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Mines excluded from the 75% ZESCO tariff hike-ERB


Energy Regulations
Board (ERB) offices

The Energy Regulation Board has said that the mines are not included in the 75% tariff hike because the supply of electricity to the mines is governed by bilateral agreements between ZESCO and the individual mines.

In a statement released to the media yesterday, ERB said that it cannot unilaterally impose a tarrif on mines outside the bilateral agreement with ZESCO.

Below is the full statement



    • The poor people have to pay because they were stupi!d enough to accept Lungu stealing the election!

      Wake up you iddiots, you have been dribbled by a THIEF in state house!

      More to come!

    • Why is the info around this 75% increase being passed on to us in phases? Is this one of those Chipate pate strategies? Did they think through?
      Firstly, we are informed of the approval for ZESCO to make the 75% increase…..Electricity for the rich few
      Secondly, we are told of one of the dumbest justification – increase to create more jobs. …BS…without any measure.
      then today, businesses are cautioned not to increase…..again absurd to think an increase in energy will not result in an increase of COGS
      Now we are being told, mines are excluded……..I wonder how zesco will be able to generate sufficient revenue without mines. That is where the money is.

    • Let PF supporters test their own medicine, and lets get it on… Ebola has also reached Mufulira and Chililabombwe…If you survive disease, you definately wont survive poverty…khikikikiki..

    • That is a very welcome move. Mines must be left out but re introduce windfall tax, thats where government can make meaningful revenue.
      We all can afford even 100% increase in tarrifs, gone are days when you could insult government and go back home and enjoy free electricity – you have to pay, no free things.
      this behaviour or tendency to cry for free things is common among UPND and HH – right now he is ejoying free food, electricity, water and bed space in Chimbokaila. We expect HH to be thankful.

    • This where I remember my friend from Liverpool, luapula Province, he once told me when we drinking tequila, he told and a quote ‘ ndobo my brother, do you that lungu our friend will sell Zambia pa salula one day?’…. I almost fought with him, today I believe him,,,, @ Nostradamus, my brother, you were right, it took long for me to say but you are right

    • So basically we the Zambians are paying for the mines. Open your eyes ba government. It is better the mines pay 80%increase if they can not pay let them go. That is why these mines should be owned by Zambians and not foreigners. No foreigner will leave his own country to come and develop Zambia. Even us here in Australia our hearts are in Zambia. We are sending money home in Zambia and so do the foreigners owning these mines. Open your eyes wider MrLungu.

    • I have a PROVEN METHOD of reducing the speed of the Electricity Meter,i.e. electricity bill.

      1. Bring the whole family including the maid & house servant & stand in front of the pre-paid meter
      2. With everyone HOLDING HANDS start singing DUNUNA REVERSE non-stop for at least 3 hours.

      The meter speed will automatically reduce by 75%.

      Kikikikiki. Vote wisely next time, not becoz of tribe or a boostele song.

    • @ Maloza…khikikikik….Tapali ichibumba, obviously nabonfwa…It’s up to them…stup!id f00ls. You see these cadres are responsible for all things happening to them….The best thing, we who cannot reason they way they do, we have left Zambia for them, very soon, every woman will be selling puszy for a livelihood. It started in Zimbabwe, and we were laughing at them big bummed women selling puszy adn soft azz at K2 in livingstone. You have now started the same route of Zim, this is just 5% covered. Just accept you will die poor, thats what it means to be motibvated by alcoholism and boostele!

  2. Ok, that is understood. However, and BIG However here, ZESCO is a public company owned by Zambians.

    Can ZESCO through ERB, tell us the whether the mines are paying cost reflective tariffs.

    I highly doubt if the $500 million bill spent by Government annually on the electricity imports was all consumed by Zambians. I can bet house most of that electricity was consumed by the mines and we deserve to know if they are paying cost reflective tariffs.

    Zambians have subsidized the mines for a long time and this is where the subsidy removal should be effected first. Mines are the biggest consumers of power in Zambia and they don’t even pay that much tax or develop places they operate in.

    We want transparency and we want answers here.

    • I can tell you that the bilateral agreements that ERB are talking about are part of the Development Agreements that allow mines fixed (low) tariffs for 20 years. Only Zambian SMEs will be paying these so-called cost-reflective tariffs. But the reality is that the power deficit is not prompted by the small consumers. Our power needs have always been met by Kariba which is fully amortised. It is the mines and large power consumers like Kafue Steel who have caused the power deficits. It is them who should be paying the 340% tariff increases that Lungu is planning to dump on Zambians.

  3. Long overdue, don’t worry fellow citizens. Like everything else you will get over it before you know it.

  4. Reasonable justification for lifeline of 200 units, why subsidise those who can afford to pay? But disappointing that the same ERB is silent about large amounts of free electricity given to Zesco staff mamy times more than the lifeline they are harping about. From what I hear Zesco salaries are way above average, they can all afford to pay even at the highest band. And yet the same ERB is silent or happy about us commoners subsididing these rich employees. ERB must correct this big anomaly.

  5. This is unbelievable. Where is the opposition? This is the time to make a noun for yourselves.

    Mines should be the one paying instead of poor zambians.

    ERB u are good for nothing. In fact, thank you for campaigning for UPND on this one.

    UPND guys make use of this opportunity. If you don’t know how to do it, please invite me and make me your president. I can assure you that I will finish PF within the 1st week of my appointment.

    PF is the easiest party to defeat. It has more people who are not educated like it’s founder, the man who came from Tanzania called Sata.

    • @ DJ Deno, have you not HEARD? The opposition are IN JAIL on trumped up charges of treason to keep them quiet!

      While Lungu and his PF are busy stealing another IMF loan!

      Have you not been following the news???

    • @DJ Deno,
      Let PF eat their vomit, why should UPND start cleaning PF`s mess?

      I can not speak for UPND, but I would guess this is the reasoning behind their silence.

      Let PF dance to their Dununa Reverse chorus…, if they are okay and can afford the 75%, then let’s go on …until we reach a point that will make them realise.

    • @DJ Deno, Musenge on the copperbelt province is about to be lynched by PF cadres sent by the King of Tribes himself ECL. If you show dissenting ideas, you are any enemy of Pf and Kaiser Zulu and you are condemned to a severe beating let alone jailed for insulting behavior.


  6. @5 DJ Deno, you must be crazy, the priority of UPND is HH, and you talk about less important things like tariffs? In any case UPNDonkeys actually do not oppose the tariff.

    • HH is a thieve. He store the money of the poor zambians through privatization of the mines. Therefore he is not the right man to be the president of UPND. He is no different from ERB Board members.

      What I don’t agree is voting someone I know that he is a thieve. And campaigning for HH is same as campaigning for Rupiah Banda or KK. All these are thieves and killers.

      The other point which is wrong in Zambian politics is building a political party around and individual. UPND should remain vocal even without the Thieve HH.

      But the way, the man is even Tonga

    • @DJ Devo
      I see Tongas are not human to you going by your well thought out statement above. Oh I forgot you’re part of the “chosen” clique from some very well developed part of the country with the most civilised people one can ever meet….they are so humble, nice to their neighbours irrespective, embrace other tribes irrespective, they are the only ones that should lead others including the “sub human” beings from Dundumwezi, Shangombo. Serenje, Lukanga, Ikelenge…..!!!

    • Why would one worry about hike in tariffs if all you can do is hike prices of your products also. It is the masses that will suffer as always.

  7. The most important thing at the moment is to pray for our colleague Underfive to undergo correction successfully like all our underfive children. So Mrs Nalumango, where are the prayers being conducted?
    By the way, are you sure that Underfive has received all the vaccinations, whoping cough, measles etc? We could be treating symptoms you know.

  8. Subsidizing rich foreign entities while burdening the native average man.Soon this nation will be just like Zoogeria ,oops i meant like decayed Nigeria.

  9. Subsidizing rich foreign entities while burdening the native average man.Soon this nation will be just like Zoogeria ,oops i meant like decayed Nigeria.

  10. Can the British High Commissioner Mr Idyot please explain this since he is the champion and PF advocate of 75% price increase on energy!!! Peasants subsidising the mines and ambassadors – Mr Idyot please!

  11. I knew it …these mines have signed all these developmental agreements with clauses in them keep prices fixed. Lazy wants you to pay cost reflective prices yet the rich mining firms are getting discounted only in Africa.

    • No wonder Swiss mining giant Glencore Int’l makes so much $$$ raping and exploiting Zambia with such dark clauses.

  12. Guys I have stoped answering greetings from these guys parading as Zambians speaking Chewa to me. I’m not from Malawi please! I’m a true Zambian citizen , a Bemba by tribe.

    In zambia particularly in Lusaka we speak nyanja not these deep Malawi chewe. Sorry I don’t need your greetings and stop asking for money from me. U not even Zambians but some corrupt officials gave u Zambian passports.

    From now on I don’t need your greetings and you seriously bring shame to me that u are also zambians. You don’t look Zambian and your dressing is pathetic.

  13. It’s obvious that mine’s will be excluded when we are being governed by a corrupt regime whose only aim is to fill their bellies and pockets and of their sponsor’s.All these crooks will have a bad ending.

  14. Pathetic Front!! That what you are. Pro-poor or pro-poverty party?

    How can the mines buy power at $6 cent/KWh from ZESCO who is buying it at $14cents/Kwh? This can only be dununa reverse mathematics.

    Now, not only do we have to pay the difference through out taxes, we have to pay even more because the mines are shielded.

    Good luck Zambian for voting in the visionless. Good luck to all the PF bloggers blogging the dark with less money in your pocket.

  15. Consequences of RB controlling Lungu through Dora. Nabalya kaaale, and you are busy singing ati pamaka!!

  16. Where is the opposition to debate on sound issues instead of just the usual “we told you so”! These cretins like Nez, chiyaya and wanka begin to ejaculate when bad things happen in the country. They are blood thirsty animals that are cursed to the bone! Had we had a competent opposition that could oppose this increment by raising solid points on how the govt could save millions by cutting on allowances and luxury SUVs we couldve avoided such a problem but we don’t have an opposition we only have a group of United Dunderheads!

    • You are a violent thriving party who wants to jail any one who is opposed to you.

      By the way where is the kw 6 to the dollar?

  17. Some of our citizens are asking the question, “where is the Opposition, to address the current scandal on 75% tariff hike”?
    UPND has its hands full following the arrest of innocent HH by the thug regime, and it is the vast poor people who danced in the streets when their “Humble” Lungu was sworn into office regardless of the numerous transgressions leading to the elections. Let the *****s who danced and dressed up in the PF regalia enjoy the 75% tariff hike with the looming accelerated demise of the economy! Enjoy the ride to the bottom of the cesspool!

    • @bweembyam are you telling me the whole nation should come to a standstill because of Human Hyena (HH)..the same HH is one of the worst crooks in the nation’s history and the wrong chap together with GBV to expect any solution. It is just sad that the govt has slacked in areas such as strict fiscal expenditure within their own structures- govt is spending too much on useless things like Luxury Suvs and allowances even on opposition MPs that are part of useless Parliamentary Committees and Commission of Inquiry- just sheer waste of funds spent on top govt officials that could be used instead on improving Zesco and other govt institutions. So sad!

    • 2020vision your anger is totally misplaced.
      – If you needed to condemn, there is no way you are going to absolve Lungu and his cohorts. The hey are the ones who have increase the tariffs and exempted the mines.

      This PF govt has abrogated its party manifesto of more money in people’s pockets, but done the opposite.

      Did you know that the mines consume more than 60% of power generated in Zambia? So doing the sums, what your PF has done is to enslave the Zambians.

      Corruption has terrible consequences especially to the ordinary people.

      1- The opposing views would not hold because voting is by simple majority

    • When Late Mazoka was ill for one year in South Africa the party did not die. The party even published an alternative budget and State of the Nation address. HH being in prison is not an excuse for party dieting unless it is a one man show.

  18. let the mines also pay the for electricity usage as any other manufacturers. Where is diversification going to come from if other industries are going to be charged on electricity tariffs that are different from the mines? Let’s encourage other sectors of the economy to thrive.

  19. It is shameful that ERB has the guts to reduce the proposed life-line from 300 units to 200 units and yet do absolutely nothing about the subsidy given to the highly paid ZESCO workers (2000 unit at K50).

  20. Hello Underfive, make sure you take your medications before you go to bed okay? And meditate on what you promised me at the court on thursday, okay? If you do that then maybe we can help you on your way to eventual correction..

    • You bally you have homo tendencies towards HH.
      The man of your desires is not that way inclined, he is married.

  21. This is what happens when you sign agreements with multilateral companies with your eyes closed in the first place, and you even boast about it. Goofy consequences follow. So now the citizens of Zambia are going to be subsidizing the electricity supplied to these Mines. This is dumb.

    I cannot blame the Mines. They had their eyes open, and their mandate was to have as big a profit margin as possible at no extra cost.

    And the LME copper graph shows that mid-May last year price of copper was US$4,700/Tonne. Now, it is US$5,500/ Tonne. More profits in the pockets of the Mines at no extra production costs.

    Meanwhile the national debt keeps rising with no credible payback plan.

  22. This is a dull decision by both minister of finance/trade and commerce have asserted to this rubbish….
    Come on, you leaders are leanerd and can do better

  23. Simply put, the mines are buying power at wholesale , and sometimes they buy as much as all of a small town like Choma put together. Remember The biggest cost to zesco are the domestic clients doted all over the compound who demand so much attention for K 100/ month. for a mine zesco only needs K 30,000 for 3 engineers to service a mine that pay Million of kwacha per month , Before you talk alot , do the business maths and see were zesco is making more money and losses. ZESCO is NOT a Government department but a Business which has to make business sense

  24. and to think they are talking about diversifying the economy away from copper!!! and here you still have the very copper mines being favoured over anything and anybody else. This is so painful. I hate cheats.

  25. Zambians must stop to think about elections 9 months after the occassion. We must debate issues now. No wonder we are always used to fight ourselves when ‘they’ are busy benefiting from the mess. If you made a mistake and that you were not in majority then this is not platform to insult and rebuke others who voted in majority. Put your act together and strike better in 2021. Learn from Mr. Angel Michael Sata MHSRIP. He lost and moved on even when he was also so sure he won.
    He always had a bigger picture of ZAMBIA. That said, can we also hear what government through NWASCO is doing about Water Utility companies? I feel sorry for them as they struggle day in and day out to make ends meet and yet they provide the second most essential commodity from air.

  26. Betters that is a fair comment except i am just wondering which engineer would get a job for 10pin and be happy.

  27. Very good. We told you so.

    Just keep dancing dununa and your troubles should all go away.

    Music pleas…..

  28. Just an observation anyway. The UPND supporters are busy laughing at PF on this issue but they are also affected. Its only the mines that should be smiling now. I think all we need now is a Political party that will be interested in national matters affecting the general population of the country and not a region. UPND unfortunately has only one agenda of sending HH to state house through any possible means and nothing more. Its believed that no other person in UPND has a vision but only HH. A leader from Western province can do for UPND but HH can’t allow competition in his Party. This leaves the people with no option but to support PF. I wish we can all support NAREP.

  29. So the bilateral agreement states that power tariffs for the mines would not be increased alongside domestic users? Do our leaders really prioritize the welfare of the local people? The mines are special and power tariffs for them should not be increased anyhow or abnormally??And these are mines that are making gigantic profits.

  30. Unless this government becomes practical, all these they are doing including this Zesco tariff hike, will not help Zambia improve economically. The selective way of tariff hikes is a clear indication that these guys don’t know what they are doing in there offices. may God help Zambia

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