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Emulate the spirit of selflessness and unity exhibited by freedom fighters-President Lungu

General News Emulate the spirit of selflessness and unity exhibited by freedom fighters-President Lungu

President Lungu Briefs the Press at City Airport
President Lungu Briefs the Press at City Airport
President Edgar Lungu has urged Zambians to emulate the spirit of selflessness and unity exhibited by freedom fighters.

President Lungu says the young generation should draw lessons from the sacrifices made by the country’s founding fathers in order to make Zambia a better place.

The Head of State said this when he made a stopover at Kasama Airport this morning enroute to Chinsali for the burial of former vice president Simon Kapwepwe’s widow Salome.

And President Lungu has challenged all Zambians to reflect on their lives and embrace biblical values.

He further urged youths to strive to contribute positively to national development so as to be remembered after death.

Meanwhile, Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile said the province is mourning with the Kapwepwe family and the nation at large.

Mr. Mundubile said Mrs. Kapwepwe will be greatly remembered for her contribution to Zambia’s liberation.

In a related development, Malole Constituency Member of Parliament Christopher Yaluma said Zambia has lost a gallant woman who taught the nation self-sacrifice and humility.

In an interview with ZANIS, Mr. Yaluma, who is also Minister of Mines, said Mrs. Kapwepwe’s legacy of putting national interest first will live on for many generations to come.

He has since wished the Kapwepwe family God’s comfort during the mourning period.


    • Start with yourself then those selfish ministers and MP’S sometimes I wonder what the so called christian nation actually means currently politicians are the most dangerous people in zambia.

  1. How many of them put 23 MILLION KWACHA of taxpayers money into their personal bank accounts in one year?


  2. The said words by Mr Lungu sounds great and very encouraging but the are like the wind blowing in a desert or the tears of a crocodile.
    Good leader go beyond what they say . Let’s look at the late Sata, he used to talk but he had the heart, never used to keep his grudge against his opponents or abusers for a long time. During the telephone calling in programme a caller from Kabwe made derogatory remarks that he will be the President of Zambia. Late Sata informed the caller he knew him and mention his name.
    After winning the election this person was seen by Mr Sata near Zanaco bank in Kabwe and he was about to run away, mr Sata called him and said you remember what you said during the telephone calling programme? He said yes sir. Who is the President? It’s you sir. Mr Sata told this…

  3. Comming from thug holding a bible….lungu is an insecure paranoid schizophrenic who can not live in a free democratic society where people are free to make their own choices regarding who to vote for….violence , intimidation, corruption and kaizer zulu morals characterise his rule.

  4. I stopped listening to this evil dictator long time ago because he does the opposite of what he says.

  5. What biblical principles? Telling lies in court under oath? Manipulating court processes behind the scenes? He will be remembered as the worst thing that ever happened to Zambia! Better to be quiet than to give the talk of …. #AbashPF

  6. Ecls hard work results will be seen next year and all you haters will disappear. The economic growth of this great country is projected to be at an increase year onwards. Just watch this space.
    A dictator is a leader who has been losing elections for 6 times but still retain the position of party leader. Don’t force that name on Ecl who has only been in politics less than 5years.

  7. I understand emotions overtake rational thinking with any death and depending on how well a person who passes on was known in their circles and among peers, people will reminisce albeit sadly with the family. The eulogies thrown around by many a politician are only meant to play to the gallery! Other than being the wife of a gallant freedom fighter Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe and playing that devoted role for her family, the politicians are making good of exploiting Mrs Kapwepwe’s passing on for selfish ends, period! Without demeaning a devoted loving mother (MHSRIP) she momentarily joins the eulogies politically motivated and heaped on the likes of Mama Betty Kaunda, Princess Nakatindi Wina and others before her soon to be forgotten as they do not have a place in the Zambian annals of history…

  8. contd…. of history as does the likes of militants, a religion driven Alice Lenshina and bold Mama Julia Chikamoneka!

    Emulating the spirit of selflessness and unity that was exhibited by early Zambian freedom fighters must be exemplified by all those joining politics and in leadership before urging others. Thus it is ironic of president Lungu to “preach” thus with a straight face. Sorry, I choose not to buy it!

  9. “Emulate the spirit of selflessness and unity exhibited by freedom fighters?.”

    Talk about preaching selective emulation, this is it. So according to Lungu’s tunnel vision, when a freedom fighter like KK selflessly goes to visit someone fighting for justice and freedom from trumped up treason charges, he should be barred? When a wife of a person fighting for justice and freedom goes to the Police to report an injustice and stolen goods by intruders at night she should not be attended to? But when these same brave people and their spouses fighting for justice and freedom pass away, that’s when we should turn round and emulate them? What mental illness is this?

    Makes you wonder how many lungus are in that single body of his for him to act so contradictory to what he is saying. It’s…

  10. He must ask him self these questions. There was no divisions in Zambia under UNIP, MMD, and PF under Sata why now? There was no closure of media houses under UNIP and MMD why now? The answer is Lungu has brought all these divisions. His language is not like head of state. Look at his advisers Frank Bwalya reject, Mumbi Phiri reject, Amos Chanda fake journalist and Kaizer Zulu reject used to be a cheap driver. See the background of Lungu’s advisers. Birds of the sana feathers flock together.

  11. The Zambian Nation is today more divided than ever b4. This is due to Leadership failure on the part of Lungu. The primary Role of a Head of State in Zambia should be to unite, reconcile and heal the Nation following a Disputed and Petitioned Election. Lungu has failed to achieve this. Lungu should inspire and encourage Zambians to uphold our moto: One Zambia One Nation. Lungu is failing to do this.

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