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Luo challenges tertiary institutions to position themselves for a smart Zambia


Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo has challenged trade training institutions to position themselves for a smart Zambia.

Proffessor Luo says it was time tertiary intitutions begun offering courses in accordance to President Edgar Lungu’s vision of diversifying the economy away from mining.

She says institutions must now focus their attention to offering courses that are critical to the development of agriculture, tourism and industrialisation in line with the President’s vision.

The minister said the country needs skilled human resource she said is critical to the economic turn around of the country.

Institutions of higher learning should refocus their attention towards producing the skills needed, she said.

Professor Luo was speaking in Solwezi yesterday when she met board members, management and staff of Solwezi Trades Training Institute.

And Professor Luo has challenged management at Solwezi trades training institute to develop a human resource manual and a financial systems manual that will help in the effective running of the institution.

She said she was not impressed with too much bickering occuring at the institution which she said was as a result of lack of systems, processes and procedures that govern the running of the institution.


  1. Challenge accepted – we have the brains in this country. We all need to work together and take out politics in our way of life, let politicians do politics.
    For this to be achieved government must be very thorough in dealing with ‘lecturers’ who are frustrating government efforts in implementing smart Zambia policy.
    Have always thought that all school levers must be taken to Zambian National Service, thats a good starting point for a smart Zambia.

    • This is a very ill disguised admission that we are dull in Zambia.

      The solution provided does not, however, get to the root of the challenge.

  2. Does national service endow one with knowledge. What course does the Minister envisage in industrialisation
    Industrialization is a policy of and implementation by government. I do not believe it to be a course at a tertiary institute

  3. The courts decided yet you are still mascarading as education minister. Help Lungu by stepping down and be seen as a person that respects the law. It’s shameful when advocating for the rule of law when you do not respect it yourselves.

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