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Lucky Mulusa wants new Zambia’s capital city built in Ngabwe in Central Province


Lucky Mulusa speaking at the 'Invest in Zambia' business forum held at Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, South Africa on 3rd November, 2016
Lucky Mulusa
My ministry will soon submit a proposal to Cabinet to make Ngabwe in Central Province the new capital city of Zambia, Minister of National Planning Lucky Mulusa has said.

Mr Mulusa said that Lusaka was not well planned to qualify as the capital city because it was congested and a new city would help offload the population of Lusaka.

He said that the Ministry of National Planning was going to present to Cabinet a request to go ahead and do feasibility studies of the new capital city.

Mr Mulusa said that his ministry had devised a plan to come up with a new capital city that would be able to compete with other African cities.

Mr Mulusa charged that Lusaka would be congested in 10 years’ time and it will no longer be suitable to be called the capital city of Zambia.

He said that there was need to plan a new capital city based on the modern principles of sustainable development.

“When you look at Lusaka in the next 10 years, the city will not be able to sustain us. The rate at which commerce and industry and official activities are growing cannot be met with Lusaka’s ability to grow its capacity.

‘‘Human settlement on its own is a problem and that is why my ministry is proposing that we start up a completely new capital city that will be planned on the modern principles of sustainable development,” he said.

Mr Mulusa said that Ngabwe, west of Kabwe, was an ideal location for the capital city of Zambia because it was more central than Lusaka and it was easier to start building a city from scratch.

He said that Ngabwe had vast land and was located between Ndola and Lusaka where the two largest airports are being constructed, making it the ideal place for a capital city.

Mr Mulusa charged that the response from the general public and other stakeholders was positive with the idea of relocating the capital city to Ngabwe.


    • Thinking like kids, Lusaka is congested? Mulusa is really dreaming. If you are a minister of Planning, what’s your strategy to Decongest the Cities? It’s a shame to see such Dullness. Lusaka roads are more than capable for expansion plus we can put up other innovative solution to overcome the challenges. If you have failed just resign we have so many smart Zambian who can come up with proper plans.
      New Capital City and who will fund it Ba Dull Mulusa..

    • With due respect, this is not a a strategic proposal. Don’t be shy to dive into causes and effects of the visible chaos. What is obtaining in Lusaka, is what every city is facing in modern Zambia. Are you to move all chaotic cities to new districts? In terms of development, Lusaka has nothing, but more than enough land for transformation into a modern city.
      1). Do a thorough land audit and put timeline for development. There is plenty of land around our cities.
      2). Deal with corruption at city and country planning
      3). Get City Planning & Code Enforcement Services Departments to work.
      4). Get the Planning & Zoning office assist the communities in defining and implementing the City’s vision i believe is missing.
      5). At national level, understand the causes of urban migration. Is…

    • Here we go again, paying for theines to make profit. PF pro poor by expanding the population which fall within this definition. Congrats pf for ramaoning true to being pro poor and keeping many Zambians poor.

    • Want to increase taxes. Saddened to hear this coming from planning. Where is it in the seventh nations development plan?

    • These people want to build a city that is disconnected from everything else. To move from Ngabwe to Kasempa, one has to either drive through Luanshya (600 km) or through Mumbwa (800km). This is a place that is within 150km of Kasempa but there is no direct road. After they build in Ngabwe, they will start looking for more loans to connect that town. Chibombo would have made more sense. Not far from Lusaka or even other provinces.

    • This is a simple and straightforward admission that LUNGU AND HIS PF HAVE FAILED THE NATION!

      Proper planning would have been able to accommodate all the developments in Lusaka. But instead of doing the job they are supposed to be doing, Lungu and his cronies are so busy stealing money, travelling to other countries and persecuting the legitimate opposition they have had no times to think about future development.




      Time to FIRE this drunkard Vasco de Lungu and get some serious people into Government!

    • And we are building 2 new airports away from Ngabwe that will cost over $1 billion! How logical is that? Did we not know that we might be shifting the Capital City?

    • i wonder how many shirt sizes Mulusa has changed this year alone as this man keeps getting fatter and fatter like a bull frog.

    • Very interesting subject! Mukula is right about Lusaka not being fit for a capital city – the planning was horrible. But it’s also true that it would require colossal sums of money to relocate the capital- especially to a place so far away from the current one. A serious cost-benefit analysis is required that woud take into account the redundancy of some of the existing facilities. On the other hand, we also need to consider the fact that such a project would be phased over say 10 years coz it’s a mammoth one. Whether we like it or not, reorganizing Lusaka will require a lot of money as govt would have to compensate a lot property owners in order to access strategic land parcels that would be required for a well coordinated design of a capital city, such that a new site might be the…

    • Correction: Mulusa and not Mukula

      But why are we scared of growing our country? Come guys let’s embrace CHANGE!!! You’re the same guys that have no houses and renting other people’s properties coz you ” can’t afford to build” yet you drink whiskey everyday!!

  1. Lusaka just needs cleaning and reorganize, it has a lot of room for expansion, there is a lot of land between Lusaka and Chongwe and between Lusaka and Kafue. What will happen when the new capital city is dirty like Lusaka? Abandone it and create another capital?

    • They are lazy people with laid back mentalities …as educated as he is he calls Lusaka congested…really laughable..all it needs is clearing street vendors and getting rid of those bottle necks the call flyover bridges.

    • Lusaka is not congested. It is just dirty. When Lusaka is really congested, then go to Bangkok to find out what they did 20 years ago to get traffic moving again. You can consider above ground metro services, elevated highways across the city, and circular roads and motorways around Lusaka so that traffic transiting across the country does not need to pass through Lumumba Road. Circular roads will help to get traffic from, say, Chilanga go through Makeni to Lusaka West directly. Or from Chongwe to Chisamba directly via Ngwerere. The four entry points into Lusaka (Kafue Road, GER, GNR and Mumbwa Road) are the real constraints. As for land for building, learn to build upwards and not sideways. If you think Lusaka has no land, go to Hong Kong and learn how creative other cultures are. A…

    • Thanks Sir for this positive contribution. Lusaka is NOT congested at all. Some people just look at the daytime population and conclude that Lusaka is congested . And Lusaka can easily be redressed as suggested in the Japanese funded master plan. The problem is that we don’t implement plans but run to new ones.
      By the way, the Ministry in charge of spatial planning is Local Government. It appears that this ministry has been ignored, looking at the statement by Mr Mulusa

    • Positive contribution Mumba. Lusaka has potential to hold any form of development. The problem is MANAGEMENT. The City is just unkept and dirty! I always wonder whether we have a Council in Lusaka. If I was in the Council and pass through the City Centre, honestly I would not sleep the night. I have never seen such “I dont care attitude” by any City Council. Go to Livingston, Ndola, Kitwe, Chipata, Chinsali, Nakonde, you can the City fathers being concerned about the status of their cities. In Lusaka, I have never head of any serious activity being done to clean up this place. It is a complete shambles. Your own Cairo Road without road markings honestly. Oh my word, lets be serious for once please. We do not need a new city, we need serious management team with a heart for this city

  2. This is day dreaming. Lusaka was well planned and can be decongested by getting urban planners.Remove certain buildings, activate commuter rsilwsu using rail cars to reduce fuel currently being spent on locomotives.This is much cheaper than saying something beyond us.Tanzania declared Dodoma Capital 30 years ago, they are still struggling to move all offices there

    • A capital does not have to be at the centre of a country. London, Cape Town, Washington, Cairo, Beijing etc are not at geographical centres of their countries. We should learn to have a sense of history and tradition about our country, not how to get more backhanders from new construction projects.

  3. It is actually the best way to build more cities. When the new capital is finished, shift the capital and we keep the momentum until we have more good and clean cities. Suffice to say the dirtiness of Lusaka has nothing to do with planning but individuals who are dirty

  4. I like the idea, Lusaka is so dirty, nasty and not well planned to say the truth. Zambia needs a new well planned capital city. Lusaka is outdated if you compare it to other cities in Developing countries within Africa.


    • @PETER, Leka Ubushilu. What benefits would you have in building a new capital city?? How dull are you to think so shallow? Does Zambia even have the money to Build that?? Stop Misleading people. Anyways you are late coz 2021 is around the corner and we will not give PF a chance. Enough madness combined with dullness.

  6. Lack of vision is one thing but this! The best thing for Mulusa is to to take a drive from Kitwe to Solwezi then perhaps he will present something sensible to his cabinet mates.

  7. This is a brilliant idea and a welcome move. Kabwe is more central for a new city to decongest Lusaka. It may receive much resistance from some people because CHANGE is always difficult to come and more often, it comes with mixed feelings to some. This may even create employment for many.

  8. Great idea. Lusaka was not planned well in the beginning because Harare was the capital of the Rhodesia then. I support this suggestion.

  9. will never happen he must think of a better idea he is a minister and we got no time for silly suggestion. ngabwe hahahah not in a million years. i think as Zambians we waste our time on unnecessary stuff like the guys agreeing on this shows every immature suggestion is agreed upon in Zambia . just like the fight for Barotseland hahahaha

  10. Mulusa and pf this is how they steal money using over inflated infrastructure development the change is shared between the thugs in pf jut look at RDA a road which should cost $200,000 costs $1m the change is pocketed by them all without exception.After stealing from inflated roads now they see an opportunity to steal using this new capital project because the world Bank has told them no more roads


      Are they going to move that to Ngabwe?

      Lungu is truly drunk on Jamesoni! Too much nkongole has muddled his brains completely!

    • Dora – Thank you, I was going to ask the same Question. Anyway, why was it difficult to redesign Solwezi – the new Copperbelt?

  11. Not a good idea ,for God’s sake we still have kids with no proper classroom,hospitals without medicine and you tell me our priority should be a fancy new capital?


  13. Very very bad idea.Lusaka is ruined by MCS and his diretcive to allow hawkers and kantembas,corrupt city officials and irresponsible residents.Simply no discipline all around.

    And the new capital will also soon be another eyesore bcuz we’ll just be shifting the same monkeys with no maintenance culture to the new forest.

  14. Are these guys working or dreaming? Anyway every body is free to dream. Go to Ngabwe alone Mulusa, I am remaining in Lusaka

  15. It will be cheaper to remake and transform Lusaka from inside out, much more costly to build a new city from scratch. All over the world, old cities, old airports are being remodeled – modernized.

    • Yes yes Meimatungu ,fix ,clean ,refurbish and maintain well the old house you have before asking for a fancy new house.

  16. President Edgar Lungu must not listen to this crazy Minister Mulusa.indeed if he has nothing to offer as National planning minister,let him resign.Zambia has got no money to start building a new capital city.up to now Choma is a bush despite late Sata making HQ of “cuundu chaitwa” province in 2011.
    Lusaka can be cleaned and roads expanded.there is absolutely no need to move the capital city to Ngabwe.if PF Govnt has got such money to waste then use that money to build new hospitals,clinics,schools,roads,restart Govnt businesses such as UBZ,Mansa Batteries,Mulungushi Textiles,Mwaiseni Stores,Lenco,etc things which will create millions of jobs for unemployeed Zambian youths like KK did!!AM PF BUT SOME OF THESE PF MINISTERS ARE USELESS!!!

    • @Njimbu,
      I like your acknowledgement “SOME OF THESE PF MINISTERS ARE USELESS!!!”. The fact is that there is no useful PF minister. Sometimes I wonder what they do during those cabinet meetings, one would think, they could align their strategies so that they plan and speak out as one government. How many times have had conflicting statements from the ministers, they work in silos and not as a team. The same goes with ECL giving directives when each time he is on tour things which could be discussed in cabinet meetings.
      There is the only proclamation how this government will create 1mil jobs, at the moment no one knows how they want to achieve that

  17. Very good idea. But let us first of all start by removing PF from power. The main reason is that with high corruption levels in Lungu’s government such plans wont get any ware. Secondly Lungu lacks seriousness and direction. He already told us that he has no vision for the country.

  18. You mean you have not stolen enough? You promised us roads. Where are they? You promised us new, modern airports. Where are they? You promised us stadiums. Where are they? You promised us new universities. Where are they? And now, with no money, you are talking of building a brand new city. You must be crazy.

  19. Just because the Euro-bond money has all dried-up with nothing tangible left behind for us to see, as to what it was used for, you are now talking of embarking on something far much, more dramatic – build a brand new capital city!

  20. Hon Mulusa, with due respect, you mentioned the Lusaka international airport which is being built. So are you suggesting that the $300m+ project will be a white elephant? Or maybe you will receive international visitors at the new ultra modern airport in the former capital city and tram them 150km away to Ngabwe? So they will listen to that “brilliant” time waster idea in cabinet?

  21. As Mulusa knows, All these things have experts. Mulusa should tell us experts’ position on what he is proposing! We are tired of the Mumbi Phiri type of hallucinations!

  22. Sorry for not commenting. Ninakolewa bad milo. Hangover from hell

  23. Mulusa has emotional attachments to Ngabwe. This is the guy who cried the first time he went there when he was advisor for Projects to ECL ….. He can say anything about Ngabwe.

  24. Ba Mulusa naimwe, coming up with proposals of such magnitude don’t lie with on player but deep and well thought out stakeholders consultation. Why Ngamvwe and not some place in Luapula for instance where ther is lots of water and great potential fot tourism at the same time?
    The factors to be considered are numerous and just dreaming of one place cant work.

  25. He wants to spend a billion dollars to build a new city when the city can be de-congested and modernised with less the amount without corruption.

  26. Only in Zambia that such solution a born, ati Lusaka is dirty, we need to go start dirtying a new city – is this a solution? dirty plans from poverty stricken mindset,

  27. This is a bad idea and shows that people have been defeated in the area of innovation. If you can’t see opportunities in the filth and heaps of garbage in Lusaka then we have a problem. Lusaka is a great city that can easily be modernized to compete with any organized city around the world.
    The problem we have is… people are scared of making touch decisions like removing street vendors as well as cadres from bus stations. Leadership comes with a high price tag.
    Here is my suggestions… Bwana Minister, i suggest you call for a meeting to get views from the general public on how we can remodel Lusaka into a world-class city. I do have a lot of great concepts and am not the only one. This Ngabwe talk is not inspiring and i feel ashamed that its actually coming from a ministry that’s…

    • Get the city centre mentality out of us. Create plenty cbds on the outskirts. Circle the city with a highway. Create cycle and pedestrian pathways. Improve lighting and roadsigns. Have a City parks division. Ba Mulusa don’t run away from the problem. Solve it. You will find it in Ngabwe

  28. This is a political statement and the man is right. Don’t try to understand this statement outside politics.

    It’s not a moral statement or a judicial statement. It’s a “political statement”. Be wise enough to differentiate these things guys.

  29. Stupidity seems to be in abundance in the PF. Has this fool seen the locations of London, Moscow, Beijing, Washington DC, Cairo, Berlin or Pretoria/Cape Town within their countries? Modern principles of sustainable development are driven and sustained by the economic well being of a country. Your wealth is in your mines on which your economy is dependent but if despite the millions they are extracting from your bowels you still have to subsidise their electricity leaving your poor even poorer, this will only give rise to a significant informal sector as people strive to make ends meet. A visible consequence of this is a proliferation of informal squarter settlements, bad roads, traffic congestion and cheap salaula Japanese cars fload your country. This congestion will follow you to this…

  30. Hon Mulusa, that is a non starter honourable. Lusaka is good enough just a good clean up and repairs is all you need. And we have spent so much money on infrastructure already, L400, airport, bombay drainage, water project, hospitals, shopping malls etc etc.
    Oh and state house is in Lusaka.

    Oh sorry, even HHs house and party headquarters are in Lusaka and you want him to move to Ngabwe imwe ba Mulusa? He will petition you with 43 lawyers, can we afford it?

  31. If this is the thinking that goes on there, then as UPP leader has suggested, we need to call for urgent new elections. They have simply run out of ideas. #AbashPF!

  32. Why DEC doesn’t pay a visit to such people baffles me. Clearly the man was intoxicated with some illegal and illicit substance whilst coming up with such ideas in the current economic environment.

  33. As you speak to your stakeholders have you considered who your move? Second what are your plans to decongest lusaka. Lusaka was well planned but it was not designed to host 8 shanty compounds, school grounds turned into housing complex,residential areas turned into office accomodation, malls built on reserve land etc etc

  34. So where are you going to house the thousands of civil servants for a start? Meantime Lusambo is talking about building Lungu another state house in Ndola. These PF fellows are truly visionless. The economy has colupsed, people are dying like flies in hospitals and this is all they can say. What lethal stuff do they drink or smoke?

    • I totally concur with you. Let’s first address the high death rate by pumping funds in the more needy areas. This abnormally high death rate we are experiencing is due to poverty. People are dying from very preventable causes

  35. It is a non starter. His Ministry is not even the one with the mandate to plan new towns.Hon.Minister concentrate on social and economic planning, leave physical planning to the Ministry of Local Government.Does he even know the financial implications of starting up a new capital city?So many towns in this country are begging for development and they want to start building a new capital city??

  36. Its not about the building of a new city, its about FUNDING for a FEASIBILITY study..pipo are paid for the study but study deems not suitable so project doesn’t go ahead, but the feasibility study money has been chewed.

  37. There is no need to run away from Lusaka. Lusaka is fairly central. Lusaka is a great African city. The new international airport and other latest developments must not be undermined. It is better to engage broad consultations with key players. These include business community, international organizations, embassies, civil servants, political parties, civil society organizations, etc. It is not cost effective to relocate instead making major renovations. Most importantly, this project is not a major priority compared to projects, such as Lobito Link Railway.

  38. Instead of constructing a new city at enormous expense, there should be a deliberate policy of de-concentrating activities – political, economic and social – away from Lusaka. There is a tendency for successive Zambian governments from UNIP to PF to locate almost everything in Lusaka and leaving out other towns and cities. The result is a large volume of migration of people from other parts of the country, leading a population explosion in Lusaka. If multifacility economic processing zones, infrastructure is upgraded, social facilities are improved in other cities and in all provinces, people will stop rushing to Lusaka but move to other areas that promise economic opportunities. In fact, people will even move out of Lusaka, in search for greener pastures in other parts of the country,…

  39. In fact, people will even move out of Lusaka, in search for greener pastures in other parts of the country, resulting in the decongestion of Lusaka. This should be accompanied by a deliberate policy to expand boundaries of Lusaka by annexation of portions of land in neighbouring towns like Chilanga, Chongwe, and Chibombo. There should also be emphasis on the creation in new suburbs and townships in the annexed areas and vertical (skyscraper) as opposed to horizontal construction of buildings which takes up too much land.

  40. At least I agree with sata when he said that his ministers were u-se-less; Mulusa has joined the us-e-less club of minister; just because tanzanina moved capital city and Mugabe wants to do the same does not mean we do the same; they have failed to plan; the white man planned Lusaka well but we messed it up; we can replan it and still have enough space for everyone;we have proposed before that we transform shanties; other nations are doing it;dull PF ministers; Build Ngabwe in 25 to 30 years not as capital city.

  41. My first thought is to go and buy ma plot in Ngabwe but on second thought, why bother? I don’t need to move to do business. There’s absolutely no need to move the capital city – it means we need to build another airport, presidential residence, central bank … chaps talk out of their necks and think it makes sense. Lusaka is fine, it’s the poor management of the facilities, drainage, housing and traffic that’s making it unbearable.

  42. Some times one is given to wonder why god has endowed our leaders with such a collossal wealth of stupidity, or maybe they are smoking or sniffing something toxic to be so gutlessly devoid of logical thinking.

  43. I agree with Mulusa, the people opposing the idea have no vision. In 1970 then Minister of Works and Supply late Valentine Musakanya, Minister of Finance late John Mwanakatwe and Alex Bwalya Chikwanda came up with a proposal to construct a dual- carriage way from Solwezi to Livingstone and from Mpulungu to Kapiri. A lot of citizens then were not of the idea but today after 47 years down the line we need the dual-carriage way. Look at Tanzania and other countries, Dodoma was built as the Capital city.

  44. For once we are all united as Zambians in codemning this PF failed plan; how I wish we all united to condemn Lungu’s dictatorship

  45. By coincidence several cabinet members and PF party officials have acquired large chunks of land in Ngabwe expecting to sell them to government at , yes, astronomical prices. Does anybody remember what happened to the ring road project? Government and councillors allocated to themselves the land along the then proposed ring road. They have all been compensated and are laughing all the way to the bank! It is also called insider-trading, the worst form of corruption. Abuja suffered the same fate. It did not happen with Dodoma because under Mwalimu, corruption was severely punished and not rewarded, as in Zambia today!

  46. We need more of such forward thinking people. I’m for the idea to relocate our capital whether Ngabwe of some other place! Huge benefits for all!

  47. Ngabwe? Please be serious Sir. This has to do with the Tonga connections to Lusaka right?! Lusaka is congested because of bad city planning or rather the lack of it over Decades. Problem is everything dovetails into Cha Cha and Cairo Roads. Remove the Bus a Terminals and have more Local Bus terminals area by area. STOP Lorries, Trucks driving anyway near the town centre.

    LUSAKA FOR HISTORY CONNECTION; T-Shirts on sale now!

  48. Mulusa and Chitotela these two are doing the same job (projects) but working in separate ministries at the expense of the tax payer.

  49. If you cannot build drainages in Lusaka, and you have to depend on Chinese, can u really build a new capital?

    Oh my foot….

  50. He has failed to identify the failures of Lusaka. It like other towns in Zambia has weak municipal authorities. The city was not poorly planned. Successive governments have failed to properly manage it effectively. Creating a new capital would simply result in the same problems being transposed to a new location. Fix the actual problem, poor governance. Given the fiscal situation we ought to be reducing costs not creating new and wasteful expenditure.

  51. Lusakas population is growing at an astronomical ..i agree totally with Facts..Everything ..Lusaka..Govt Job Recruiments,Zambias Top University..Retirements..Judiciary…Legislature ..Executive…Cmon Lusaka is not Zambia!! We either should relocate the Capital or Move some arms of govt to other locations..why should everything be done in lsk? Lets be open minded when debating …everyone has a ryt to thought

  52. This Mulusa fellow is really shallow minded and unable to comprehend the huge problems the new capital would face. Firstly, environmental: Ngabwe lies to the west of Kabwe mine. This means that all the mining dust which was loaded with lead particles settled there as it Ngabwe is DOWN WIND from the mine. This situation makes it a harzardous area to settle population because of lead poisoning and cancers that come with it.
    Secondly, the huge cost of building a new capital is not feasible financially. The country is financially on its deathbed especially now that Lungu has sold off our shareholding in ZCCM-IH to dodgy buyers at the time when mineral prices are expected to shoot up! Thirdly, Zambia does not have enough construction skilled personnel to internalize the actual construction…

  53. What is congestion , poor planning, a lot of uncontrolled street trading , poor garbage collection etc. The population of Lusaka is around 2.3 million people , compare that to Kinshasa in DRC with a population of 10 million people.

    Its good to dream , but a lot of questions come to mind;
    1.0 What is the – even preliminary cost of building a new city
    2.0 Where is the money going to come from – when we can not service the outstanding bonds from the fiscus.

    3.0 You want to spend money on feasibility study , when its apparent that whatever recommendations come out of that will never come to fruition.

    Stop Dreaming , wake up and smell the sewer!!

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