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President Lungu expected in Chinsali for burial of late freedom fighter Salome Kapwepwe


President Edgar Lungu interacts with Mrs Kapwepwe at her House in Chinsali whilst Muchinga Provincial Minister Mwimba Malama listens
FILE: President Edgar Lungu interacts with Mrs Kapwepwe at her House in Chinsali whilst Muchinga Provincial Minister Mwimba Malama listens
PRESIDENT Lungu is tomorrow expected in Chinsali to attend the burial of late freedom fighter Salome Kapwepwe, who died in her sleep on Monday at the age of 90.
Mrs Kapwepwe was widow of late former Vice-President and freedom fighter Simon Kapwepwe, who died in 1980.

Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone said in an interview yesterday that freedom fighters led by Mama Kankasa are also expected to attend the burial, which will take place at Kasembo Farm.

Mr Sichone said the burial procession will start with a church service at United Church of Zambia Chinsali congregation at 09:00 hours.

“After the church service, the procession will move to Kasembo Farm where Mrs Kapwepwe will be buried next to her husband’s grave,” he said.

Mr Sichone said all arrangements have been made to ensure that Mrs Kapwepwe is accorded a dignified send-off.

He said President Lungu is expected to return to Lusaka soon after the burial.

President Lungu has declared three days of national morning in honour of her contribution to the country’s liberation struggle.

The national mourning ends tomorrow at 18:00 hours.

And Muchinga Province permanent secretary Bright Nundwe said in a separate interview that the death of Mrs Kapwepwe came as a shock to the people of Muchinga.

“The province is grieved to lose one of the notable senior citizens in the country. She fought tirelessly and won the battle for mother Zambia,” Mr Nundwe said.

He said the country has been robbed of a gallant and selfless woman.


  1. Is HH going? I want to see if he’s going to behave the same way he did in Mongu with his motorcade.

    • You come to my home in the dead of the night in hundreds, masked, switch power off, teargas my family and workers, trash my home, sh*t and urinate on my matrimonial bed, feast on my food and pillage my house, continue gassing my family from previous day to midday next day, without a warrant of arrest or search warrant, do you really expect me to call you Christians for lungu? I think HH deserves some applause for been so calm when these guys were doing such devilish acts to him, personally i don’t think i could taken such nonsense. I would have reacted real bad, this just my personal opinion. HH is one in a billion.

    • Thank you for giving Mama Salome a befitting dignified send-off. She was a mother of the nation with a big heart as such, she deserves this one. May her soul find Grace in the face of our Heavenly Father. May the family and nation find solace.

  2. Some people are haunted by the name of HH. They cannot think of any other thing apart from connecting everything to HH. Blessed HH. Thank you Lord that you have made him so popular that they talk HH, dream HH, . Kikiki. At the mention of HH PF and all the followers get goose pimples. I am enjoying it. Keep being troubled by him day and night

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