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Govt had nothing to do with attempts to oust Kasonde

General News Govt had nothing to do with attempts to oust Kasonde

Given Lubinda
Given Lubinda

Government has distanced itself from the recent attempt to oust the Linda Kasonde led Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) leadership through a motion of no confidence.

Given Lubinda 2Justice Minister Given Lubinda says government has not interfered with operations of LAZ contrary to assertions that it was behind the motion moved by Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya.

Mr. Lubinda has since challenged Mr. Bwalya to produce evidence that some PF members have tasked him to make sure that LAZ reduces on attacking government.

He says government has never instructed anyone to that effect especially without him knowing as Justice Minister.

Mr. Lubinda says government has been clear on the running of Civil Society Organizations hence it is impossible for it to interfere in the operations of such organizations in Zambia.

He adds that whatever was resolved during the LAZ Extraordinary General Meeting must be embraced by all.

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    • Bwana Lubinda, it is PF that instructed Fube. You are in the govt of Lungu but you are on the periphery of PF’s instruments of violence. Just ask Kaiffir Zulu.

  1. Even if government was behind it wouldn’t have been a bad idea.
    That Kasonde lady is compromised big time.

  2. Had KBF said he was sponsor by HH or Winter , what could have Given say? thought for the day…..

  3. What is the point of imitating me? Grow up

    LAZ are not fit for purpose and have been supporting HH. Linda Kasonde should be sacked.



  4. Do you really think we are that ignorant? Please do not assume our intelligence to be that of a 5 year old.

  5. judas Iscariot Lubinda. Just say the flopped LAZ coup was an embarrassing slap to PF’s face.

    How many things is PF00l regime going to deny?

    – No it was not govt that shot Mapenzi
    – No it was not govt that sent ZRA to close Post newspaper
    – No it was not lungu who sent police to arrest & torture HH. (then what was Kaizer doing there in para-uniform?)
    – No it was not lungu who sent police to beat up upnd cadres at luanshya magistrate court

    This “Government of lungu” is a weak, irresponsible regime.

  6. One question for you Mr. Lubinda, why didn’t you refute KBF’s allegations before the LAZ meeting? You guys suck at everything, even your own propaganda!

  7. Plan backfired! We wait 4 parliament bo Lubinda. Kabimba did a good job on Lubinda which is turning out to be bad for the government of Zambia.

  8. This chap is saying government has no hand because the whole scam flopped otherwise the government was fiully involved. If truly the government was not ivolved, why then didn’t this chap voice it out when Kelvin Fube addressed PF cadres and clearly stated that he and his friends were actually tasked by government to impeach the LAZ executive? Why didn’t he come out at that point to state that government had no hand in the whole scam? He is saying it now because it is a big embarrassment to government that they were found on the left side of things. Now they have turned against Fube and batrayed him. What a shame. We know that it was a government project engineered by Lungu but the Zambian people said NO.

  9. The kind of empty tins this country has as ministers can make a nursery school going child appear mature and knowledgeable. Fortunately, most Zambians cannot be fooled by cheap denials of who did not do what rubbish. Is it not on record that that Kampyongo said HH will be arrested for treason and it came to pass? Is it not on record that Fube and Kelvin and other PF senior cadres sent their ignorant cadres to LAZ offices and it came to pass that the impeachment process which failed was then hatched? Uwasula lyonse alakana.

  10. I cant comment. All bloggers on this topic don’t match my smartness. If I comment, bloggers here will think we are on the same level.

  11. I like Linda Kasonde.She is a woman of high integrity. She stands her ground. That’s how a lawyer is supposed to be. Given Lubinda pay back the salaries and allowances that you illegally earned during the campaign period last year.Umulandu taubola.TIME IS TICKING.

  12. Being rude by Devils of pf is the disaster & we are no ware to go only persecution ,killings ,arresting , intimidation, no good at all for pf!

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