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African leaders call for hieghtenned engagements with the UN

General News African leaders call for hieghtenned engagements with the UN

Heads of state at C10
Heads of state at C10

African leaders attending the African Union (AU) Committee of ten (C10 ) summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea have called for heightened engagements with the United Nations in order to have permanent representation in the security council.

The Heads of State have since directed Foreign Affairs Ministers from C10 member countries to draft a new framework that will provide new avenue for Africa to fast track her claim for permanent seats in the United Nations Security Council.

The new framework is expected to be presented at the July AU summit for consideration and implementation.

In a communique read by Minister of Foreign Affairs for Sierra Leone Samua Kamara, the African leaders bemoned that after 12 years of negotiations, the demands of the Ezulwini consensus have not been achieved.

The Ezulwini consensus is Africa’s common position for permanent representation in the U.N. Security Council with vetoing powers.

The C10 leaders said they were disappointed that there has been little dividends on the advocacy UN reforms.

The Heads of State urged African countries to remain United and speak one voice and language on the push and implementation of the Ezulwini consensus.

And President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone expressed optimism that the resolutions of the summit will give renewed hope to Africa’s push for UN reforms.

Dr Koroma assured that the upcoming AU summit in July later this year will decide and chart the way forward for Africa’s cause.

President Koroma stated that the new engagements will be a turning point in canvassing for support for Africa’s bid for a seat in the U.N. Security Council.



  2. This effort was started by Kwameh Nkuruma and Muammah Ghadafi. Both of them died for this cause. They should be honored for their efforts.

    Africa is supposed to have Two seats at the UN Security Council if we have to apply the guidelines needed for membership.

    Alternatively, AU leader’s can form there own United States of Africa-UN. That was Ghadafi ‘s idea.

  3. Look at what Lungu is doing in his country African Union is quiet just ignore the *****s the don’t deserve an extra seat those dictators

  4. THese foools have no shame or pride look at them…they just attend these meetings for unimportant issues ignoring everything in Somalia, Sudan, Libya etc

  5. Human rights,especially for gay and transgender people should be at the top of the list,unless you think the concentration camps like Chechnya are appropriate.
    Killing ten percent of your family and friends because of how they were born or whom they love is sick and reprehensible; unless you are a religious creep.

  6. Africa please. Always looking for special dispensation on international bodies. When will we get it.

    There is only one way to earn international respect and hence a seat on the Security Council is through gaining economic, and therefore, military might.

    With the poor Human Rights record and weak governance that African leader carry, real economic transformation will not happen.

  7. Ba Lusaka Times please check on your spellings “hieghtenned” instead of “Heightened”. Please Editor do your job.

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