?
      You get recognition for running your political mouth and not for being measurably productive.

    • Really laughable from a stone throwing thug to honary degree holders in a space of six months!!

    • “Dr.” Kaizer Zulu & ” Dr”. Max Chongo are next.

      Then “Dr.” Kambwili will go & buy a Professorship as he can’t agree to be same level as “Dr.”Lusambo.

      Zoona, PF is Party of crooked retards. They all share 4 brain cells.


      Hail Dr. Lusambo. If you’re not an academic doc, why shouldn’t your hard work earn it for you. Congrats young Man. Opportunities like that rarely visit, you know.

  1. Horse sh*t! I wish people knew how hard it was to burn the midnight oil doing an assignment then Dissertation then Thesis to be called Dr So and so. This is why we have clowns like Cozmo vying for presidency.

  2. No wonder PHD,DR,Masters Degree and Diploma are useless in Zambia certainly,what has Lusambo contributed for him to be cconferred a doctorate if not it has been hooliganism as MMD cadre?

  3. Hon Dr. Bowman Lusambo awe guys lets just study not ayapambale aya… after all you’re still young can still study and obtain the qualification… and this is what is making most young Zambians lazy…

  4. I hereby declare and cease to be addressed as Dr! The title has lost its meaning! Every rat can now be conferred with an honorary doctorate. What a mockery to real DRS?

    • You don’t understand what honorary doctorate mean. Anyways by the time hh will come out prison there will be lots of positive changes in Zambia.

  5. An honorary Doctorate is VERY different from an academic PhD obtained through study. All these Lusambos and Chishimba Kambwilis, including KK and late Chiluba, are NOT allowed to put PhD after their names (including on business cards), although they can use Dr. as title. If you think getting an honorary doctorate is equivalent to studying for PhD as Doctor of Philosophy then what you are feeling is equivalent to w.a.n.k.i.n.g. That is not to take away from Lusambo, Kambwili, KK and others who have been conferred an honorary doctorate, because they deserve that accolade and recognition – although I would have preferred an honorary doctorate from Havard or Oxford or even UNZA, than receiving one from some dodgy pre-school association or missionary fimo-fimo.

    • In your submission include also Dr.VJ Mwaanga,Late President Dr.Levy Mwanawasa and the former wife Dr.Maureen Mwanawasa as well as Dr. Nevers Mumba and others then you will be credited to be fair with your observations…

    • With all due/none respect due there are sooooo many Zambians who should be in front of Lusambo as far as the line for honouring goes. Heck even Mulongoti and the like have done loads loads more for our ‘democracy’ compared to this guy.

    • @ ZAKEYO

      Okay let us include all those: Late Mwanawasa and his widow, Nevers Mumba, and so on! Thank you for mentioning him becvause I didn’t know that even VJ Mwaanga has an honorary doctorate. I’m sure Zambia has the highest number of politicians with honarary doctorates in Africa. Where do they dig these organisations that give these honorary degrees from??? Yambokumoneka fyedilu.

  6. Even me I have awarded my dog which I called Edgar lungu, an honorary degree for been the most greedy dog among all the ones I own. He eats a lot

    • Shot put give me your email and I will send you a photo of my dog Edgar with his certificate and honorary medal. I even bought him proper dog food from shop to celebrate. The greedy bugger ate it all and didn’t share with my other dog kaiser and rupiah

  7. NEZ, sober up….. Don’t love HH more than LUNGU…. Let hate and evil belong to evil men…. not you….
    GOD love you as well as HH, LUNGU. Don’t use the Edgar Lungu for a dog…. Please…..

    • So now you want to encroach further on my rights by saying that I cannot name my dogs as I please. Does your illegal president have copy right or patent of the name Edgar lungu. I will call my dogs as I please. My dog Edgar earned that name as he is a very crooked naughty dog

  8. Our government should come up with a statutory instrument to stop quacks with honorary doctorates using them as titles before their names. In fact Zambia Qualifications Authority and the Higher Education Authority should come in and stop this scam. Ordinary folk are getting confused by this nonsense. I remember one funny incident when Mwanawasa was conferred with an honorary doctorate. Taxi drivers at UNZA bus stop were arguing that Mwanawasa was now the best lawyer in the country just because of the honorary doctorate! I had to do a lot of explaining before they could understand me.

  9. This is utter nonsense what has this Lusambo done for Zambia really to be conferred with an honorary doctorate???? Honestly PF is a stiige party with no direction. These guys abena Lusambo bakopo bad… kumo na Kambwili. Go to a legit school sit your ass on the desk and write them exams only then will I be in a position to call these guys drs…for now it doesn’t exist with me. Ubupuba nabuchilamo sana mu Zambia especially muli ba PF.

  10. St Thomas a Becket College & University
    This provider does not award recognised UK degrees.

  11. Well am proud having studied hard for my honours degree. At least I acquired the knowledge required for it.

  12. And this Pan African Missionary Association does not mention that they award degrees; it is not fit to award degrees & this honorary is fake degree bought with money; they should withdraw the degree if they are a credible Christian organisation; Lusambo is not fit to be honoured for wishing HH dead

  13. It cannot be, it’s fake, it’s by fluke. Someone has not even cloaked a year as a Minister only to be conferred with a doctorate! Every Jim and Jack will now have a doctorate!Koma ma doctorates ya boboka mu Zambia!

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