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Mukata, wife warned and cautioned for murder 

General News Mukata, wife warned and cautioned for murder 


Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata and his wife Charmaine Musonda Mehl Mukata have been warned and cautioned for alleged murder of Namakau Kwenda.

Mr Kwenda a guard at Mukata’s Law firm was shot dead while Mukata and his wife were found with a gun at the scene.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said that Mukata and his wife were cautioned and warned but police were still waiting for a postmortem report to proceed with the case.

“We could not do this yesterday, because the accused persons requested that they be Warned and Cautioned in presence of their Lawyers who only managed to come through today,” he said.

Mr. Mukata and Ms Musonda are alleged to have shot dead Namakau Kalila Kwenda, aged 63, a guard at the offices of AKM Legal Practitioners, his law firm in Lusaka’s Rhodes Park area.

The shooting happened 40 minutes after mid-night on Saturday, and police picked an empty cartridge at the scene, as well as a Pistol, with 6 rounds of ammunition, which was in the boot of a BMW car, registration number BCA 7262.


    • Keith will not spend any more time behind bars. This country is a joke. By warning and cautioning the accused, the police will claim that they have not charged them; a technicality that allows the accused to walk out of custody without having to pay any bail or bond. For the lady that killed her husband in Woodlands, she was charged and held behind bars until judgement was passed (selective law enforcement). What a shame. A rotten county

    • That’s how Zambia is a failed state. Mwaliteta has been jailed without bail and without being brought before the court since August last year for apprehending Kaffir Zulu with stuffed ballot boxes. Keith Mukata will not be charged with murder. At most he will be charged with manslaughter and he will then be released on the basis of self – defence. This case is not going anywhere because he is a PF snitch who masqueraded as UPND.

    • Very strange Lombe. I think Reeves girl friend and Precious BancABC should receive this same treatment

  1. Really sad…warned and cautioned for murder, where is this rotten country going under this corrupt govt …prison is only for the poor and opposition. I wonder what the caution was – ” Hey Mister please do not kill innocent people with your pistol again”

  2. LT again you have no right to show photos of minors to the public especially family photos….don’t you people abide by any media ethics.

  3. In Zambia the rule of law is an unheard of animal. Tiz has just announced that under pf Zambia is at its most intolerant state with abuse of human rights and unfair application of law. It is sad that Zambia is now a case study of a failed dictatorship. I cry for my country.

  4. Is mukata pf I wonder..? Is he no upnd MP for chilanga? This is a murder case. No politics here plz. Let police do their job.

  5. Mukata nimbwa sana mukata……yaaaaa. murder guys its different with aggrevated robery fo Mwaliteta wch is non bailable. Capital murder is non bailable murder shud be assesd for intent in omission (mens rea)……in short it has grades as well in common mans language! So ba mukata nabonse linking him to PF mulimbwafye. Menses!!

  6. Mukateka is pf pretending to be UPND. The went drinking with Kapyongo. Kapyongo was with Mukata when he shot the guard. Murder is bailable if you are pf. Innocent people are being jailed for fake charges. I regret being Zambian ubupuba bwachila kuli Lungu chipumputu no brains.

  7. Lungu and his minions are a disgrace. We can’t all go abroad to seek asylum over your dictatorship

  8. So how did both the husband and wife use one pistol to shoot one person? Where they taking turns? Sometimes I wonder were Zabwino Palibe gets their so called spokespersons after Brenda And the Former IG Musonda

  9. it evident that they killed a person and they a even talking without sleeping not even 1 night this murder is different

  10. Where is the ballistic department at zp.the statement by this woman sounds so unproferaional to say the least. She should have just kept quite.

  11. and you say all Diasporas come back and build zambia???????? what a rotten state..just like Mushota said….let me simply put it this way, I am far much better living in the diaspora!!!!!! this is unacceptable!!!!!

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