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Birmingham University Professor Cheeseman’s Ignorance of Democracy Shocking and Regrettable


PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,
PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,

By Mumbi Phiri

The Patriotic Front has a duty to call out lies and cheap propaganda manufactured against itself whether locally or abroad. We have our good name to protect.

In this regard, Patriotic Front takes great exception to the article written by someone who has identified himself as Nic Cheeseman, so called Professor of Democracy at Birmingham University and published by and some local newspaper in Zambia. In this misleading article, he writes about Zambia as having fallen from grace under President Edgar Lungu. We know for a fact that Cheeseman only knows Zambia from looking at the World Map. He knows too little about our country, our laws and governance systems. Cheeseman is nothing but an attention-seeking Professor who thinks he can lecture us about democracy. He is among those who seek to misinform the world that Zambia is a country on fire, when the opposite is true. Let Cheeseman visit Zambia and he will see that we are a nation at peace with itself and with her neighbouring countries.

Cheeseman’s article must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves especially that the author claims to be a professor in democracy but understands very little about what democracy is. We’ll seek to comment on several lies he has raised in his article.

Professor Cheeseman should revisit his academic definition of democracy as stated by former US President Abraham Lincoln who said a democracy is “a government of the people, for the people and by the people”. Cheeseman would also be wise to know that the voice of the people, is the voice of God.

The Government of President Lungu draws its mandate from the power of the ballot box. The people of Zambia spoke through the vote and their wishes must be respected by all, including Cheeseman and a Opposition leader appearing in Zambian Courts.

Cheeseman creates the impression that there was a letter authored by all Catholic Bishops which labelled Zambia as a dictatorship. We wish to clarify that there is a difference between an opinion expressed by an individual and a common position taken by the collective. Cheeseman would be wise to know what constitutes a Pastoral Letter by the Catholic Bishops for him to draw the sort of conclusions he has made in his article. For the record, there was no Pastoral letter by Catholic Bishops as Cheeseman attempts to show in his article. What was there was an opinion expressed by His Lordship the Archbishop and covered in the media. On the other hand, a pastoral letter carries signatures by all Catholic Bishops and is read to the congregants across the country. While a Pastoral letter is read is all parishes across the country, the other one is not. Suffice to say the Patriotic Front respects the freedom of expression and right to hold an opinion as the Archbishop did. We commend President Lungu over his decision to engage the Church directly and not through the media.

It is irresponsible for Cheeseman to compare ours with late President Frederick Chiluba’s third-term bid. The view that the current constitution allows President Lungu to seek re-election to office in 2021 subject to being re-adopted as the Party’s candidate when the Party holds its General Conference is not about amending the law to accommodate our view. Ours is informed by the current law and of course, we are mindful that this matter is before the Courts of law. As always, the Patriotic Front will respect the outcome of the Court system.

Patriotic Front’s intra-party democracy cannot be compared to any political party in Zambia. After President Michael Sata died, we went to the Convention and elected a leader. The same cannot be said about HH and UPND. The Party has never been to a convention since 2006 and HH rules by decree. While he is in prison, ADD President Charles Milupi is the one chairing UPND National Management Committee meetings simply because the National Chairperson is from another region. We are also informed that their Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has been absent trying to seek asylum within the Region. UPND is in a limbo because its undemocratic and one-man regional party.

We wish to state that President Lungu’s good governance record remains solid to this day. His administration has focused on improving the country’s governance and economic conditions. It was President Lungu’s administration that took the Referendum on the proposed Bill of Rights to the people and this was held alongside the August 11th, 2016 elections. The world would be interested to know that it was UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who campaigned countrywide against the improved Bill of Rights, denying Zambians far and better rights. It is President Lungu’s administration which allowed for the 50 per cent plus 1 clause in the Constitution, the running mate clause, and reduction of Presidential powers – something all previous Presidents of Zambia refused to do despite different generations of Zambians demanding for it.

President Lungu believes in an independent judiciary and this he has demonstrated from 2015 to date. Today, Zambia has a Constitutional Court, something that was unheard of in the history of our nation. While the Opposition petitioned the Constitutional Court, President Lungu remained calm for close to 60 days until the matter expired after 14 days as the Constitution provides, thanks to the UPND lawyers. President Lungu respects the Courts and will never interfere with their independence and operations even if that works against his administration’s interests.

We wish to correct the view that human rights of politicians in trouble with the law, together with their partners in crime are being violated.

Citizens who are also politicians and on trial have appeared in court within a week of being charged and they have since been properly taken to court for continued trial. The due process of the law is clearly being followed to the letter.

President Lungu believes that we can have differences as politicians without being personally disagreeable. He believes that politicians can celebrate diversity and use it in nation-building. President Lungu has always stated that by working together, we can make Zambia a better place for ALL if only we change the way we do politics. He believes in politics of hope, issues and collective responsibility. President Lungu believes that to face that great future promised in our national anthem – a land of work and joy in unity, all one strong and free – Zambia cannot continue to practice politics of personalities and individual character assassination, finger-pointing and of arrogance. President Lungu believes in politics of patriotism that no one should taint Zambia’s name to score politically. Zambia is our collective heritage whose good name must be preserved by all political players.

Professor Cheeseman ‘s day dream maintained that Zambia is falling from grace because of HH’s arrest is a lie and written to mislead the world. We speak with confidence that Patriotic Front has already made giant steps towards the course of democracy and Zambia remains a shining example of democracy not only on the African continent but world over.

One Zambia, One Nation. God Bless Zambia!

The Author is the Deputy Secretary General of Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party


  1. Mumbi you ugly teethy rat just like like your boss. How can the whole world be lying or wrong. Every ones sentiments regarding Zambia under your illegal party is the same. Take your big head out of lungus behind for once and smell reality.

    • @NEZ your ‘re a dump Hyena who thinks by closing his eyes and can hardly see the people approach his hideout gets satisfied that he has attained his safety. Only to realise that he is deceiving himself when it is too late to escape. Stick to reality and see issues as they are.

      @NEZ: everyone’s sentiments regarding Zambia is the same…wrong again DONKEY!!! It is only opposition party leaders like Maimane, Odinga, that Democratic Senator from USA and journos from FT and now this Cheesman character. Credible governments from AU, EU, the USA and others have remained quiet as they respect constitutionalism, Cheesman’s fatal mistake here is blindly endorsing the catholics; ZAMBIA HAS A HUGE IF NOT LARGER PROTESTANT POPULATION and he has completely ignored their views!!!! As Madam Mumbi has put it, upnd has never been to a convention since 2006 and that makes them VERY…

      And read this: “While he is in prison, ADD President Charles Milupi is the one chairing UPND National Management Committee meetings simply because the National Chairperson is from another region.”

    • (GBM) has been absent trying to seek asylum within the Region. from who is seeking asylum? is it from UPND or from your government? lies have short legs mama. the so called peace you are referring to is because we are scared to speak out directly to you. you have threatened us that ZICTA will fish us out and so on and so forth. you even have the audacity to arrest people and do investigations later. what do you call that?

    • A funtini trying to lecture to a professor…. the dogs have come to town

    • Cheeseman started studying Zambia way back before Mumbi Phiri even knew about orgasm and aborption. It is even a waste of time to tell Mumbi to check how many baooks and book chapters Cheeseman has written on Zambia. But these are PF cadres who will defend and responds to every different view. When you find yourself having to respond to everything, there is everything wrong!

    • “The Patriotic Front has a duty to call out lies and cheap propaganda….”

      We are waiting for the PF to do exactly that. Does this dull woman not listen to the news? Or listen to herself???? Does she need someone else to give her a list of the ” lies and cheap propaganda” that have come from the PF? This statement from her is EXACTLY another example of EXACTLY such lies and cheap propaganda!

      “Lungu draws its mandate from the power of the ballot box….” LIE!

      “After President Michael Sata died, we went to the Convention and elected a leader… ” WITH PANGAS? Another LIE!

      “Patriotic Front respects the freedom of expression and right to hold an opinion…” LIE

      “Patriotic Front will respect the outcome of the Court system…” LIE

      “The due process of the law is…

    • “The due process of the law is clearly being followed…” Has she not seen the bias and incompetence of the Police and DPP in these past few DAYS? A LIE!

      This “statement” has just proved how dull and dishonest this woman is! Continue your Lungu bootlicking. Your time will come!

    • And that neck got swollen lymph-nodes, find ARVs, they save lives.

    • Mrs Phiri, with all due respect, what are those heavily armed Police with vicious looking German Shepherds doing around Court yards, if Zambia is indeed “At Peace”? Maybe “Peace” has a different definition in Zed.

    • Thank you. Phiri is a prostitute, her makeup is spotty, she is one ugly woman. Go sleep with your young boys, Cheeseman is way above you in every way.

  2. Here goes another megalomaniac like the UPND leader himself. He even has the cheek to question, how can the whole world be lying. For this UPND zealot, what determines whether an opinion is right or wrong is the number of people that hold it. What a load of bull from a UPND cadre calling himself the 2016 best blogger! One just wonders if he ever saw the walls of a university lecture theater not to having the critical thinking skills to understand that it is not the number of people that hold a view that makes an opinion to be right. It is possible for the majority to hold a wrong view as is evidence by for instance the tremendous support slavery had in the West before it was abolished or the support the colonial subjugation of Africans had in the name of making their lives better.

    • Or like when Galileo Galilei told the world that the earth moves around the sun and not vice versa; and he was proved right and the world wrong after many years!

    • Zedoc one such examples is the way people wear the tennis cap facing backwards. Now everybody thinks it is the right way and yet not.

  3. In all oppressive governments including Hitler’s, Sadam Hussein’s,Kamuzu there were people who defended them.In the case of Iraq, he was nicknamed Comical Ali.Its my prayer that those defending Police killings and brutality won’t end up some day in the same prisons they are saying are good. No government is forever,not even Kamuzu’s.

    • Prof can do well not to give dignity to drop out dogs either by reading the *****ic sentiments or reply to stinking vomits of a bitch.

  4. Another Professor with No Substance what so ever, only knows Zambia by looking at the Grade 7 Atlas. Pwekekeke… Professor my foot, kwamene uko

    • Aba ba Professor chipuba sana. Probably he was told to write that nonsense by a friend of his who is sympathetic to a lost cause.

    • Google Nic Cheeseman and you will see the extent of his discourse on Zambia. He is more an expert on Zambia than your favoured political analyst Dr Ngoma

  5. Mumbi you are a silly woman. The only thing you know is talk, talk nonsense. You should grow up, the politics has gone to your head. You are the one tarnishing Zambia’s image.

    • The one tarnishing Zambia’s image is this stupid professor. That’s the one to vent your anger on. He is not even Zambian.

    • Pointless asking Mumbi Phiri or telling her to grow up. An 1d10t at 40 will always be an 1d10t at 60 or 100yrs old. So Mumbi is doomed with 1d10cy!

  6. @Vision
    You say the majority of people are not wrong on the injustice being meted out on HH. Have you carried out a sample to convince us about your claim? Secondly, how is it that the “majority” Zambians have not come out to protest this and it is only UPND cadres doing so? Besides, where was the UPND leadership when Zambians from other regions were having their houses burnt down, being beaten up and being ethnically cleansed from the Southern Province in the aftermath of the 2016 elections? Did they speak out? Does this not say something about why the majority of Zambians who are against the “injustice” against HH , as you claim, are not protesting?

    • They were even denying that the violence in Namwala happened without sending any investigators because what they wanted was for non-Tonga Zambians to attack Southerners to fuel an orgy of violence to usher in a government of National Unity as happened in Kenya in 2007.

  7. No convention since 2006 and has been standing since then and losing and WILL stand again in 2021…wamuyayaya zoona. a little dictator

  8. ‘We are also informed that their Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has been absent trying to seek asylum within the Region. UPND is in a limbo because its undemocratic and one-man regional party’. Can we get a response from GBM. If this not true then drag her to court for slander. Keeping silent gives the impression that it is true.

    • We are also informed that Charles Milupi, an opposition president from another political party, is chairing UPND management meetings. NEZ please respond. How can UPND allow another opposition president to Chair its Management meetings in the presence of its own Vice President and National Chairperson? Don’t give fake responses. Be to the point. I have been warning you guys that UPND is not democratic and it will be a disaster to allow them near the corridors of power. Someone in UPND will rule even in the grave! Personally I do not blame GBM for seeking asylum. UPND does not need him and the best option is asylum.

  9. One is a Professor with the following qualifications:
    D.Phil in Politics, University of Oxford, 2006
    M.Phil in Politics, University of Oxford, 2003
    B.A in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Double First), 2001
    The other one is a political cadre with the following qualifications:
    dancing in public

    The rest is for you readers to judge.

    • The professor is a Briton who has never been to Zambia and only studies our country according to the information given to him; The other is a daughter of the soil who spends her time speaking and interacting with marketeers selling tomato in Kalinga Linga, speaking to welders at Garden Market, speaking to graduates working in banks and other companies, interacting with business leaders from many corners of Zambia, speaking to local clergy and church members…the list is endless; IN SHORT SHE IS A ZAMBIAN WOMAN WHO IS PART OF OUR SOCIETY AND COMMUNITY AND BELONGS TO A POLITICAL ORGANISATION WHICH WAS ENDORSED BY ZAMBIANS IN MAJORITY TO TAKE THIS COUNTRY FORWARD-As a Zambian, I would rather listen to Mumbi Phiri who I know i can even follow to her house or office and she will accord her…

    • …time for my concerns rather than a foreign professor who cares less how my children will live tomorrow!!

    • Pleas email professor cheessman and ask for help in highlighting zambians plight under the budding dictator lungu to world academia.
      The more protest emails are sent the less likely lungu will get western funds to assault our democratic right.
      Rights like freedom of assembly and freedom of the opposition to meet and thank their suppoters.

      The kaponyas think lobby groups and protects don’t work.
      Good luck to them.

    • Hahahahahahahahahahaha yaba @The Amish boy…you just made me laugh…ati qualification..marriage, woman and dancing in public iyo wandi

  10. The problem we seem to have in Zambia currently is that power has fallen into the hands of semi-illiterates. Surely, how much does Mumbi Phiri know about democracy? Thats what it means when one isn’t educated enough……. they wont see what a professor is seeing. To pipo like Mumbi Phiri, the happenings in our country are perfectly favorable for the locals. Let me site one example for this foolish woman…… Electricity tariffs have been increased for all Zambians but the mines, who are well-off have been exempted…..meaning poor Zambians are subsidizing the mine operations. Our leaders dont feel the pinch of hiked electricity tariffs
    even fuel coz they get all these things free. To Mumbi, this is how it ought to be…….. shame on you but believe you me, one day, you will come…

  11. Best for people like Mumbi Phiri to try to avoid being confrontational but rather raise valid points to defend the govt’s stance. Being harsh serves no purpose and only makes things look worse than they are. Always keep a cool head even when someone offends and tells lies about you- that is the key to winning an argument.

  12. @2020vision you are right but the way this woman has been defending PF starting with the DA and EFF to the current one I believe she’s not doing her party any favours…

  13. More toilet paper material……meant to excite the kaponyas.

    In the mean time another protest email with more than 200 emails of zambians attached is being fired off to the IMF ethics board highlighting the fact any funds given to lungu will be used to brutalise the opposition.
    Spam generator modified to make recipient acknowledge emails by sheer volume of revived emails.

  14. When you respond to an Article respond to the issues raised and not the person who brings out the issues. What are the fundamentals of democracy and how is Zambia performing in terms of fundamentals.

  15. TIMELY ADVISE TO PROF Nic Cheeseman of t Birmingham University
    Many Zambians have obtained excellent qualifications various levels (up to PhD) in UK. I personally lived in south London near Brixton for 6 months when attached to some fine British Institutions and later spent 4 years reading for my postgraduate degrees.

    My observation is that primary education system in Zambia is much superior to that prevailing in England. Hence my preference for my children to get a good foundation of education in Zambia. Socially, UK, particularly southern England has the worst environment for the blacks. One has to be a Man or Woman and half mentally strong to live in southern England. The social climate in Zambia is far much better than Prof. Nic Cheeseman’s UK. I doubt if the Prof. is…

    • …No, spaka. Why go to UK to be a second class citizen when in my country I am king??? I am working and running a business in my country, I have great friends and a super family, fantastic work mates and business network partners-WHY GO BE A WHITE MAN’S SERVANT???? Speak for yourself, bwana, Mwansa Kabinga is SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The Bill of Rights which was rejected by UPND is now what they are crying for in the High Court where they claim to have lodged an imaginary ‘petition’ to give false hope to their followers. And yet ECL gave us the enhanced rights on silver platter in the sabotaged referendum . Under five politics indeed!!

  17. Honorable Archbishop noted with concern signs or symptoms of dictatorship; fore warned, is fore armed. Then the professor rightly took that concern up. Professors speak truthfully, whether the truth is accepted or rejected by readers. The truth is the accurate representation of reality. Even in closing The Post Newspaper, for instance there was a perception of elements of bitterness due to stinging criticism. Creating an equivalent but private pro-government newspaper (The Tribune?) would have been a more appropriate response. Taxation was perceived as a pretext. That is how modern media ethics works. It is better to allow professors to offer different views without fear or intimidation.

    • Archbishop is for the catholics not me and millions of Zambians who belong to pentecostal and protestant churches headed by the likes of Joe Imakando, Joshua Banda, and mother bodies like that of Pukuta Mwanza who roundly condemned the behavioir of hh. Why would we tell ourselves to listen to foreign professors instead of our own local leaders? Are we going to teach our children to be colonised and believe everything any white man says?? Then the post destroyed itself, after Sata’s death, Fred M’membe went totally political and threw away his journalistc ethics and attacked ECL at every junction, sadly this resulted in a significant reduction in his readership; he overlooked one fundamental issue-the same people who came out in masses and voted for PF are the same people who buy my…

    • …paper. So when he attacked the very guy Sata had put in charge, the same masses stopped buying his paper every morning!! With huge statutory obligations hanging over his head, the post newspaper stated to even fail to pay its workers. The end result: disaster!!!! The post started to publish even falsities like the infamous Turkish contractor letter that was exposed by the Daily Nation that wanted to discredit Amos Chanda, and people were disgusted by its unprofessional conduct and stopped buying the post!!

    • Bishops must be respected, regardless of their denominations. As Christians, it is better to stick to basic teachings. If you disagree with a Catholic clergyman, then that is your own opinion. The issue is: was the night arrest justifiable or not? Others are saying, yes. But others are saying, no. Was conditional possession of The Post a better outcome? Others are saying, yes. Others are saying, no. Media control and regulation is different from closing media houses albeit tempo-rary. It is better to strike a balance. Nothing compares with peace and tranquility.

    • You focus on the night arrest but never mention the unruly behavior hh exhibited in Mongu. Then the “conditional possession” of the post is a lie!! You fail to acknowledge that as far back as 2009, these tax problems of the post started. Even the ZRA commissioner of that time gave the post a waiver and he still didn’t pay his taxes. Fred then rush to court and prevented ZRA from taking any action through injunctions. When he finally lost the matter in the Supreme Court, he had accumulated a huge tax bill because he STOPPED PAYING TAX!!! Fred M’membe was no angel as he was a scheming scoundrel who involved himself in politics: POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME, WHEN YOU PLAY POLITICS, EXPECT MUD TO HIT YOU IN THE FACE!!!

  18. I doubt if Prof. Cheeseman is intellectually well versed on events prevailing in Africa. The British High Commission in Lusaka can help this Birmingham Professor on social and economic status in Zambia. May be the Professor can pick up a leaf from former President Gorge Bush who was prompted to visit Zambia twice within a short space of time.

    The knowledge base exhibited by Prof. Cheeseman, which seems to be at its lowest ebb, is embarrassing to the British people resident in Zambia. This academic should not be allowed to sow seeds of hatred between the British and Zambian people as many Zambians are great fans of English football.

    • “…..President Gorge Bush who was prompted to visit Zambia twice within a short space of time…”

      That was before the dicctator lungu. No?

  19. this woman is suffering from lack of sex. shes bitter from all the years in marriage in which her husband has failed to satisfy her. she once tried her luck with plot one but you know how that story ended.

  20. I learnt of how Chiluba sold Zambian mines at no value at all from an analyst first in UK then a preacher in USA whose video went viral and no Zambian had the gusts to write about the shame either fear of intimidation or treason charge from the way things are moving right now……. with the charge upon HH who will criticise Lungu worse who will research and investigate when we busy living in denial… One does not have to be there to know that there is a crisis in Zambia…that is how most research is done

    • When Chiluba was selling the mines, copper was selling at around $2,400/ ton and production cost by ZCCM was around $6,000/ton. When they placed the mines on care and maintenance, the government was spending over $1m a day to pump water out of the dormant mine. What did you expect Chiluba to do??? When Vedanta bought the Nchanga mine for example, they spent $3bn to make the mine profitable and copper had hit $8,000/ton at the time, where was Chiluba going to get $3bn to invest in the mine???? I would also be happy if you elaborate further on the crisis in Zambia because every morning I come to work and as I drive through Lusaka roads and meet my friends and colleagues everyone looks like they are going about their business as normal as possible?????

  21. Always on the defensive. If people are talking, know that something is amiss. You have to stop and check yourself

  22. The PF seem to think we are in the garden of eden with no problems but please show us what you have achieved apart from borrowing and police brutality.

  23. I would advise Zambians to ignore these type of so called academics. They have no respect for blacks as it is and was probably incited to write his article for a UPND friend and for a bit of attention.

    What the embassy in London can do us to establish whether the article was written with the authority of Birmingham university through a complaint to it. If so, we have recourse by blacklisting the university for funding from our banking system. Overseas Students from Zambia should not be allowed support funds. Let’s see if they can get an idea of the importance of not insulting countries that are paying into their university system.

  24. “The author is deputy Secretary General of the PF”. Oh my foot! Can Mumbi Phiri complete a paragraph. She can only talk rubbish and nyenga. This article is so screwed the author failed to declare him/herself public and had to hide behind a PF portfolio held by a leafraf.

  25. @Pilate, note that UK universities thrive from frees paid by foreign students from Africa and Asia. Africa, Latin America and Asia do liaise on several international issues. Prof. Cheeseman must learn to appreciate where the butter that nourishes UK’s Tertiary Institutional bread comes from. Let’s hope Birmingham University Council, Chancellor and Vice Chancellor will reprimand Cheeseman for his recklessness and irrational outbreaks.

  26. @Pilate, note that UK universities thrive from TUITION FEES & living expenses paid by foreign students from Africa, Latin America and Asia. Yhe fact that Africa, Latin America and Asia do liaise on several international issues canno be ignored. Prof. Cheeseman must learn to appreciate where the butter that nourishes UK’s Tertiary Institutional bread comes from. Let’s hope Birmingham University Council, the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor will reprimand Cheeseman for his recklessness and irrational outbreaks on international matters.

  27. Mumbi is an ignorant brat and a cheap jezebel. Democracy has ceased to be only through the ballot box. In Africa dictators come to power through the ballot box. they rig elections through their self appointed electoral commissions. dictators are ruling most African countries even if they were voted into power through the ballot.
    the problem is that after being voted into power, there are often no laws to protect the people, but protect those in power. Zambian democracy is only by word, but not by deed. there is no separation of powers between the legislature,judiciary and the executive. the president is KING of all arms of Government. the police don’t move without the president’s command. the anti corruption bows down to the president,so does every judge and person in zambia. Mumbi…

  28. Uyu namayo is not even ashamed of herself. Wait for the time, the clock continues to tick and soon it will be over you ruthless creature. And where did you even get the guts to lecture a professor imwe mwe ma fontini. Learn to be tolerant, that’s what wise leaders do. The clock is ticking madam Mumbi, whatever goes up must come down. We shall see!

  29. Why write an article and publish it in Mumbi Phiri’s name? Who does not know that MUmbi can’t write. Her only specialty is known by every one based on the natural posture of her mouth.

  30. Why write an article and publish it in Mumbi Phiri’s name? Who does not know that MUmbi can’t write. Her only specialty is known by every one based on the natural posture of her mouth.

  31. At the core of Undermining Democracy and National Core Values; Political Turmoil and Assassinations;Impunity;Reign of Terror and Fear;Brutality;Selective Justice and total disregard for the Rule of law and Due Process,is the Zambian intelligence also infamously known as the Office of the President (OP).
    Under the sway of OP, Zambia has become a land of Torture and Death.People have been and are being tortured and killed,by OP,on the watch of the incumbent president.People are living in fear and no one is safe in Zambia, including Presidents.Amid wounded Democracy in Zambia, there is a growing number of OP’s Victims and concerned people who, sooner than later,might collectively react to the atrocities and heinous crimes being committed, by OP, against innocent people, including…

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