Zambia on SkyNews



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      In all honesty this shouldn’t be news.

      I thought we agreed we won’t publish this ?



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    Kikiki what about the lives of poor Zambians who are not benefiting from their own resources due to greedy pf illegal government

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    So someone received it on their whatsapp and suddenly its news without even reference to the mention of Ebola in the article which is no longer critical issue anymore in West Africa…this should have hinted to you when this article was likely done 🙁

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    Beautiful Zed in 2021 we shall ensure the locals benefit a 2% tax levy on all profits will go to the surrounding areas in development projects identified and agreed with before hand with our brothers bottom down development….2021 zed forward under new leadership

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    Absolutely Mushota.

    This is ancient history. I watched this clip on SKY months ago; and besides, what this clip doesn’t say is that these so-called “high-end” tourists do not spend money in Zambia at all.

    They pay all their bills in their home countries, are flown into Zambia straight from the airport to those privately-owned pleasure resorts and flown out again.

    These resorts have their bank accounts outside Zambia and thus do not really pay any serious tax to the govt beyond the basic rates.

    The wines, tents, food, etc being talked about are all imported and flown into Zambia. The only money that trickles down are the LOW pays to the poor villagers cleaning the rooms and toilets at the resorts!

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    As tourists how are the chances that I won’t be charged with tramped up treason charges for driving to some of these resorts …?

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    What happened to the Lion on top of that elephant? Did the elephant go with him into the water?

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    So what if you have already seen it close your eyes and let those who hasn’t see it.

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    We will leave a better Zambia for our children if we rid this country NOW of anarchists and stup!d 1diots like HH OVAL HEAD who don’t want to respect authority! Fotseke man suka la!

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