K 50, 000 raised for this year’s Lunda traditional ceremony


FILE: SENIOR Chief Ishindi of the Lunda people of Zambezi
being carried on the hammock chair blesses the people during this
year’s Lunda Lubanza traditional ceremony celebrations held at Mukanda
Nkunda palace in Zambezi on Saturday.

The Lunda Cultural Association of Zambia (LUCAZ) says it has raised over K50,000 towards this year’s Lunda traditional ceremony of the Lunda speaking people in Zambezi district in Northwestern province.

ZANIS reports that LUCAZ Chairman General Anthony Samuhandu says the amount raised would go towards the successful holding of the annual traditional ceremony.

Mr. Samuhandu said this in Lusaka last evening during the Association fundraising dinner dance.

He pointed out that cultural ceremonies are an ingredient of peace hence tribesmen and women to promote peace to enhance regional and national development.

The Chairman General commended individuals and companies that made the event colourful because of their invaluable support.

Senior Chief Ishindi has 54 Lunda chiefs under his reign which covers three countries namely the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Zambia.

The Lunda Lubanza traditional ceremony which bares strong resemblance to the Umutomboko traditional ceremony of Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda speaking people in Luapula province is held every August at Mukanda-Kunda royal palace to commemorate the coming of the Lunda people from Kola in DRC.

The ceremony is a symbol of unity of all Lunda speaking people that have settled in the three countries.


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    Whoever wrote this article needs to be sent back to school and LT editor should shoot him or herself.

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    We hope that this time lungu will not embarrass himself by attending a ceremony where he is not wanted or recognised. We do not want him to throw a hissy fit and demand the arrest of opposition on treason charges just because he is jealous and angry by the wide support the UPND receive in these areas.

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    This tribe is very tribalistic when given power. Ask men in uniform they will tell you ! Enjoy your ka ceremony meanwhile

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      Mudala one must be a nephew to mihova to get accelerated promotions in the army. Even bypassing your instrctors !

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    bakaluunda kikiki..
    if it is similar to mutomboko doesn’t that tell us something….
    the mwata used in kazembe chiefdom is the same as that of bakaluunda.
    even most words used by the two chiefdoms have the same meaning.
    so where has this tribal thing emanated from?
    can some one put this “thing” right, please i beg………

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      These people are brothers and sisters but they spend time checking out their differences rather than their similarities. Thats why Africa is so divided when it could have made better progress had it been united.

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    Comment:Even your name suggest that you should mature not only physical but also in thinking shame on you.

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    Comment:Anyoko pray for your thinking and God help you coz you are shallow minded people who are dividing Zambia.

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      Leave Anyoko alone. Your ka hh now 1 month in coolers. At ni ba president nabo. This will teach him to respect the Boss.
      It’s now normal to lock him up….he will be out after 6 months. Nice lesson! akapusa nafuti ni ku mu longa mambala..

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