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ZESCO failed to listen to people’s cry over tariff increase, its hypocrisy


A Governance activist has bemoaned that  the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) failed to heed to the public’s plea of not increasing the electricity tariff at the public consultations meeting that were held before the decision was made.
McDonald Chipenzi has since called on government to ensure that they should listen and take into consideration the views of citizens when hold public consultations in future and not these consultations should not be taken lightly.
“The public consultations by ZESCO were a good foundation but it is unfortunate that they only did so for formality’s sake and not because they had intentions of actually listening to what the Zambian people actually had to say”, he said.

However AGG  has called on Government to consider extending the electricity tariff hike to mining companies as well as the exported Electricity.

Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Board Chairperson Sara H. Longwe has also noted with sadness like many other stakeholders the decision by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to approve the 75 per cent electricity tariff hike for retail.

She said it is hypocrisy of the worst form for the ERB to conduct public hearings when they already had a pre-determined position and it is now clear from the submissions as confirmed by the ERB Board Chairperson that, Zambians were opposed to the tariff increment as proposed.

THE NGOCC Board Chairperson further noted that the proposed increased tariffs, especially for domestic users will have the potential to further accelerate and exacerbate the already high cost of living thus increasing poverty levels among the masses that live below the poverty datum line estimated at 60.5% (World Bank 2010).

Ms. Longwe added that the electricity tariff increment will increase the proportion of people in Zambian using unsustainable forms of energy, confirming that the high tariffs will worsen the situation by pushing more households to use cheaper and unsustainable sources of energy such as charcoal and firewood, leading to increased deforestation rate across the country and the increment will further increase Zambia’s vulnerability to climate change.
And the NGOCC Board Chairperson said without doubt the increased tariffs will adversely affect more women and children and the failure to make progress to achieving environmental sustainability as envisaged by the increased tariffs will adversely affect women in Zambia potentially more than men.

She explained that her analysis is based on the fact that women are the ones responsible for finding cooking solutions in their homes, thus the increased tariffs will add more pressure on women to unsustainable sources of energy thus drastically reducing their quality of life.

“With the increased cost of production, the prices of commodities, including basic household commodities, will go up despite the fact that disposable incomes for most households have remained largely low. The increased cost of production will be passed on to the consumers. With an already high living standards in Zambia, this will make the poverty situation in the country even worse – especially for the poor of the poorest, who are women with poverty among women headed households estimated at 62.1% (Living Conditions Monitoring Survey2010)”

“It is sad that the so called pro-poor Government of the Patriotic Front (PF) could allow this increment which will rob Zambians of money from their pockets. It is saddening that the Government is fast veering away from its original pro poor policies carefully stipulated in its party manifesto” Ms. Longw

And Alliance for Good Governance President Joseph Chileshe said ZESCO’s 75 per cent electricity tariff hike which has been approved by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) is seemingly not going to affect mining companies and exported electricity.
“Mining companies and the exported electricity is where most electricity is used in our country and if these two are not going to be included in the tariff increment it will  be sad for the average Zambian because we will be bearing their costs”, Mr Chileshe said.
Chileshe pointed out that he expects ZESCO to adhere to the order that was given to them by ERB concerning the staff tariff as contained in the press statement that was issued on the 10th of May 2017 by ERB.
In the statement issued by ERB the regulatory body instructed ZESCO to revise the staff tariff so that it is not passed on to customers by way of a tariff increase as the ERB has noted that the continued use of the staff tariff implies that the rest of the consumers are subsidizing the ZESCO staff tariff.


  1. When he was elected, PRESIDENT Lungu told South Africa Broadcasting Corporation SABC in an interview that he was going to tax the mines because it is the countries revenue base and if they won’t like it they can pack and go. I was jumping up and down in my house because I was happy we now had a President who is real pro poor. I remember that interview, he was wearing a blue suit and blue shirt. So what happened? I’m just wondering.

    • Until you learn from such rude shocks and awakening, continue worshiping and dancing dununa reverse Lungu. First of all, how can anyone strust Lungu, honestly? A man who was dug up from a shanty compound inspite of his university degree, having failed as a lawyer? And you still continue to comfort yourselves that somehow a man who stole money from a widow, can magically address your problems rather than his own? Oh please!!!

      Lungu has no morals, his conscience is dead, just like RB, Kanganja, dirt Kaizer and Amos. Politicians are the same. Noone gets stuff done, even those who have clear visions like HH, they will still have to struggle. Efyo chaba!! People talk alot, few are up for the real challenge. Now get back and figure out how you can survive with 75% power increament. I am did…

    • I did, left tribalistic Zambia..Continue to eat tribe and talk tribe

  2. Clueless cannons hell bent on inflicting pain on the poor. A bunch of charlatans with misguided economic theories of bringing poverty and perpetual misery on masses. What a waste of votes, prepare yourselves for massive demonstrations when these hikes are in place it’s just three days from now. Dununa reverse indeed.

  3. I think we are expecting too much from from ifinkuula, ba fyumbu munshololwa, ifintala, to listen to anyone. The fools had already predetermined and chatted their course, so that they can attract the $17m bribe offered to Lewis Mosho and soon you will see who will be MD. What I wonder is why we should even have the so called ERB going around to mock the citizens and draw hefty allowances, travelling expenses and accommodation at the expense of the tax payer whom the same dogs are bent on squeezing the last drop of blood.

  4. Moderation, censorship or blocking the comment? Who do you expect to make a moderate comment under this nonsense of governance?

  5. Pro Poor policies …….. yes pro poor to make them even poorer and destroy the environment further. come 2021 they will get market loans of K200 after paying K100 each. PF think they are clever but in actual fact they’re just entrapping themselves. they could have increased the tariffs last year but for political expediency, they didn’t only to lump us now. aren’t we the same people?

  6. next time don’t fool people and waste their time with your consultations, when the president and his minister have already decided. wasn’t meno meno on tv not so long ago on tv saying its a must. zesco will always make loses as long as its role has an ATM for the gov’t is on going.

  7. next time the PF Zesco shouldn’t f**l people and waste their time with their consultations, when the president and his minister have already decided. wasn’t meno meno on tv not so long ago on tv saying its a must. zesco will always make loses as long as its role has an ATM for the gov’t is on going.

  8. ZESCO’s overheads are as follows: Over employment, inferior/lazy workforce(nepotism and tribalism), unresonable corporate responsibilty actions, lack of reasonable planning and foresight and many luxury vehicles with unlimited mileage starting from first level supervisors, very cheap electricity offered to employees, expartriate football coach ..where can the money come from mwebantu?
    Compare their working culture with CEC. These schedule their jobs and put time frame, ZESCO works like council workers ..so long as they have reported for work is what matters. Maamba is producing electrity and how much of it is ZESCO buying? 50%. Dangote cement says it has surplus power to off load ..has ZESCO approached them ?Why do you to raise the tariffs kanshi?Zambia has people knowledgeable people…

  9. The price increase was justifiable, only up to a point. First, the impact of drought for much 2015/2016 rainy season led to sharp decline in power output. Second, the sharp decline in hydro power output also led to huge imports to cushion households and the industrial sector. The way forward: increase cost of consumption starting with as little as 10% at a time gradually while at the same time weaning away industries from unnecessary dependence on hydro power. Hence, solar and biofuel and other alternative sources of energy need to be prioritized. Even that Turkish ship that was in Indian Ocean waters needs to be supplying power from the mainland. A deliberate policy of diversifying sources of power was long overdue. Sticking to hydro power is not sustainable in an era of climate change…

    • A deliberate policy of diversifying sources of power was long overdue. Sticking to hydro power is not sustainable in an era of climate change. Tax exemption for investments in energy sector, particular alternative energies need to be brought in focus.

  10. Life is already unbearable as it is can’t imagine what it will be like after the hikes.In as much as the sitting was formality, Zambians did not take interest to submit to ERB thereby making it seem as if they were okay with increase. It serves the Zambians right , it was so evident that last years reduction was just used to buy votes from the gullible Zambians. I am really upset about the whole thing

  11. just for your on information,you can star using Gus stove frighge lights,to reduce deperdance on Zed I, it is not compulsory to use zseco electricety you have to be intramural?

  12. and you think people have not thought through that?How many can afford to buy the said appliances and by the way, gas is not cheap in Zambia

  13. Raph – The alternative sources are also very expensive. Have you tried to compare the cost of the alternatives to the Zesco power? Don’t just yap. Speak with evidence.

  14. this can surely signal the beginning of the ending of my beloved party.
    how can people be so insensitive to the sufferings of their members at the expense of thieving investors?
    where are credible opposition parties kanshi?
    take advantage of this unbearable increase and start campaigning on the same premise NOW, AND AM SURE, COME 2021, PF WILL GO….

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