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President Lungu mourn freedom fighter mama Salome Kapwepwe  


File: President Lungu with Mrs Salome Kapwepwe
File: President Lungu with Mrs Salome Kapwepwe

President Edgar Lungu, has expressed sadness at the death of freedom fighter Mrs Salome Kapwepwe, widow of former Vice- President and iconic freedom fighter the late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe.

Mrs Salome passed away in her sleep last night at the age of 90.

The President has said Zambia has again lost a great icon who was an epitome of what women ought to be to their families, society, and the nation as a whole.

The President remembers Mrs Kapwepwe as a warm and big hearted person whose tremendous contribution to Zambia’s liberation struggle will continue to be cherished by many Zambians.

Mr Lungu has said Zambia’s liberation struggle would be incomplete without mentioning the name Kapwepwe.

He  has described Mrs Kapwepwe as a heroine who with the cooperation of other great women selflessly and significantly contributed to the country’s liberation struggle.

The President has paid glowing tribute to Mrs Kapwepwe for having seen it fit to have collaborated with other great women of Zambia alongside the men to achieve the country’s independence at the expense of their lives and families.

President Lungu has said without Mrs Kapwepwe’s immense sacrifice and other women’s contribution, it would have been difficult for the country to gain independence.

The President observes that Mrs Kapwepwe and other heroines were great fighters, team spirited who understood the importance of working together for the common good of mankind.

Mr Lungu has also noted that Mrs Kapwepwe and other heroines held their families together regardless of the challenging times hence families remained intact resulting in Zambia being peaceful, united and stable after independence.

He  said Mrs Kapwepwe and other heroines laid a firm foundation for strong families and a united Zambia politically anchored on divine principles of love, hard work, peace and unity and hopes that the Zambian youth particularly the young women would emulate this.

The President recalls his call to the nation in his Africa Freedom Day Address on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) television on 24th May, 2016 under the theme: “Celebrating the Role of Women in the Liberation Struggle,” to pay tribute to the founding mothers  who included Mrs Kapwepwe for their invaluable sacrifices and support during the liberation struggle.

Mr Lungu has underscored the need and importance for the nation to recognise and celebrate founding fathers and mothers before they pass away.

“On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zambia and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to convey my heartfelt condolences to the Kapwepwe family and the people of Chinsali in Muchinga Province on the loss of our great mother whose contribution to Zambia’s liberation struggle will always be cherished. As you go through this trying period, may you find fortitude and comfort in the Almighty God? May the Soul of our great mother, rest in peace,” Mr Lungu Said.

On 14th March, 2016, the President visited Mrs Salome Kapwepwe at her residence in Chinsali.

This is according to the press release to LusakaTimes by Special assistance to the President Amos Chanda

Late Wife of Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Mrs Salome Kapwepwe


    • Whoever drafts these messages of condolences or congratulations for the president surely understands that the president doesn’t mean what he says …

    • Crocodile ties. Lungu should have left it to us to mourn the woman in dignity.
      Now you see PF such funerals are under this horrible atmosphere in Zambia. Maybe even Nevers Mumba and GBM won’t attend.

    • @ Nostradamus
      I can’t agree with you more, I find words from lungu not only strange but weird,… Am sure Nevers Mumba will be barred from that funeral, while GBM has been exiled by lungu and his stone throwers,,,, and kambwili’s life is under threat constantly

    • @Nostradamus, what are you saying, that lung shod have left it with your mothers ass to mourn the woman in dignity ai? i beg you with that same ass of your mother to go help HH come out of the mess he put his life in. you id!ot.

    • Look at that child molester @ P.
      How can you insult mothers at a funeral of a mother?
      These PF have no respect, same behaviours as at their PF Sata funeral. You are cursed.

    • The generation of honorable women and men is fast disapearing and already has been replaced by miscreants. The corridors is now haunted and inhabited by thieves, drunkards (lungu) amashilu (kaiser zulu) bachilende(dora siliya) ifisushi (freedom sikazwe). The list is endless. The future of Zambia is doomed.

    • A generation of women who worked so hard, rallied behind their husbands in the dangerous struggle for liberation – and never sought the limelight, unlike , yes you know them all. MHSRIP.

    • Government should ensure that Dr Kenneth Kaunda, a good friend of the Kapwepwes attends this funeral in Chinsali


  2. My heart goes to the family of our silent but courageous mother…. the passing of the golden generation.

  3. Like that person who is on point 1.2. How much is she paid for spending half of her life on the blog? But also with full of irrelevancies.

  4. I was expecting to see a picture of bamama. But instead, there is a photo of the Head of state.

  5. Condolences to my sisters the Kapwepwe girls Chileshe, Mulenga and the rest. You took care of mama very well MHSRIP

  6. Lungu is a hypocrite! He mourns Mrs Kapwepwe but wants to kill HH. He is persecuting HH simply becoz HH Petitioned Lungu’s Election as President and refused to recognize Lungu b4 the Petition is heard and disposed off. The way Lungu has mistreated HH in Prison confirms that Lungu is a Devil Incarnate. Dictator Lungu has killed so many people by abusing the Police. Lungu associates with fellow Dictators like Mu7 ,Mugabe ,Gnassingbe etc. Lungu kill anybody standing in the way of his One Man Party Dictatorship Project. That is why Lungu has arrested and imprisoned HH on trumped up and politically motivated Treason charges. Lungu should release HH from Jail unharmed and unconditionally and let the Petition be heard in Court.Period.

    • You see there many who do not approve of Lungu’s leadership but this tribal and toxic mouth from you will just say better to keep ECL for sake of our existence. Do not think trbal cousins are not strategizing.

    • You see there many who do not approve of Lungu’s leadership but this tribal and toxic mouth from you will just say better to keep ECL for sake of our existence. Do not think trbal cousins are not strategizing.

  7. Lusaka times are out in force to show a humane side to the budding dictator lungu who fights people’s democratic freedoms with a venom that if applied to job creation , Zambia will have full employment.

    • You mean democratic right means calling on citizens to rise against government so you can go to state house?

      You mean democratic right implies blocking presidential motorcade?

      Very amazing:

      “Zambians, rise and fight for your rights. They have stolen my vote, in need to be in state house.”

      “Don’t be docile; rise and fight so that I can be president, it is your constitutional right.”

    • No by democratic rights we mean freedom of expression, freedom for the opposition to meet their supporters, freedom for any political party to call for a press conference if they so wish and address anyone who wants to listen, freedom for any opposition leader to greet supporters and well wishers…..none of this allowed by the budding dictator lungu.

      If this dictator wannabe spent as much energy anf time on job creation as he spends on suppressing opposition , Zambia would have full employment.

    • @ 15.2 Spaka like lilo,

      Oh, you mean freedom assembly, hold conference and rallies, free press access to call people to rise and fight fight government?

      Causing confusion and hoping that by that confusion an opportunity to take us to state house will arise.

      Addressing rallies saying:

      “Zambians, rise and fight for your rights. They have stolen my vote, in need to be in state house.”

      Which government will guarantee that type of freedo?

    • You advice, stop lying…..when did be nevers Mumbai say that when he was gassed in chipata ???

      Were are the recording of HH or UPND saying that ? Let those recordings be part of the treason trial. They are not that silly.

      Zambians deserve the democratic right to campaign as they wish and the voting population deserves the right to freely chose who they want to vote for…..not to be forced by wannabe dictator lungu to vote for…no.

    • @ 15.4 Spaka like lilo,

      You should be out of touch not to.know that HH started calling on citizens to rise and fight on Sunday, 14th August 2016 – the Sunday after the polling day.

      This was live on Komboni radio. He was later joined by his vice GBM and Nevers Mumba at Chainama hotel when they called on citizens to rise and fight or die of hunger.

      It is amazing that you are the only who no recording of all these wild calls by the trio.

      You must be absolutely behind and out of touch.

      If you want to hear or watch the recordings, you are free to attend hearing when it starts in the High Court when it begins.

    • We all recall the opposition telling zambians to fight for their democratic rights to campaign and assemble and freedom of speech….rightly so. … one was calling for zambians to raise against the government.

      There is a difference…..fighting for your democratic rights and raising against the government of the day…..

    • As I said there is a difference…fighting for ones democratic rights and fighting the government of the day.

      If any one said fight the government of the day..why were they not arrested at the time ? Why wait to slap a flimsy traffic charge and call it treason ????

  8. Nevers Mumba is attending the funeral period . We Bembas are self disciplined and politically seasoned

  9. Thank you mum. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe was probably Zambia’s only hope of a truly, well developed and advanced Zambia but Kaunda because of being power hungry made sure this never happened. Difficult to find but if you do the Kapwepwe diaries provide a clear and vivid revelation of what a visionary man Kapwepwe was. I end here.

  10. Mama mu fykepo and re-unite with Ba great Uncle Shikulu Simon Mwansa..intabulukuta sha yambile democracy pa sonde ya Zamia!
    Great honour ECL, to all mothers of our freed land!

    I will never forget my trip to Chinsali back in 2008 when I visited your lovely house on the hill which was full of memories and love, with little local kids who sat around the living room watching telly.
    Bless and sincere sympathies to you my bululus Dr Mulenga, Dr Chileshe and Dr Simon Mwansa jnr.. stay strong…Te paku leka, “uku sefya pa ngwena”

  11. it is so shameful that the majority of you have seized on this tragic National loss to pontificate your baseless vile ignorant agendas instead of respectifully observing this immense loss and offering sincere condolences to Family.Mama Salome was a true stalwart of Zambian politics just like her husband the late vice President. She endured a lot yet remained stoic including when her late husband was savagely attacked by a mob on Cairo road. Both remained true to their commitment for a better Zambia nevertheless. We have lost an iconic figure from whom lessons should be passed to younger generations.President lungu would do justice to declare a period of mourning Condolences Mulenga and family.

  12. I celebrate her life. She was a great lady and was what Zambia needs in 2017 as a model for a decent public life. Her sacrifices were not based on how many plots or trucks or farms or foreign bank accounts she was to gain for her activities to free our country from foreign bondage. It is crazy that our current leaders are busy burning our money rushing to foreign countries to come and place our country under their enslavement. Ba na Chilufya, Mwalibomba sana. I am really sad that your passing is not with all the goals and objectives you aimed to achieve for our country. Our own people are busy selling us out thus making a mockery of all the great dreams and vision that your stood and fought for. ECL should not pretend to be close to her, he is a deplorable thug in disguise, and he knows…

  13. Lungu is a hypocrite of Note. On one have he is shedding crocodile tears mourning our Grand Mother and on the other hand he is busy persecuting his opponents and throwing them into filthy jails on trumped up Treason charges. The Bible says we should treat others the way u would like to be treated by them. Contrary to the Bible lessons Lungu is mistreating HH. He raided his home in a Barbaric way, teargased the Occupants,ransacked the home, stole assets etc then arrested him on trumped up Treason charges and he is now languishing in Jail. Thats not how Christians behave. Lungu should unconditionally release HH from Jail and unharmed together with more than 2000 UPND Supporters. This vengeance from the Lungu Regime must stop forthwith. May Mrs Kapwepwe’s Soul Rest in Peace.

  14. Condolences to the Kapwepwe family. But why has the President declared 3 days national mourning? Isn’t that too much? With due respect she was just the widow of a freedom fighter

  15. Pafwenamwine. Dont bring in issues of tribe. Fwe babemba, fwe babemba. Cant you see how the monkey has eaten all the maize in the maize field Zambia? Is this the Zambia President Mwanawasa left?
    The economy in our field was growing at 5% now look at what parcentage it is growing, minus %. They cheated that it was at 2.9% last year. We know you with your corruption at PF. Who did not know that if Fwe babemba took power the maize fie4ld would be as empty as today. This is an advertisement for you and the PF: “WANTED: A PARTY TO GROW BACK THE PLUNDERED ECONOMY OF THE ZAMBIA MAIZE FIELD. VACANCY IS AVAILABLE FOR A PARTY TO FILL THE POSITION OF PARTY IN MAIZE FIELD GOVERNANCE. THE PF IS NO LONGER A PARTY IN THE MAIZE FIELD GOVERNMENT. WHOEVER TRANSACTS WITH HIM WILL BE DOING SO AT THEIR OWN…

  16. Ba LT, the picture of that beautiful saintly heroine Mama Kapwepwe you spoil it by inserting the photo of a devil sitting next to her!! Mulekwatako common decency.

    • Uulelosha tabamuceba ku kanwa…!

      Lungu cannot be the devil because one wooden pillock of an idol has been incarcerated….

    • @Vizungu

      HH’s incarceration is an act of cruelty by Lungu by a possessed and very devil. If Lungusha was not a fiendish devil would he have carried out the arrest in such demonic fashion?

  17. Saaaaad indeeeed!
    History show us that Your late husband Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe fought for the preservation of Zambia’s multi-party democracy in the mid 1970s. aaaaaaaaaaaalas, His life was cut short for the justified call.
    You and your husband will surely be my heroes.
    rest in peace mama.

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