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PF has failed to mend collapsing economy should call for early elections-Chishimba

Headlines PF has failed to mend collapsing economy should call for early...

United Progressive People (UPP), leader Saviour Chishimba has called for early election because the Patriotic Front (PF) government has run out of ideas to fix the economic affairs of the nation.

Mr Chishimba said the rising cost of food and hardships among Zambians in face of the declining purchasing power of the Kwacha are public emergencies that must compel the PF regime to be patriotic enough to step down to pave way for early elections.

“Patriotism, which President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been pontificating about, demands that when a nation is faced with new challenges to which the governing regime has no solutions, early elections must be called so that a new leadership with the right set of skills is given the chance to steer the statecraft in the right direction,” Mr Chishimba said.

Mr Chishomba claimed that the PF regime, which has changed into a bunch of mafia-style corrupt elements, must learn from Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, who has called for early elections in face of BREXIT.

He said the economy of Zambia is evidently headed for a meltdown and the PF regime does not have a practical and pro-poor economic recovery plan.

“Our nation is totally bankrupt and this is purely because of the serious economic crimes of plunder that the PF Government has committed in partnership with bogus and highly corrupt Chinese contractors who have become paymasters of corruption,” Mr Chishimba noted.

He said the UPP is stunned that at a time the economy is in recession and the people have no money in their pockets, the PF regime has set in motion the 75% upward adjustment of electricity tariffs.

The UPP leader said he is aware that the Pump Price of fuel will also be increased soon.
Mr Chishimba said he has been vindicated because he told the Zambians in 2016 about the intentions of the PF to increase the cost of fuel and electricity.

He said their ultimate goal is to increase it by 300%.

He noted that the next step by the PF Government is to sell ZESCO to their partners in corruption who they want to make money within the shortest possible period of time.

The UPP leader pointed out that the increment is not meant to attract investment, but rather to facilitate more corruption in the energy sector.

“Several State Owned Enterprises like ZSIC, Indeni, TAZAMA, ZNBS and ZECO, among others, are still up for corrupt sales,” he said

He has since called on Zambians to  join hands with  his party  to raise awareness on the corruption of the PF Regime and intensity to bring the alleged stolen money as over US$ 5 billion has been plundered and externalised with the help of corrupt Chinese contractors.

“It is against this background that we urge the PF Regime to call for early elections so that a new crop of leaders can be given an opportunity for progressive change,” he noted.

Mr Chishimba said the call for the resignation of the PF Government is further predicated on the failure to deliver on the electoral promises of lowering taxes, creating more jobs and putting more money in the pockets of Zambians.

He said it is  now  seven years since the PF took over Government, but they are doing the opposite of what they promised to do  as everything is now in reverse.

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    • Who told you that subjecting citizens to perennial elections is the magic wonder of economic challenges? So tripartite elections must become an annual event conducted any time a dreamer awakes with delusions? Lets debate intelligent solutions helpful to our country instead of venting unrealistic emotional words. If anything, we have no viable opposition with a national character and potency to take on PF right now until Zambians re-mobilize themselves for a new order free from insolence, bitterness, complicity to foreign interests and sectarianism.

    • Things are bad in Zambia. Guys if you haven’t been of late, just keep quiet. The economy is on it’s knees.

    • Mr Wisdom, just do some simple arithmetic.

      PF has cost Zambia TEN BILLION DOLLARS!

      AN ELECTON will cost only ten million dollars.

      And that will save Zambia the 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS Mutati and Lungu want to borrow from the IMF so that they can steal it!

      Now “wise” one, you tell us which is cheaper????


  2. Ba Chishimba, muleikala fye please we are fed up! There’s no opposition in Zambia and dont one in next 15 years so PF must take advantage and prove all critics wrong by supassing Rwanda’s development being the formidable economical power of Africa.
    We have God on our side, fertile soils, good rains, plenty water bodies favourable climate and intelligent citizenry. What remains is for each one of us to know and realise why we should be better than guy next door.
    Take a closer look around and you will find out more about this great country. Lets all support President Lungu in his developmental strive and make Zambia a country of choice to live in.

  3. A failed economy is not a problem for PF, just over tax and over charge the fo.ols that were dancing and sontaring….problem solved.

  4. President Lungu need a major reshuffle of his Cabinet. The first person to go must be Mutati. He’s falling. He needs to move around most Ministers who are complacent. Mines, En

  5. Continued…

    Mines, Energy need new blood. I’m not sure what the new Constitution say regarding Vice President, wether she can be replaced or not, but I’d suggest Mumbi Phiri replace Ms. Wins as VP

  6. Powerful observation brother Chishimba.It’s a government of Macias and co?rupt men and women. L ungu’s regime has brought untold suffering on the Zambian citizens.

  7. My assessment on why poor performance of the economy is partly in a leadership that is unwilling to share an olive branch with critiques whom they are quick to categorize as enemies fighting a perceived fictitious war aimed at trashing development policies and delegitimization of government! Humility grows wisdom when paired fittingly hand in glove coupled with being magnanimous. It attracts esteem and willingness for sharing of ideas among opponents that lead to amicable understanding where they choose to agree or differ on policy but better still crafting of solutions. Zambia a christian nation has political players who at a distance may know a thing or two about King Solomon from the Bible and yet not understand why the king is said to have had great wisdom! The clergy can propound…

  8. contd…. deeper on this to those desiring deeper understanding!

    Humility is deeper than photo rehearsed actions as it rests in the soul of the being! Were Lungu that humble, the love of country would weigh more on him than the obsession of battling to win legitimization by every Zambian! Learn to live with the fact that a coin has two sides and move on pledging loyalty to Zambia!

  9. Saviour Chishimba please find what to do than dreaming about elections every year.next elections will be in 2021.
    Why cant you offer solutions if PF have failed than cry for new jobs through elections?
    We all know that our opposition parties are very weak and merely empty tins with nothing to offer!!many Zambians miss Sata in opposition because he made MMD work to improve our economy than these current ones who only dream about them being in state house.


      His work seems to be borrowing, putting up toll booths and rasing prices!!! If he is not doing any of those he is harrassing the opposition and independent media.

    • @Njimbu
      What do you know about the USA? Do not say things you have no idea about. Just concentrate on kissing people’s asses. Give who space to work? Which work is he doing?

  10. Brother Chishimba’s observations are accurate. The PF tax regime has brought untold misery to the owners of the country,the Zambian citizens. These selfish and co?rupt of men and women don’t deserve to remain in office any longer.

    • “And an economist has said that the 4 %t GDP growth rate recorded in the first half of 2016 by Zambia is an indication that the economy is growing. Shabdin Mweemba said that the growth, which is higher than the projected growth of around 3 percent, gives the country hope that 2017 will be a good year. Mr. Mweemba told ZNBC News in an interview that there is need to put more efforts in various sectors of the economy to register further economic expansion”.

      This was an ACCURATE & RESEARCHED OBSERVATION by a learned and well informed zambian citizen. Not the one you are praising. Mr Chishimba is one of the dreamers who wakes up with delusions.

      Heed the SENIOR CITIZEN’s counsel “Lets debate intelligent solutions helpful to our country instead of venting unrealistic emotional words…


    His work seems to be borrowing, putting up toll booths and rasing prices!!!

  12. how is this so , we are the only economy in Africa keeping the dollar firm and he says no improvement. Zambia is full of Jealousy thats why we will never succeed or grow . we see our brothers or sisters doing well and lame excuses or accusations come out guys and girls tuletasha. its like UPND saying the mealie meal is high etc why doesn’t HH drop is cost on what his maize product that he harvests on his so called farms. i think the government needs an overhaul and adding serious people to they game not these jokers cause always unncessary suggestions brought up.

  13. Mr Chishomba, obviously not a spelling error. Judging from his donkish statement I think that is his correct name.

  14. Haa! this is serious. I fear Dr. Chishimba may have resorted to smoking “NYAUPE”. He needs urgent psychiatric treatment to rehabilitate him into normality. Ba Chishimba needs more prayers than HH.

  15. I strongly protest against any suggestions to the effect that z economy is on its knees. That is wrong thinkng, observation or conclusion. The economy is flat on its stomach, with no hope of ever rising to its knees! Not under the watch of z current regime.

  16. The economy is not doing fine but elections tomorrow will not solve anything. Its time for those in power to work towards uplifting the plight of our people. Dare I say it, things were much better under RB. But we wont go backwards. Do your work PF. A hungry Zambian will not treat u kindly. History has clearly shown that. I thank you

    • The economy is not doing fine and is improving. Quote the SENIOR CITIZEN “This Mr Chishimba is venting unrealistic emotional words. If anything, we have no viable opposition with a national character and potency to take on PF right now until Zambians re-mobilize themselves for a new order free from insolence, bitterness, complicity to foreign interests and sectarianism.”

  17. Were I come from things are bad , I have four Unza graduates my Young brothers a sister 3years now no job . am running a business but people are not buying as they used too … The purchasing power in no longer in peoples hands, people are not spending as they used too …. Doing my local movements its cheaper to get on a bus than driving my own car . etc those that are still living comfortably pray hard that you don’t get into our shoes, life is funny today you’re comfortable tomorrow you have nothing , don’t think of your bellies only think of those that don’t have anything to spend … Imagine it was you ..!!!! for us we are asking God for a solution as we are trying our level best to make it..!!!!!

    • I have joined you in prayers. Your situation is extremely similar to mine. I’m struggling to pay for my son’s Unza tuition fees from my small business. But I’ve more faith in our economy now than the way it was at the beginning of last year.

  18. Early elections will multiply the number of petitions and eventually political chaos and fires everywhere as a bi product. How will that fix the economy? We expect you to itemise detailed economic recovery plan to zambians, and guess what … glory will be all yours. That is called constructive opposition bwana Chishimba.

  19. This is mediocre opposition again! It’s a five year term. If our economy has collapsed, then where will we get the money for spurious Elections called because some random opposition fake party leader fancies his chances.

    Another one for the treason noose. This is called to cause riots and uprisings against the legally elected gov’t. Shame.

    • Don’t forget that we were required to hike those rates up because IMF and their international buddies want it as condition for more help.

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