Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Govt to provide security to private investment 


Government says it will put in place statutes that secures private investment apart from providing  an enabling environment for private sector’s participation in the country’s economy.

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela says the scenario is  aimed at creating a conducive environment for the private sector’s participation in the social economic development of the country.

ZANIS reports that  Mr Chitotela said  this will further enable the full participation of the private sector in the social economic development of the country and hence enhancing business to flourish thereby supporting employment creation.

He  said during the launch of the “Elite Lilayi and Elite Leopards Hill Housing Project” in Lusaka last night.

The project will jointly be implemented by Lamasat International and Hawai Estates.

The minister said the Elite Lilayi and Elite Leopards Hill Housing Project has come at the right time as it will support government’s efforts in cushioning the housing deficit in the country.

He also said the project will complement to the ongoing expansion and modernizing of the country’s infrastructure base which he said is a key strategy to promoting socio economic development.

And Lamasat International Chairman Mohamad Ahmad  has praised government for putting in place polices that  has enabled the private sector to thrive.

Meanwhile, Hawaii Chairman Ahmed Metwally expressed happiness that the signing of the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between his company and Lamasat International will continue to expand the housing base of the country thereby contributing to the reduction of the housing units.


  1. You cannot guarantee simple food security for your own people and here you are claiming to provide security for investments. Can these clowns wakeup and face reality. Lungu and cronies live in cuckooland

  2. @NEZ, so what would HH do instead? Give us free electricity as he campaigned last year? Financed from his pocket huh? By the way his donkeys have stopped referring to him as “economic manager”, is it because you realised that he was a donkey too?

  3. Whilst it is good to see housing being built again it is with foreign money. No doubt it will create short term employment but for pipo to afford these homes there is a need for on going employment and investment that encourages projects to support that on going employment.
    Where are are young economic graduates and young aspiring politicians to take this country forward.
    What would be the average age of our current MPs and who is in the wings to us into the future.

  4. Yada yada yada. These are properties beyond the population’s reach as most will still be expensive. Government has only been taking care of its defense forces with housing for obvious reasons. Most Zambians are still living in abject housing conditions with poor water, sanitation and security. We live as if we have no government, not that it should build us houses but lending rates mean we’re effed. Banks, contractors and real estate developers are simply here for the profits and not really empower Zambians. Only drug and corruption money will afford this!

  5. The project location says… Built by expats, for expats. The average Zambian can’t afford those properties.

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