Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ambulance Driver with his accomplice nabbed for theft of mosquito nets in Kalumbila district


An ambulance driver at Meheba D clinic in Meheba refugee camp in Kalumbila district of North-western province and a Congolese national of the same area have been arrested by Police for allegedly stealing five by 100 kilogram bags of mosquito nets.

The nets are believed to have been stolen from Meheba D, a government clinic.

The suspects have been identified as 46 year old Mulimbi Ngoyi Emer a Congolese national of road 36 in Meheba refugee camp and Joel Kaivwa an ambulance driver at Meheba D clinic.

ZANIS reports that North-western province Deputy Commissioner of Police Chola Katanga who confirmed the development in Solwezi today said  that Mulimbi was apprehended by alert members of the public at Meheba junction.

Mr Katanga said Mulimbi was found in possession of the mosquito nets which he was taking to unknown destination.

He said after interrogation, Mulimbi revealed that he got the nets from Kaivwa’s home and that the two are in police custody at Meheba police station and a docket has since been opened.


  1. And then mutati comes out to say that Zambia is making 51 million dollars a day while pf cretins like mdanje and mushota want us to believe that Zambia is isnow heaven on earth. Meanwhile our brothers are stealing nets probably using them to fish

    • Forget about christianity.. The man who declared Zambia as a christian nation had had endless trial and died with a THIEF tag.

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