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Stop training children into witchcraft, Chewa chief warns his subjects

Rural News Stop training children into witchcraft, Chewa chief warns his subjects

CHIEF Pembamoyo of the Chewa speaking people of Vubwi district  in Eastern provonce has cautioned his subjects against stopping their children from attending school in preference to witchcraft training and practice.

The chief says it is sad to learn that most parents and guardians  in his chiefdom are encouraging their children into witchcraft rather than going to schoo..

As a result there has been an increase in the number of school drop outs especially the boys  he said.

The traditional leader disclosed this in a speech read on his behalf by Induna Chikoka during the malaria day celebration held at Mbande primary school in Vubwi district in eastern province.

He said that he has engaged his Indunas to investigate more of such cases and that anyone found wanting will face the wrath of the law.

And speaking in an interview induna chikoka admitted that such cases were on an increase in his area.

He said that last week the traditional court headed by him had fined a man of D 94 scheme of Vubwi district with two goats after his 10 year old son confirmed that his father had stopped him from going to school in preference to witchcraft practice.

He further stated that following similar reports from other concerned children,  he will

sensitize the community against the inhuman practices
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    • Self-styled pastors and prophets, greedy for cash, teach their parishioners that many problems they are facing, like poverty, joblessness, financial crisis, sickness or poor harvest — are all caused by a witch-child hiding in their families. Then those pastors promise that they would cast the witch spirits out of their children. For their deliverance séances they charge poor parents the amounts which most of them are not able to pay. Then, the superstitious parents are starting to guess which of their six, seven or eight children is a witch. They end up choosing the one who has something different about him or her — one who is the most mischievous, strong willed or the most intelligent among the children in the big family or the one who already has some serious health condition. We knew a…

    • ……… child who had epilepsy. His parents were convinced that the boy was possessed by a witch-spirit. The children are then forced, through torture, to confess that they are witches. Those children always end up severely beaten, cast out of their homes into the dark streets and forests, mutilated and often killed. All of this is due to a blend of Christianity and native paganism that has been brought inside the church. Most of the killer parents claim that they are born-again and spirit-led Christians.

  1. Effects of poverty under illegal lungu and pf. Parents would rather train kids in how to deceive with witchcraft as they stand a high chance of income generating rather than going to school with no job creation under pf. Maybe when one of them lowas that is when he will get the message. Today I am taking my dog I named Edgar lungu to the vet. He has worms

    • Witchcraft allegations against children in Africa have received increasing international attention in the first decade of the 21st century.
      The phenomenon of witch-hunts in Sub-Saharan Africa is ancient, but the problem is reportedly “on the rise”, due to “urbanization, poverty, conflict and fragmenting communities”
      In Congo, it is estimated that there are 25,000 homeless children living on the streets of the capital city. Of these, 60% were expelled from their homes because of allegations of witchcraft. Accusations of witchcraft is the only justifiable reason for the refusal to house a family member, no matter how distant the relation.
      Children are targets of Nigerian witch hunt
      Evangelical pastors are helping to create a terrible new campaign of violence against young Africans…

  2. You see, when you have an opposition which has a freemason at the head, you begin to realize that the battle is also spiritual, hence training kids in witchcraft to match up against HH. But need for this, we are a christian nation

    • “we are a christian nation” is nothing to be proud of. Christianity is just as evil and as stupid as witchcraft and all other religions.
      Nothing has ever been more harmful and damaging to humanity than religion.

  3. that is how mooder fuc,kers most of you UPNDs are. everything is lung and pf to you. will see if you and your stup!d leader will one day rue this nation.

    • ‘Children accused of witchcraft are subject to psychological violence, first by family members and their circle of friends, then by church pastors or traditional healers’

  4. thank you chief;It is witchcraft that has made Lungu and Kaizer, the Muslim thug and others to think that they can oppress others at will

    • ‘Poverty is a real driver. People don’t want to take care of children so they accuse them of being witches’

  5. heed to advice please. Don’t insult….. Provide solutions… The issues at hand are non political…. Have the audacity to be learn and treat President Lungu and HH as elders deserving respect.
    President Lungu and HH are children of GOD. Let us pray for them….
    If you were my neighbor , you were going to stop insulting because I would advising you daily to live a godly life. Tell me if you go to heaven , will you be discussing of President Lung or HH? No never, so train to think and speak godly…. By beholding you are changed.

  6. There are around 50,000 children living on the streets of Kinshasa, all abandoned after being accused of witchcraft. The children are rejected simply because their parents cannot afford the extra mouth to feed .

    They are accused of casting spells – delivering death, illness, unemployment, pregnancy, debt, or simply bad luck – to any or all around. But possibly worst of all they are accused of being evil – having the devil living within them.
    “There are conscious witches who know they are evil and unconscious witches who do not know but get up in the middle of the night and eat human flesh.”
    These cruel and unfounded accusations cause misery for tens of thousands of children not only across the Democratic Republic of Congo but also in other parts of central and west Africa.

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