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PF responds to Transparency International Zambia

General News PF responds to Transparency International Zambia

PF Lusaka province chairman Kennedy Kamba captured on a mobile phone at C ity Library Polling centre in Lusaka
PF Lusaka province Youth chairman Kennedy


Lusaka, Zambia 5th May 2017 – A few days ago, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Executive Director Wesley Chibamba issued a childish statement that had the UPND written all over it. Zambians remember the TIZ of late Professor Alfred Chanda and compare it with what has become of the organization. TIZ has failed to advise Opposition UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema that Zambia has a duly-elected President. It has failed to guide UPND that is style of politics agitating for lawlessness and anarchy, confirmed by a spate of fires is criminalised under Zambian laws. Yet TIZ was quick to answer to a statement directed at the UPND in the most irresponsible manner. At the very least, TIZ should have provided a counterview. We are therefore left wondering whether we missed the memo, when did TIZ become a PR wing for the UPND?

Zambia has had a robust civil society that over the years has been offering sound technical support and strategic advice to Governments by contributing towards the realizing Zambia’s social development agenda. Most these NGO’s have made positive and necessary contributions to the Zambian people and to governments, yet there are a few that have become irrelevant.

While as a Party we continue to promote a free political dispensation where people and various organizations are free to responsibly express their political opinions, Zambians have however noticed the growing trend in the number of NGO’s which are slowly beginning to operate like political parties. It is only logical for members of the public to suspect that some NGO’s are in fact conduits through which enemies of Zambia have been funding misguided political elements and foreign agendas.

It is embarrassing to have an NGO that occupied high moral standing before now masquerading as a PR wing for a political party. We wonder whether it is lack of funding or sheer opportunism by individuals which is making some these NGO’s to begin political posturing perhaps in the hope that they may get noticed or is it purely time exposing them for who they really are?

It is evident that TIZ has been hijacked by UPND sympathisers and if not rescued, it has lost compass and shooting in the dark.  Wesley Chibamba is not different from MacDonald Chipenzi who was hiding behind the veil of a civil society organization but was a fully-fledged UPND zealot. We ask Chibamba not to drown TIZ by championing myopic partisan politics informed by regionalism. He is not the first disillusioned UPND mouthpieces which the Zambia people pay very little attention to. TIZ under Chibamba and its Board should announce that they have merged with the UPND, and members of the public would be interested to know the name of the alliance or could it be that someone within TIZ is preparing to take over as the new UPND leader given the obvious vacuum that now exists?

Non-Governmental Organizations should take a non-partisan stand so that the various political players can appreciate their observations on the political scene. If an NGO takes a hard-line bias, as in the case of TIZ, that NGO losses its essence and should be considered as hostile political opponent which will get political responses.

It is sad to note that while the TIZ of Goodwell Lungu focussed on the core mandate – governance and corruption, the TIZ of Lee Habasonda and Wesley Chibamba cherishes playing partisan politics and we welcome them to the political battleground.

Both Habasonda and Chibamba are UPND sympathizers abusing a noble platform to champion a known political agenda. The duo is clearly making and finishing TIZ to be a political organisation different from the professional TIZ we have known in the past. It’s unacceptable that TIZ should fall for political regionalism. This is a clarion call for TIZ to rescue the organization before it can suffer the damage FODEP suffered under MacDonald Chipenzi.

Maybe it’s high time TIZ was asking to state its position on UPND’s irresponsible position which refuses to recognise the President. Otherwise Zambians must conclude that TIZ’s position is exactly that of the UPND.

Long live relevant Civil Society!

Signed: Kennedy Kamba
PF Provincial Youth Chairperson, Lusaka Province

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  1. TIZ should be refused licence to operate

    They are favoring UPND and its clear to see



    • Mushota, I will be flying to the UK , I would like to meet you but how?

    • When is that thug Kamba going to be promoted, his friends Lusambo and Kaiser are settled.

    • Ba Mushota she is not in the UK if she was she would not condone those words from that carder in the UK when NGOs speak they are not treated the Pf treats any one says things they do not want to hear and I doubt it she is a she, she just holds behind a pseudo name

    • Ba Chuundu she is not in the UK if she was she would not condone those words from that carder in the UK when NGOs speak they are not treated the Pf treats any one says things they do not want to hear and I doubt it she is a she, she just holds behind a pseudo name

    • Thug Kamba, your thuggish counter-parts are enjoying the high life. Stop being childish and think like a grown man. Lusambo has gradiated from that nonsense and is now copperbelt minister whereas you’re still chewing on crumbs. Grow up!

    • That is very true Mushota so am I favouring UPND we just have to win the election or rather reclaim our glory that was stolen form us. VIVA HH, VIVA GBM, long live UPND

  2. Sometimes its good to keep quiet, most of these so called NGO are hired guns.
    We need to keep the eyes on the ball – Zambia is on the right path.
    Ignore some of these hyenas.

  3. Everybody is UPND? Whether it’s a US Senator, an opposition leader in Kenya, a Youth Leader in a Political Party in South Africa, IMF, Catholic Bishops, CSO’s, LAZ, the whole world is UPND to PF.

    • Of course every body is upnd, birds of the same feathers – how else can they condone such nonsense by HH?

  4. We have heard this rhetoric before. Ask us about Nakawala, Alfred Mwale and his other Mwale brother during the third term fiasco…. They were stars. The quest is… where are they today… Oh. the answer is …they are in oblivion.

  5. Our country is truly finished under the PF; it is always party member making comments; where is the president of PF? where is the government spokes people; things are getting from bad to worse with cadres always making remarks that do not make sense or threatening; please let us bring back sanity and rule of law to our country;

    • Kubweka
      How I wish someone in this disorganised party can read what you have written.Their president was a few days ago advising them not to be issuing press statements on this HH issue but as usual no one listens even when he talks.Does the president not see the danger that he is exposing the nation to by his failure to provide leadership?Being president does not end with being”recognised”as president.You have to provide leadership which he has totally failed.Todate their is a bus that has been left parked blocking the entrance to the Marian Brothers residence on Mosi O tunya road in woodlands for almost a year now with the owner a PF cadre claiming that he will not remove it till the Catholic Brothers repair it-a completely unlawfull act.The whole Government and the police inclusive…

  6. Kamba please stop masquerading as an intelligent person.This statement was written for you,we know your calibre and the language used here is beyond you.
    Free advice for PF.Admonish Kamba for his plagliarism.He obviously cant read.How are you allowing him to be signing statements written by other persons/He will end up embarrassing you.

  7. Kennedy Kamba cannot write such English . This has been written by Sunday Chanda….I know Kennedy better. If Sunday had put his name , many could have seen him as a loud mouth…. To save his skin , He uses Kamba…. Ask Kamba to write a research proposal on Democracy in Zambia, you will wait for eternity to receive it. He may ask someone to do it.
    Kamba cant lecture us about TIZ and its objective.
    Ba Kamba, twa papata, spare us

  8. ODINDA, JULIUS MALEMA, CATHORIC CHURCH,TIZ, USA SENETA ARE ALL UPND …Chaiii???? No wonder they claim to have won the 2016 elections.?

  9. Mamamama bane ba Kamba you need to go back to school. Your english is poorly constructed. I wonder the last grade you reached. Alternatively, engage someone to be editing your poor english. ……awe sure ubukopo.

  10. I feel sorry for Characters who think these NGOs are not required or in this case that TIZ is biased or indeed being political. I challenge the likes of Kamba, @ Mushota and @ Munone if they ever advocated for any NGO that sides with the PF to be kicked out or not given a license …. Kamba is citing a former TIZ boss who advocated for the rights of then opposition leader SATA and those in opposition. I think sometimes we need to stop being Myopic when looking at these matters.

    • Sata never broke any laws like HH has done. To the contrary he conceded and advised us to be peaceful.

  11. PF is a government of confusion the President issues a directive not to issue any statement on HH’s arrest but everyday PF sycophants are taking turns in disregarding the directive. This is the beginning of lawlessness Kamba talked about. If the President is not respected by his own party what more will be the opposition. PF and your cadres put your house in order and do not fight with everyone.

  12. This is the mot childish and illogical statement i have read so far from a person holding political office .Has politics in Zambia gone so low to allow such uninformed attacks on civil society .When are you people going to learn that we are no longer in one party state .learn to live with divergent views .You want all civil society to be singing your praise and that’s when you will say they are OK.Please stop this otherwise you are slowly loosing you popularity when people notice your leaders have nothing constructive to bring to the table ..

  13. I agree with TIZ. PF is here today and tomorrow it is not going to be there. They say whatever goes up must go down. Days for this worst president and government are numbered. I sympathise with foolish president Lungu because he is in the cage and his time for gnashing of teeth is approaching very fast. Shame! All the people that are surrounding this louse will run away from him just like what had happened with corrupt Rupiah Banda . Had it not been for the death of Mr Sata, Rupiah Banda would have been in jail by now.


  15. My apologies, now I know what prompted Mr Kamba to to speak in a way he did. There is a strong feeling that TIZ is not playing it fair and square. Substantiated or not I don’t know , reading between the lines of the youth league letter though I need no further correction , that is it

  16. We know the aim of PF, but if they want silence let them build up a 1.3million spaced correction service to park up every one voted for UPND

  17. We know the aim of PF, but if they want silence let them build up a 1.3million spaced correction service to park up every one voted for UPND

  18. The biggest problem I have seen in pf is intolerance for divergent opnions.It’s either their way or no way at all. Pf spends it’s energy in wrong areas. This rubbish and childish talk of everyone been upnd is sickening now.do sensible things and you will receive applause not in this state of affairs.

  19. so in zambia when u advise the govt u are opposition and u are supposed to be arrested? but y is julius malema not being jailed for not recognising zuma

  20. Pf is indeed a government of confusion. Anyone can be Government spokesperson. Starting from top leaders to cadres all are lunatics. The Country is in such a mess. Judiciary destroyed, Police have become s cadres of drunkards and thieves and no freedom of speech. I cry for Mother Zambia. We should learn a lesson not everyone is capable of becoming a President.

  21. Lupoko & others – everything has got the begging and the end. Unip, MMD were there but no more same goes with PF when time comes it won’t be there so it not something new every one knows but of now PF is ruling just accept abide with the law you will be untouchable.

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