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I have not taken over the leadership of UPND-Milupi

Headlines I have not taken over the leadership of UPND-Milupi

Charles Milupi during the UPND press briefing
Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) President Charles Milupi has dispelled and described as cheap propaganda the rumours circulating on social media platforms suggesting that he has taken over the leadership of the United Party for National Development (UPND) the incarceration of its leader Hakainde Hichilema for treason.

Milupi clarified that his party is in an alliance with UPND, MMD and People’s Party where he is a leader of that alliance and it was outrageous for some individuals to suggest that he has taken over the UPND leadership.

The ADD President has however noted that the story the story is coming from ill-wishers of the alliance who are celebrating the incarnation of the UPND President with the aim to divide the alliance partners which will not work.

Milupi explained that in an absence of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Hakainde Hichilema, the UPND is headed by its National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango according to the UPND party constitution.

“Those Rumours are just cheap propagandas from our opponents who only want to divide us as an alliance but I can assure you they will not succeed because we already know where such stories are coming from” Milupi said


  1. PF will not manage to silence all of unless they arrest all Zambians. They are shocked because they hoped the arrest of HH would end UPND…Zero,,

    • PF is dead and buried. There’s total hysteria in their defence of their dictatorship. Zambians and the whole world are not pfooled.

    • PF is dead and buried. There’s total hysteria in their defence of their dictatorship. Zambians and the whole world are not pfooIed.

    • @back teeth tonga

      Do you even understand who a dictator is. Do help you a dictator is a leader who impose himself on a group of tribal sycophants and declare himself as a president of that part. He is a leader who never entertains anything to do with party convention. He likes appointing his friends in high positions and doesn’t tolerate party office bearers to be elected..cont below …

    • PF are desperate, and that, rightfully so. They are a passing shadow. They are on their death bed, soon to disappear from the Zambian political scene.

    • PF please focus on Bushiri, leave Milupi alone.
      You have a virus attacking your ministers, UPND is intact.

    • This what happens when a Political Party dont have elections or a constitution to guide them…democracy should be exercised even with opposition parties.

    • Its about time we made an analysis on the impact rigging as a corrupt act in relation to development, justice and future confidence in the electoral process. Given the long term negative impact electoral fraud has had on development and division of communities.

      us, what but what we measure is the provision of public goods like electricity and law and order. Less corruption would imply less misuse of public funds.Can the electronic voting machines (EVMs) reducie incidents of rigging and electoral fraud?

      The impact of Electronic Voting Machines on electoral frauds, democracy, and development
      A report by Shamika Ravi does give an insight on how the Indian electronic voting machines (EVMs) were introduced with the objective of reducing incidents of rigging and electoral fraud…

    • He will if you agree that BA64 is dead and buried. Why hang onto WP but not allow Malozi to participate in national politics, apart from stooges and traitors like Inonge Wina?

    • I despise Mumbi Phiri.She is a w.h.o.l.e! Kukamwa kwati adya matubvi ya ba boy friend while leaking his a.s.s during sex…

    • What… Nothing to do with Barotseland. Luapula has more complaints than ever before. Why is ka gelo Vincent Mwale now a Minister of Foreign Affairs?


    • Kubweka, I can not faint. It will be within your right, the bottom line is that politicians are all the same. May be KK, FTJ, LPM, RBB, MCS, ECL, OR INDEED HH. Politicians are not worth demonstrating for, for their well being. Why? They forget us immediately we vote for them. All of them, bemba, lozi, Tonga, ngoni, luchazi, kaonde, namwanga, you name them the list may be endless, all are the same.

  2. Sejani already proclaimed in 2006.
    Milupi you’ve been caught pants down. Of all the capable leadership in UPND, the likes of Nevers Mumbwe, Nalumango, Lupando Mwape, GBV the run away coward, your UPND cult chose to have Milupi who runs another party as interim leader.
    Imagine UPND coming to power it would be total chaos. This (HH) treason is teaching us many lessons. Meanwhile Kaponya goes to Mukobeko next week. I’m looking forward to the beheading of this thug. Rest in Pieces

    • Your wet dreams will never happen. Lungu’s dictatorship has been exposed. The Catholic Bishops have spoken.

  3. They adhere to their constitution on an ad hoc basis that is why they have not had a party convention for MORE THAN A DECADE in direct contravention to the governing statutes of their party, which makes one wonder what laws they will conveniently abrogate when they are in power in 2070.

    • And what about your PF Constitution where votes at a Convention are by a show of hands and pangas only.

    • Well then why not show us how superior you are to us by actually having the kind of convention you would call legitimate, then you would be able to point a finger. As it is now the fact remains that UPND HAVE NOT HAD A PARTY CONVENTION IN OVER TEN YEARS DESPITE THEIR PARTY LEADER LEADING THEM TO A RECORD FIVE CONSECUTIVE ELECTORAL DEFEATS AND OVERSEEING A REDUCTION IN THE NUMBER OF MPS!


  4. MR KUDOS , its either you are hurting or being tribal. Any reasonable Judge would not toralete a Case with that was never investigated. They end up telling lies. SHAME ON JUDAS ISCARIOTS.

  5. Why do you refer to it as rumors on social media when you know it’s Mumbi Phiri who said it? Are you scared of the Iron Lady? Are you scared of her response?

    • @7 Lombe (MA)

      So Mumbi is “Ïron Lady”? Very interesting. I bet she has muscle. She must be a politician par excellence.

  6. Milupi naiwe. Check even where you seat is at the moment. In between UPND Vice President and lady Mrs. Mwanawasa. Thats alone speaks volume of your influence in UPND. GBM was the one who was supposed to be seated at the middle of that arrangement. We are not fools please. An Alliance Leader from a minority party my foot! You lie. UPND is the biggest opposition party at the moment and there is no way they can allow a person from a one man show party to be leader of the Alliance. Just accept that its because of your tribe that you are now seen as taking a lead. We are not fools! Take your cheap response somewhere else. GBM looks very sorrow as you rant about your lies. I pity GBM I used to like him with his swag with the wife. Now its sorry chabe

  7. Milupi sounds like he is the spokesperson of UPND when he says, ” in the absence of GBM and HH, the UPND is headed by the National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango”.

    • But what exactly has she been doing or saying? Maybe she is using this rare opportunity to organise a party convention?

    • @ 8.2 Mpendula Kayaula

      At least now the country is hearing Mutinta’s voice. We are now seeing her pictures in public. Mutinta is now speaking in public and walking the streets – a possible new politician born out of adversity, a possible new and formidable force for PF to contend against. Let PF congratulate themselves for waking-up a probable sleeping giant who may never have awoken out of slumber.

    • You are right Meiwauje – you are in fact admitting how useless HH is. That is why we have been asking for a convention, maybe if you had got rid of the unelectable deadwood that HH is, UPND may well have been serving its second or third term in power by now.

  8. This guy overrates himself. He is not presidential material, be in it UPND or the Republic. He is only fit to be president for ADD which he should have named SUBTRACT as he has added no value to the political arena. I think he is testing the waters to see if the general membership of the UPND will accept him as president as it is clear he has failed in his own so called party.

    • @ 9 Czar

      You are a smart politician, trying to turn the alliance of the opposition against itself, so they can self-destruct.

    • The opposition needs strong leadership and not clowns like Milupi. Is this the time to be dreaming of taking over leadership of your friend’s party whilst he is languishing in prison?

    • People like Milupi are detractors to real issues. If Milupi was serious, he should have disbanded his so called party and joined other more established parties.

    • Your description sounds like he fully belongs to UPND just like Mumbwe, GBV, Scotch Whiskey, Masebo and all the other useless opportunists who were once condemned by the Watchdog but suddenly become saints when they pay homage at the feet of the great HH.

  9. Honestly ba UPND, please grow up! Your party cant form government because you are in the minority. Even after we spared you by lending you kabondo (GBM), you failed to gunner the dreaded 50%+1.
    From now onwards, development will be focused in the Norther, Muching, Eastern, Copperbelt, Lusaka, Luapula & Central Provinces so that our base continue to expand and grow even stronger. We brought development in Southern, Western &N/Western but chose to ignore and instead insulted us, so why continue pleasing you, for what?

    • Our beloved PF abrogated justice. They stole the election in broad daylight. Today you can afford to sneer the UPND.

  10. Help me understand where GBV is. I am confused about his whereabouts. Has he run or it is a gimmick to ditch UPND. Ba baroste Bantu botatwe, tribalists, selfish Tonga’s.

  11. PF and UPND, the only time wasters the country has. Just out doing each other does not show your competency, for the ruling party, competency is moving people out of poverty.For the opposition it is a demonstration that you are a party in waiting. So the two useless parties, stop your mediocrity

    • Tell them! Maybe they will listen to you. Personally I think Zambia without these two political parties would be better off.

  12. This man is an electrical engineer instead of inventing machines he’s busy inventing stories.
    no wonder Zambia is backwards because of lazy engineers who only think politics

    • Ask them, where is Cornelius Mweetwa, Guy Scott, Bashi Nono, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata and all those ‘Sata Family Forest’ that have hijacked our UPND. Bwana HH I am sure you have learnt a bitter lesson for choosing a fellow tycoon at the expense of genuine and original UPND members like Canisius Banda. If you continue with GBM kaleza it will not be ‘Dununa Reverse’ but ‘Dununa Rewind’ !

  13. Its good to see that GBM has stopped being a ‘Running Mate’ and has showed up for the meeting. Now you Mr MILUPI, if you are not heading UPND, why are you speaking on their behalf with their ‘running mate’ seated listening to you ? You dont have followers kanshi ?

    • Are you changing the UPND Constitution just for ensuring that a Bantu-Botatwe takes over ? I thought your Plan B was GBM. Did you just realise at the last minute that he is Bemba !

  14. LT

    Why are you not reporting the story about
    Lungus statement at the funeral of Salome Kapwepwe last Saturday that the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto had died a long time ago and only remained on the lips of others,

  15. Would it be bad for UPND to have a different leader? Anyone but HH!? UPND should take this time to evaluate whether HH is truly an asset or liability. Recognition should be given to the fact that unlike founding fathers of political parties and movements like Mazoka and Sata, HH was not a founder of the party and does not have the ability to do so as he is not able to gunner the required start-up, grassroots support. So UPND should realise that he is replaceable and not the only fish in their pond. Some real introspection is required by the party leadership and make some tough decisions for the sake of the part and ultimately for the good of Zambia. Is strong opposition that makes for a viable alternative government is important for a democracy. I don’t think UPND under the leadership of…


  17. Then why is Mutale not speaking but its either you, Great bag of maize, or even pastor pole pole and not te recognized leader?

  18. Mr. Milupi, your use of opponent must be used with caution. When you are into an alliance does not mean you have become one party. The rest are still your opponents within your alliance. They can equally propagate to distance you from HH as they get closer. Do not just say opponents but mention who these are. Come 2021 you shall agree with me that the alliance has NO bond because had you one common agenda would have had one party. Some are using UPND as spring board to be noticed.

  19. KUBWEKA of course you will import from the 3 provinces using GBM’s trucks.

    Please note that PF will still win in 2021.

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