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Police detain Chilanga MP Keith Mukata and his wife for murder

Headlines Police detain Chilanga MP Keith Mukata and his wife for murder

Keith Mukata dancing on stage after defecting
Keith Mukata dancing

Zambia Police have detained Hon. Keith Akekelwa Mukata aged 45 years old of Kasupe in Lusaka West who is area member of parliament for Chilanga Constituency and his wife female Charmine Musonda Mukata aged 37 years old for murder.

Below is the full statement from Zambia Police

LUSAKA, 06TH MAY, 2017 – We received a report of murder which occurred today the 6th May 2017 at around 00:40 hours at house number 4 Alex Masala close in Rhodes Park in which male Namakau Kalila Kwenda aged 63 years old of Ngombe, a security guard employed by Men in Black security company and deployed at house number 4 Alex Masala close in Rhodes Park which is the office of AKM Legal Practitioners , the law firm of Keith Akekelwa Mukata has been shot dead.

Facts are that around 00:40 hours, patrons at Spice Restaurant which is next to AKM Legal Practitioners heard some gun shots from the premises of AKM Legal Practitioners and when they went out they shortly heard Honourable Keith Mukata shouting for help that someone has been shot and that the assailants had run away.

The patrons became suspicious and called the police.

Officer’s rushed to the scene where they found the deceased lying in the corner of the yard just next to the gate.

The premises was searched and one empty cartridge was picked from the scene and one pistol with 6 rounds of ammunitions, of which one was in the chamber while five were in the magazine which was found in a basket which was put in the boot of the motor vehicle BMW registration number BCA 7262 Charcoal Grey in colour.

The pistol and empty cartridge have been picked for forensic examination and body of the deceased has been taken to UTH Mortuary awaiting postmoterm.

Hon. Keith Akekelwa Mukata aged 45 years old of Kasupe in Lusaka West who is area member of parliament for Chilanga Constituency and his wife female Charmine Musonda Mukata aged 37 years old have been detained in custody for Murder.


  1. I think UPND orchestrated this unfortunate event. They framed the one lawmaker who is not indoctrinated by Satamic Free Masson (HH). We shall catch up with them.

    • I dont condone Murder and If he is charged and found guilty I hope justice is served in the same way.

      Disturbing that Mutapa would kill someone and try and get away with it.

      Leviticus 24:17:
      ‘If a man takes the life of any human being, he shall surely be put to death.

      This is disturbing



    • The Useless Ponyio Nyio Dogs of UPND are so disoriented after GBV fled the country. Their Ailing Dictator Akainde has failed to leave an acting president while incarcerated. They now resort to framing the innocent. Keith Mukata will be exonerated. Watch this space. Feel for Mutinta Hichilema. We all saw what happnened to Xavier Chungu’s wife

    • Lone ranger bondate keith mukata, didn’t want to lender his legal services to upnd, at least he will find time to lender those legal services to his selfish self, YIKES!

      how many wives does this guy have? Don’t tell as young as he looks.

    • He should be hanged from the balls until pronounced dead. It’s time for him to be quickly moved to hell.

    • Keith please pass my regards to the following in Chimbokaila:

      1. Hyena Hyena and Obvious G12 Mwaliteta
      2. Precious Longwe
      3. Benos Shabula
      4. and all other murderers too numerous to mention!

      You just don’t kill like that. The Bible teahces..”be slow to anger” waona manje wapaya! Bye for now.

    • Kudos a silly comment; this has nothing to do with politics but power given to a over ambition twit;

    • @Mr. Kudos
      Are you normal? Please post comments that will help other people on this forum

    • I think there are too many *****s on this forum Davis Chama shot and killed someone what happened ?? The current Minister of Health Chitalu chilufya also shot someone dead and what happened to him both are now serving ministers and some fools here say becoz Keith had shot someone (which I don’t condone by the way) and it’s all about UPND being SATAnic it’s utter ridiculous and neandethral thinking. These cases need to be looked at as presented and their circumstances. Keith should be tried and convicted accordingly a family has lost their loved one who was just hustling to make a life at 65.

    • should one be arrested for calling for help.Dull police officers at work.Unless they had a clear motive then comrade would have been picked.Fack them,fack Lungu, fack mushota biitch,fack mark 2

    • A loss of life is something never to celebrate about. Let us put aside politics and my sympathy to the poor family.

    • @Nubian Princes and @FuManchu:
      Don’t be amused: in this article there are two scripts that read as follows:
      -“his wife female Charmine Musonda Mukata aged 37 years”
      -“in which male Namakau Kalila Kwenda aged 63 years”
      THIS IS STARNDARD LANGUANGE POLICE ARE TAUGHT WHEN GETTING STATEMENTS – WHERE EVER POSSIBLE THEY ARE REQUIRED TO INSERT THE GENDER AS MALE OR FEMALE. THIS RULE DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER YOU HAVE USED HUSBAND OR WIFE. e.g. “A man in Kitwe MALE John Daka was apprehended at midnight”. This is the correct way a police officer is taught to write instead of writing “A man in Kitwe John Daka was apprehended at midnight”.

  2. I am pretty certain the security guard must have been ‘Ghotti Mbudzi’ from Lundadzi and a staunch PF cadre. Rest in peace my mbuya, all the best

  3. The Police are covering up for Mukata. A wife at the Office around 0.4 hrs? No way. The man was with a Concubine enjoying himself with bribe money paid by Lungu to destabilize UPND. After betraying his Party UPND Mukata has been living a lonely life which made him find solace in abusing Alcohol and sleeping with Concubines. Since Mukata is now a PF Cadre in reality and a UPND MP in Name Keith has quickly assimilated PF culture of violence. We will see if the MP will appear in Court soon given he has protection from the PF Govt. Thru selective application of law Lungu will protect him from prosecution. Zambia is now an Animal Farm.

    • You mean UPND culture ends at blocking presidential motorcade, burning property, beating and brutalizing those are not Tonga, calling on people to rise against government, finding HH’s votes in a bin, and breaking court windows during petitions?



    In a sad turn of events , Chilanga Upnd Member of parliament Keith Mukata has shot dead his security guard .

    Mukata while at his law firm at around 03:00hrs picked an argument with one of his girlfriends , the argument went out of hand forcing Keith to start threatening violence with his gun(pistol) , it is at this point that while trying to scare off his girlfriend the overzealous upnd Chilanga law marker shot his Security Guard who tried to calm him down , it is at this point that Mukata began to scream for help , when neighbors heard the noise they quickly rushed out and some called the police who arrived at the scene a few minutes after the incidence.

    “We have arrested Chilanga Member of parliament Keith…

  5. Why killing an innocent man? Mukata should be punished. We don’t want to politisise this case. We don’t need comments from both Upnd and Of. This man should be seriously punished and it will serve as an example to other MP.

  6. Guys, a life has been lost and all you can think of is PF this and UPND that? As a result of this, there is potentially a widow and orphans out there. Spare a thought for them. It appears Mukata and his partner were reckless. Human life is sacred so the law will deal with them. My submission is that this has nothing to do with Mukata’s present or past political affiliation.

    Can we please reduce on the hatred guys; what kind of country are we going to leave our children?


    • Well said town boy. There are some people who want us to hate each other in this county and unfortunately others have succumbed to this hate . upnd and of are just political parties that are trying to rule Zambia period. Remove the hate. For now let’s think about the deceased family. Let’s help the police in investicatiing this where we can. I love you all whether upnd or of. Good bless you

    • Right on point @ Town Boy! I pity the level to which some people have set their minds to work. A crime has been committed and some would still see it through political party affiliation lens! What ever happened to no one being above the law and everyone should follow the law?

  7. Why give me negative votes when I’m just reporting the same story differently. Mwaikalila fye ukuchonga? Meanwhile, is Female one of the names of Mrs Mukata.

  8. The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Vs Mwanya
    The Importance of Accuracy in Your Tax Returns
    The ZRA has returned the tax return of Mr Mwanya in Mongu after he apparently answered one of the questions.
    In response to the question: “Do you have any dependants on you?”
    Mwanya wrote, “Yes, Lungu’s 45 monthly bottles of Jamesons Whisky and 10 completely useless foreign trips per month. Add 6 million unemployed, 99,000 criminals in over 50 jails plus 90 PF *****s in parliament masquerading as peoples’ representatives, retired thieving presidents and other politicians” parasiting on the civil service like Emmanuel Mwamba and Bowman Lusambo.
    Berlin Msiska replied and stated that the response Mwanya gave was “unacceptable”
    Mwanya’s response back to ZAR was, “ Whom did I leave out?”

  9. A party of hooligans!
    Party chaiman HH then
    Obvious Mwaliteta,
    Keith Mukata, all in a prison.

  10. 1. Wow to that society with young and childish and leaders! Exceptions are few.
    2. Don’t buy a gun if you are quick to anger. Better never to own one because you never know who will abuse or perish by the same gun. Those who live by the sword will perish thereby!
    3. Zambia’s common tragedy is finding yourself at 63 still doing dangerous jobs instead of playing with your grandchildren!???
    4. Work smart and retire early between 45 and 50!
    5. If you want to be rich, stick to your wife for life and never ever cheat on your wife!
    6. Stay away from Zambian partisan politics, alcohol and bad company! Better to walk alone!
    7. Ensure you get adequate sleep from 21:00 to 05:00 hours! It is no time for mischief!

  11. The story does marry the arrest of Law maker Keith Mukata and his wife and this is PF a PF assynmment who want to be planting people dead and can kill innocent people. Are the police telling us that the gun and bullets used belong to Mukata?

  12. This man it seems he has a bedroom at his company premises. Whatever he was doing there at that hour the devil knows. Never the less the consequences of being in that area are bitter as he has to answer to the charge. Sorry for you younger MP.

  13. Given the satan posts Bembas and Nyanjas are posting everyday about UPND and HH, I honestly thing Tongas, Loziz, Kaondes, Lundas and Luvales should finally secede from this country of theirs. There is no need belonging to the same country with people who hate you so bad and all they do everyday is celebrate your heartache and pains.

    • Mweemba, don’t suffer with such people. Ignorance of how tribes came about causes these people to say what they say. First learn to forgive them and love them anyway. This kind of persecution is not new and you of all people must know that victory has been warn in Christ. Come out of Babylon my people the Lord calls. Read below:-

      “Genesis 11:1-9 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
      And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.
      And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.
      And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a…

    • If we don’t peacefully secede now our children will go through a painful civil war. Sooner or later, N/W Rhodesia will have to split away. The blunder the british made in 1910 to merge us with N/E rhodesia needs to be reversed.

      Water & paraffin cannot mix. Tongas, lozis, luvales, lundas cannot mix with & Bembas & nyanjas. We have different morals, respect, ethics, work culture, politeness, insults, sarcasm etc. Right now lungu is getting loans & developing luapula, northern & eastern provinces. These loans will be paid by money from N/Western province mines. Yet solwezi road is a sorry site. Solwezi is still a village town.

  14. Keith has never been PF he was MMD PF inherited him from RB gave him a deputy minister job. At the height of election campaigns he and other excited chalatans switched camp GBM, shinono, masebo, scot maureen, mulenga sata, sampa, katoloshi,vj, all crossed over hoping to get a job in the event hh pulled it off the rest is history

  15. Very strange story. How many rounds does that gun carry? Five bullets in the Magazine and one in the chamber. Was the shot fired from his gun or another gun. This looks like there will be technicalities in this case and Keith might walk freely. Is his office bailable? Was he framed by UPND? Was he just drunk and lost his mind? Was he attacked?

  16. Very strange story. How many rounds does that gun carry? Five bullets in the Magazine and one in the chamber. Was the shot fired from his gun or another gun. This looks like there will be technicalities in this case and Keith might walk freely. Is his offense bailable? Was he framed by UPND? Was he just drunk and lost his mind? Was he attacked?

  17. Yaa you are right see “his wife female” has he got another wife male or Keith is gay. This requires investigation too. These journalist do they read through what they right before posting.

  18. Strange happenings in Zambia. Murder is on the increase. This indicates the loss of fear for Authority. Hang him for murder if guilty, send out a cleAr message this is nit acceptable in Zambia. I am not sure the ability to have guns is not at the root of this.

  19. It’s a straight case. Horny Keith picks a night nurse from Joseph Mwilwa, he can’t her to a lodge because too many people around. As usual he decides to take her to his office. The 63yr old guard is too happy to open the gate for the boss and to receive his usual K20 tip. It helps him buy kapenta for the family. Keith didn’t pick his usual cheap Zimbos, instead it’s a bemba from CB. She tells him it’s $300 short time not kwacha. Afterall he had used mwana apeluke. He can’t pay, so a quarrel ensues. She tells him her friends got the car reg, so he dare’t shoot her. The guard has heard too much this time around. So the spirit of jemasoni tells him to shoot the guard. He’s a lawyer he will find a way out, he has connections. Now the wife has heard about it, so let’s wait for more…

  20. This Keith Mukata is a UPND MP in name and had effectively defected to PF and has been working closely with PF to destabilize UPND.Keith was disowned by UPND and formal divorce arrangements were under way but being blocked by PF to avoid a By-Election in Chilanga. PF does not want Mukata to be charged for murder becoz PF wants him to remain a dissident UPND MP and continue to destabilize UPND. Mukata was bribed by PF and is now lonely and isolated from UPND structures and hence associating with PF structures. As a Result Mukata is using the PF Culture of violence to resolve social disputes. Mukata is a Chilanga MP in name but effectively now a PF Cadre for practical purposes. We will see if PF will withdraw their support following this murder.

    • @Moya you analysis is quite shallow.
      Why are you people so quick to distance your selves from your nature.
      Upnd you are a party full if bitterness and beside you promised Keith that you were going to deal with him, is this what you were referring to! Any way from experience we know that you just don’t speak from without. What your demi god promised before elections he fulfilled and I think that’s whats happening in Keith’s case too.

  21. 1. On 16th March 2017, LT carried a story related to boycott of parliament by UPND MPs. “….Keith Mukata is serving his own stomach instead of the people who elected him in his constituency”……”The nation will be informed in due course what steps will be taken against him.”
    2. Once you become an MP in UPNDonkeys party, you are not expected to resign or to go against the party’s “leadership”. The rules are the same as for the Free Masons. I expect the punishment will be similar. Look at former MP Hamududu, yes former MP, he has received death threats for resigning from the donkeys, forming his own party was “crossing the line.
    3. This treason tria? will reveal a lot of things, don’t naively read it on its face value.

  22. Too bad for Hon.Keith Mukata.he could simply paid the b1tch after a short time than ending up like this.he was the only wise UPND MP,so very sad for him.

    Hope it was not him how killed the security guard.more details shall come soon.

    • Njimbu it’s the wife please read the story properly. It’s so sad that a life has been lost because of two stupid drunkereds. That is one of the problems with beer it gives false confidence. Now he will rot in jail as the case is not bailable. How we end our freedom amazes me sometimes. The other one was foolishly driving alongside the president.

  23. He is the one who wanted to be adopted by lungu by going against UPND protocol.

    He started taking advise and mixing with Kaizer zulu. You see now , you thought you can shoot at people like KZ and get away with it….

  24. not always is life in Zambia about politics, only GOD will be able to judge what happened that night. if he did or didn’t shoot the security we never know cause we were not there only thing to do is wait for the conclusion of what really happened.This has got nothing to do with politics but life or reality , to the guy that thinks this is about tongas ,lozis ,lundazis you are shooting yourself in the foot no one mention anything about tribalism here. we are all one and same, color tribe nationality is Zambian whether you go abroad no one will say he is tonga or Lozi but Zambian. brothers and sister lets not let our political agendas ruin what we have as a nation and the love we show as a nation.one zambia one nation

  25. I hope that the correction facility includes in its curriculum reading and singing the National Anthem.

  26. At this rate and knowing how Zambians get excited with new things there is a big risk that we may forget about the guy in the brain correction facility.
    But there is something visibly positive coming out of the correction. On thursday HH was able to distinguish between clean and dirty, even though this was for exhibition purposes to show supporters that he is still important. However lesson to take away is that this is a good sign that he is learning to distinguish between good and badnorms in society, the way to civil behaviour as recommended in foreign capitals.

  27. Unfortunately some UPNDonkeys have already gone tribal without realising it. The police clearly stated that Hon Mukata was arrested with his wife but some donkeys here cannor believe that could be his wife because she has a “wrong” middle name. Grow up you donkeys, many many many Zambians have married across the wider Zambian “tribe” and they don’t see what you see as wrong.

  28. Spaka like lilo’s hatred for president Edgar Lungu is out of this world.am sure you even fail to work wherever you are as a slave in a foreign land.SURELY HOW CAN YOU BRING IN ECL IN KEITH MUKATA’S MURDER CASE?SHAME!!!
    Return back home and visit 6.5 provinces for you to appreciate how popular ECL is.


  29. This LT is correct to say WIFE FEMALE , they are emphasizing the point that mukala is not GAY AS it shows the wife has a ny1ni

  30. So sad how security guards are treated in this country! Many guards have even been in the military, I’m almost sure that this poor madala that was shot was most likely an ex-service man- seeing he was assigned to guard a so called well known lawyers place of business, the security firm that employed him must have chosen him carefully as that assignment was a special one and required a sharp witted chap that only an ex military man has. Rest in Peace big brother while others make jokes some of us see a grandpa, father whose life was taken away by a devil!

  31. So Keith’s wife came to the office after mid-night – to do what – to check on what he was doing. So he was found doing something – maybe not Female! Was it the guard?

  32. He’s already been released on bond by noting that its not murder but manslaughter! Believe me if he was not politically correct he would still have been in custody like the UPND youths who have been arrested and detained without bond even for alleged lesser crimes than this. There are two sets of rules for ordinary and politically correct individuals in this so called Christian nation!

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