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Declaration of new Districts does not change chiefdom boundaries -Chilangwa



Government has clarified that declaration of new Districts by the State does not change Chiefdom boundaries which were put in place in 1958.

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa disclosed this during a ground breaking ceremony for grading of a 70 kilometer Muombe – Matanda road by MMRP private mining Company in Chembe District.

Mr. Chilangwa said there has been some misunderstanding by some traditional leaders in the province that the declaration of new Districts in the Province has changed their territorial boundaries which is not true.

The Minister said chiefdom boundaries are different from political boundaries and when new districts are declared, it is the political boundaries which are redefined to allow for political administration convenience and does not affect the chiefdom boundaries which were determined in 1958.

Mr. Chilangwa said Government has heard some misunderstandings relating to Chiefdom boundaries resulting from political pronouncements in Kawambwa and other places but Government’s position is that the traditional boundaries of 1958 are not affected by political announcements from the state.

He further clarified that no one should start changing traditional boundaries of 1958 following the declaration or creation of new Districts.


  1. And also it does not change the poverty on the ground and the fact that lungu is not recognised. You can declare new districts but if you have no solid programme for development you will continue wallowing in poverty. It is like saying drawing a new line on a map is fighting poverty. Wake up Zambia

    • ….or drawing a chicken or leg of lamb will that bring food on the table. The creation of new districts was an attempt to breakdown the Southern Province which is well endowed with rich soil for agriculture and God given natural beauties like the falls, Kafue Gorge, Kafue flood plains, Zambezi River, wild animals and is a conduit to the Southern markets. The Late Sata’s idea was to make parts of the Southern Province answerable to Lusaka District. Imagine this, you do all the work and then pay is given to your neighbour or a stranger to tell you how to spend some of that money whilst that neighbour/friend keeps most of it. That is encouraging provincial laziness and is a drawback. We need to be federal run whereby each province is responsible for it’s own budget and means of…

  2. What is the difference between political and chiefdom boundaries? The case of Her Royal Highness Nkomesha and Chief Shakumbila is a critical one as subjects of both chiefs are under Shibuyunji Districts.Some councilors under Chief Shakumbila are under Central province while others are under Lusaka province. Chief Shakumbila has the obligation to be present in council meetings in Mumbwa and Lusaka . Tricky situation.

  3. But how come chiefs are regularly requested to release land for district offices, government houses, etc.?

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