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Government install scanners to detect SARS, Zika and Ebola at entry points

Headlines Government install scanners to detect SARS, Zika and Ebola at entry points

Health Minister Dr Chilufya
Health Minister Dr Chilufya

GOVERNMENT has installed 14 thermography scanners at international airports and various border posts to scan and detect infectious diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Zika and Ebola.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya also said the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr Chilufya, who was speaking during the commissioning of the scanners at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport yesterday, said Government will continue investing significantly in public health.

“We wish to commend the Japanese government for donating the 14 thermography scanners to the Ministry of Health. The scanners will help Government detect infectious diseases like Zika, Ebola and SARS from travellers entering the country,” he said.

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    • Better late that never iwe Nostra!

      Well done, bar all the Congolese for now. We have the right.

    • Where do I start?
      Africans and Zambians in this case are by default to die young

      That is why whites age better than blacks

      These diseases are equalisers to make sure your life spans are reduced

      Let me rephrase this differently, THERE IS NOTHING wrong with Africans being infected with ebola, and these are diseases
      They are synonymous with less developed countries and quiet frankly dying young as a result of , is a blessing.

      What is the purpose an need for Zambians to live longer when they are of less usage in the world.

      This is a whiteman’s world. I am marrying one.

      I just completed my PhD



    • This culture of takers as opposed to givers is embarrassing. I am not proud of it. My mom taught me from childhood never to eat at our neighbors’ homes. This is still my philosophy and am teaching my children. Poverty of the mind is the worst kind!

    • The headline is misleading, scanners do not diagnose the said diaeases. They arr only able to screen for people with raise temperature for whatever reasons. Just screening to help with who should be investigated further. Misinforming in this nation is becoming chronic.

  1. I was just about to commend boma until I read “We wish to commend the Japanese government for donating the 14 thermography scanners to the Ministry of Health”…

    At 53 years old and we are still being kept by well wishers and donors… We really need to look at ourselves carefully bane.

    Anyway thanks coz I had even cancelled my self-sponsored diplomatic trips because of these outbreaks.

  2. I thought for once these LAZY empty tins have planned for something until i read its a donotion from Japanese taxpayers!!

    • What have you designed in your life iwe kolwe. Even the babies you have are not designed by you.

    • @ HH OVAL HEAD, tell this KOLWE known as Jay Gay who knows every thing including more of nothing.!! apparently he also cogitates that being an atheist is cool. He is a clear spacemen of a waste of space and time.

    • Now you have spewed your insults you feel relieved? One would be mistakened for thinking I was criticising your father or mother.

  3. Expect PF to say we have ordered medicines and ambulances to compliment those scanners. This is aprelude to scam.

    Like when they were lighTing fires across the country to justify paying 1 million dollars per fire truck. After The Order the fireS’ Stopped

  4. We the voters are also going to install scanners and decoders to detect PF bullsh*t ,lies ,abuse of office and misrule.

  5. Is this guy a doctor for real? Zika on thermal imaging camera? But there is unchecked cross borders movement along the border with Congo. Scanners are at the airport. Bonkers!

  6. Of course the Japanese no longer need them. Where are the beggars. Oh Zambians and the minister is the ready to commission them. Kikikikiki. 53 years of independence but still in diapers.

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