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Chengelo School Produces World’s Best Student in Agriculture


Stephanie (second from Left) with the Minister of Agriculture, Hon Dora Siliya MP (L)
Stephanie (second from Left) with the Minister of Agriculture, Hon Dora Siliya MP (L)

Stephanie Nyambe from Chengelo School in Mkushi has achieved the highest standard marks in the world in the November 2016 Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Agriculture examination.

She has since received a Top in the World award from Cambridge International Examinations to acknowledge her outstanding performance.

On her achievement, Stephanie says: I’m overwhelmed by the idea of me achieving the best results in the world in the Cambridge Agriculture exam. I am thankful to God because He is the one who did everything for me when I put all my faith in Him and applied hard work. I am also grateful to my Agriculture teacher, Mr Chitembo who relentlessly pushed me to go an extra mile when I felt I had reached my limit. I am very honoured to be in such a position and thank my parents for sacrificing so much to ensure I got a good education at Chengelo. I hope my award will inspire other students to work hard and achieve their potential.”

Stephanie was privileged to meet President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya at the just ended Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) Agritech Expo in Chisamba.
President Lungu commended Stephanie for a job well done and said her Top in the World award had made him and Zambia proud.

He said her accomplishment was testament that Zambians can do it.

Ms. Siliya and the President of the ZNFU Jevis Zimba echoed President Lungu’s words saying they were very happy with Stephanie’s remarkable results.

Stephanie’s achievement falls closely on the heels of Chengelo’s launch of the BTEC Extended Diploma in Agriculture and the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Agriculture, both offered at Sixth Form level.

It is testimony to the school’s passion for Agriculture and commitment to evolving agriculture into the mainstay of Zambia’s economy following government’s call for more investment in the sector.

Chengelo School has for many years produced among the best results in the world owing to its first-rate standards of teaching and learning.

The school’s Agriculture Department has an admirable track record of excellent results with a 100% grade A*- C pass in the last 7 years and A*- A in the last 2 years.

The department previously attained a Top in the World award from Cambridge International Examinations when Ridhwaan Mukadam scored the highest marks in the world in Agriculture in 2009.

Last year, five Chengelo students also attained Top in the World awards for the best results in IGCSE Business Studies, Computer Science, Design and Technology, and A-Level Computing and Psychology.

Andrew Cowling, Principal of Chengelo School commented: “We are delighted for Stephanie, this is a great achievement, a tribute to a lot of hard work from Stephanie and another positive reflection on the quality of teaching here at Chengelo. We are pleased that this year we are demonstrating outstanding learning in agriculture; this is a vital subject for Zambia at this time and we are confident that our students will go onto make a valued contribution within Zambia.  A top of the world certificate is a measure of outstanding ability and I am sure this will help to open up many opportunities for Stephanie.”

Stephanie Nyambe
Stephanie Nyambe
President Lungu holds up a t-shirt that Stephanie (r) gave to him at the Agritech official opening ceremony
President Lungu holds up a t-shirt that Stephanie (r) gave to him at the Agritech official opening ceremony


  1. This is not chengelo- it’s the Government and its prominence in putting education first.

    The Congratulations should go to Lungu and the education Minister

    Like her I had 23 points and was selected to go and do medicine at UNZA and decided to come to Europe and here I’m now on the eve of completion of my PhD



    • But you really want to open your mouth even when can just shut it up…23 points and you are proud…and don’t lie UNZA cannot admit you in any program with 23 points

    • 23 points and you think you’re anywhere near being classified as intelligent in Zambia? Think again and ask people what points Zambians need to get to enter UNZA or CBU on a government scholarship.

  2. Under PF everything is brightening up. Well done government for putting education on the top list.

  3. It just shows how ignorant mushota and fellow apes in pf are. Do you even know what igcse is? This is an international syllabus. The girl attended a private school which over 80 percent of Zambians can’t afford. How is this an achievement by illegal pf. It will be achievement if we have a girl from a government school represent Zambia at a high level agricultural forum due to her academic achievements. Until then keep dreaming.

  4. One would think GRZ – Ministry of Finance of ZNFU would all be clamouring to sponsor her to attend a world-class university to study agriculture science…..assuming that she would want to take that route. But no….all we get is lip service!!

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