ZABS Seized good in Pictures


The Products that were seized when Zambia Bureau of Standards inspectors conducted a routine market surveillance and inspection on 4th May 2017 and found assorted expired drinks which were valued at K81, 677.00 as earlier reported by Lusaka times are in the Pictures.

And the products that were seized include 811 cases of Mirinda flavoured drinks in quantities of 500mls and 300mls, 183 cases of Milk Maheu also in quantities of 300mls and 500mls, and 416 cases of Shakers drink in 300mls and 500mls bottles and 42 milk sachets in quantities of 500mls. All these products were expired but were being sold to unsuspecting consumers.


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    Where is the ZBS and health inspectors when our overseas visitors are being served food poisoning by our dirty food vendors?

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      I seen nothing wrong with Zambians being fed expired food.

      Here is the thing – your life span is compromised. UN suggests if you live over 40 you have done well.

      So at the end of the day – it makes little to no difference to me.

      Give them the expired goods for all I care. This is zambia a poor third country.

      It’s not like here in Europe. Am I making myself clear ?

      I have just completed my PHD



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    Pf thugs working under zabs seizing food because because they are also feeling feeling the poverty under pf. The pf police who illegal raided hh house stole food also. Very sad

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    i would rather drink that expired drink than buy food from the streets; where is ZABS when our streets are filled with filthy from street vending?

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    Lot of australian flags now,,,can the last person to leave zambia please close the door.
    Mushota you are a trendsetter…….you have encouraged the exodus from zambia. Well done

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    someone keep an eye on council staff cos expired products will find their way to their

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