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Lusambo threatens to revoke Prophet Bushiri’s investment licence in an Emerald mine in Lufwanyama

Headlines Lusambo threatens to revoke Prophet Bushiri's investment licence in...

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo at the wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph during Youth Day celebrations
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo at the wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph during Youth Day celebrations

Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has threatened to revoke the mining licence allegedly given to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to operate a emerald mine in Lufwanyama District.

In a statement released to the media, the copperbelt Minister has given Prophet a 7-day ultimatum to tender an apology to Rev. Sumaili, the Zambian people in general and the people of Lufwanyama in particular.

The Daily National today reported that details had emerged that Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s planned trip to Zambia was meant to finalise modalities to facilitate for the opening of Shepherd Bushiri Mining Limited, an emerald company in Lufwanyama district in which he owns 60,000 shares.

According to documents from the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA), Bushiri and three others registered the company on September 15, 2016 after buying it from the previous owners, Malabo Emerald mine.

Prophet Bushiri owns a lion’s share while the other two Zambians Douglas Moyo and Caphus Lumanto own 13,330 shares each while another Zambian, Reuben Mpando, owns 13,340 to complete a 100,000 company shareholding.

Below is the full statement from the Minister


As Minister for Copperbelt, I have keenly followed the issue of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri with interest especially that Bushiri is operating an emerald mine in Lufwanyama District.

From the onset, I should state that the remarks attributed to Bushiri directed at National Affairs and Religious Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili and some senior clergymen in Zambia are unfortunate.

I find the attacks especially against Hon. Rev. Sumaili by Bushiri distasteful and lacking justification. I believe that Bushiri had no locus standi to attack Hon. Rev. Sumaili in the manner he did.

Bushiri should be made aware that the Reverend he has chosen to publicly rebuke is a high ranking government official in the administration of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and therefore deserves the highest form of respect.

As His Excellency Lungu correctly pointed out, Zambia just like any other country reserves the express right to admit or turn down any visitor as deemed it by the immigration authorities.

As distasteful the attacks from Bushiri are, they have exposed him to the world as an ignorant, self-serving and egoistic man who has no regard for other country’s laws and regulations.

The other important lesson I should draw Bushiri to is that in public administration or any other organised setting, there is what is called collective responsibility.

Thus, by admonishing Rev. Sumaili publicly, Bushiri has elected to attack the Republic of Zambia and all its people.

It therefore goes without saying that as an investor, Bushiri has breached the provisions of his investment code.

As Government, we will carry out a forensic audit on the operations of the emerald mine owned by Bushiri as part of measures to ensure that the interests of the Zambian people are safeguarded.

I am hereby issuing a seven-day ultimatum for Bushiri to tender an apology to Rev. Sumaili, the Zambian people in general and the people of Lufwanyama in particular.

Failure by Bushiri to apology will attract sanctions which I will recommend to the Ministry of Mines including the possible revocation of his mining licence.

As much as the Zambian Government is keen on promoting both local and foreign investment, the guiding principle still remains that the national interests should be the corner stone of any such engagements.


    • I support Lusambo on this one. Revoke his licence quickly. He is pretending to be a man of God when in fact he is a ‘Man of Gold.’ Let him go and invest in Malawi, his home country.

    • PF politicians have assumed too much power. The Idiiots don’t like it when they are being called out. And the attack on god-Frida is not an attack on the Zambian people, that religious ministry is just a source of confusion and a waste of money.

    • I don’t comment on erratic rave, but here on record I applaud this pronouncement from the youngman. That license should have been cancelled yesterday by the administration. Our dignity as Zambians is priceless. We cannot trade it for investment that has zero benefit to the common man. Let him go invest in Malawi if they adore insolency and impunity. Ati Prophet….my foot.

    • Another dull man, he thinks Zambia belongs to MMD/PF lead govt. Go ahead and revoke the license all we know you are fighting some pf minister with shares in that business. Shame on you all.

    • Doctor of Threats, warnings & death-wishes.

      Awarding doctorates to such Pf00ls is an insult to Zambian Academia. Next Mumbi Phiri & Kaizer Zulu will also be awarded.

    • You are wrong Lusambo, the emerald mine is owned jointly with Zambians including Chief Lumpuma and other stakeholders. Business and politics do not go together so please the two issues are totally different. Just grow up Lusambo and don’t behave as if you are the mines minister.

    • Unlike KCM polluting our environment which you Mr Minister must be more worried about, Shepherd Bushiri Mining haven’t broken any mining regulations yet that would warranty mining licence being revoked.

      I would urge you Lusambo to consult the legal team about the implications of your utterances. Did you know this threat is criminal? But alas, you like others are just PF cadres who do not think and analyse issues before thrashing INVESTORS.

    • Just sue these puffed up PF cadres! These are not honorable individuals! The court is the most effective way to deal with such characters!

    • You cannot have any Minister wake up to revoke an investment license how does this reflect on other potential investors? We should be seen as a country that has institutions and systems specialised to their tasks. I expect ZDA or ministry of mines that issue license… to issue such statements or Ministry of commerce ….we saw recently the Ministry of Agric ban importation of certain produce which actually went against min. Of commerce signed regional trade agreements this was eventually reversed since the former ministry overstepped its boundary. Lusambo needs to learn from this and stop acting out of emotions.


    • There you have it …this businessman talks about a govt minister in another capacity and this dumb Grade 12 CB minister threatens his business investments. So much for investor confidence!!

  1. No need for the ultimatum, just revoke the mining licence and let’s see what sorcery he will try to play. Don’t be scared, he is a false prophet.

  2. Can the minster tell the EU that we dont need the funding they give Zambia in the budget and in other sectors. In the same way they have told Bushiri..Its interesting the government failed to do the same to Shamenda when he said Dangote company offered him a bribe.. So this likely means Bushiri isn’t investing that much in the company just some million dollars perhaps why the minister has courage to say that.

  3. Prophets of guns and on the other hand a Bible,I guess he was coming to Zambia prophesying were to find the emerald……just revoke the license stop him from coming here to deceive our people.

  4. Let Prophet Bushilu go and invest in mining in Malawi. He thinks he can come and insult Zambians after being given the opportunity to invest in Zambia when we know that investment is ill-gotten wealth from unsuspecting members of his flock.

    • Well spoken, the worst part is that his flolk to not even know that this Malawian conman is investing their money for his personal selfish ends while extorting money from gullible people.

    • Just swallow your pride. Zambia needs any little investment it can afford to attract in order to help the majority Zambians to find some employment. You might not need his small investment because you are comfortable but the people in Lufwanyama need that small investment as it will make a difference in their lives. Lusambo is one of the most ignorant MMD hired FP cadar who cant articulate anything sensibly. Dont mix politics with business

  5. All Foreign Investors should take note of how the politics of hungry cadres like this ID.IOT called Lusambo have reduced Zambian democracy to zero to.
    Bowman Lusambo is a PF Cadre who speaks for the visionless drunkard PF President Edgar Lungu. What Lusambo says has blessings of Lungu – so you foreign investors should be warned and be ware of PF cadres and keep your money. Very soon cadres like Lusambo will start confiscating investments without compensation OR start imposing unwritten conditions of investments later. When we tell you of how PF and Lungu have destroyed our democracy, this is proof for you. An ID.IOT like Lusambo can start issuing threats to investors from nowhere….this is the lowest where the id.iot in state house has taken us to!!

  6. So Bushiri is business man! impiya shamutulo from poor people in the name of praying for them has bought the mine! God will condemn these fake men of God!!!

    • @9; Bushiri has not bought the emerald mine but in a joint venture with Zambians. Lusambo should get facts first before he starts ba rking. Knowledge is power.

      Ubukopo ba minister. Anyway, it’s rugs to riches on the part of Lusambo.

      It’s like some GRZ officials have just learn about this investment and have realised that they have none of their dirty fingers in this investment Zambia needs more African investments as opposed to being IMF/World Bank beggars.

    • This is how the operate in Zambia the greedy corrupt ministers deport you then find ways to take over your businesses after all the work and money you put in!!

  7. Ministry of Religion has brought problems. Religious hatred runs deep!
    Whether Busiri is fake or not is not for government to determine. He is answerable to his God. We should be careful as a country not to overstep our sovereignty to think we can also police spiritual matters. That is why there is need for separation of religion and state. I fear the day our government will rattle the community of extremists. This is how extremism develops. With the high levels of unemployment and frustration among youths, that creates a fertile ground for civil strife. PF must tone down. Anyway, the consolation is that the PF government is not forever!

  8. Without siding with anyone and looking at the issue from an alien point of view, it makes sense for someone who has invested in our country to seek better means of complaining against senior government officials. I particularly found it distateful that Bushili was complaining against the so called deportaion of an external person rather thann his own.. and yet the man is running a mine in our country. Yes we haver Lusambo detractors for their own good reasons but I like this latest statement from Lusambo. It is a statement made fearlesly, especially that we have many senior government officials who privately support Bushili. I give kudos to Lusambo even for just making the pronoucemnet agaisnt Bushili even if it might not have any effect

  9. That is being a failure. that’s why pf have failed to manage economy. Is that the more money in our pockets we wanted. Don’t scare investors, there’s people who are benefiting from this mine. Think twice before escalating your hunger. MInd you know that you have Brought Poverty in coperbelt.

  10. Political interference in business will chase away investment because other investors will see what could happen to their businesses from nowhere. What is wrong with having an argument with a minister? Should that end my business in the country?

  11. Thumbs up Minister, we are being taken advantage of even by those who are reaping our wealth like Bushiri. A prophet who curses instead of blessing leaves much to be desired. I wonder what discernment of those who follow him have. Humble and spirit filled servants of the true living God are Rev Sumaili, Bishop Dr Joshuah Banda and Bishop Imakando and indeed the genuine clergy in Zambia who have decided to listen to the inner voice of God when they have been provoked to the extremes by the foreign prophet. All curses, intimidations against Zambian people we reject them and we bind the religious spirit that has been deceiving some Zambians in Jesus name. We reverse all curses pronounced upon our church and government leaders to the sender and we cover our country and especially those…

  12. Lusambo should know where to draw the line, his ultimatum is nosense to the Man of God. This Ministry of Sumaili and Friends should be done away with. The Rev, Minister is using her personal set standard which is dangerous. Zambia has a Living Guide as in the Constitution and Ministers Swear to uphold the constitution and not to be overshadowed by personal standards.
    Delete this Ministry as it will bring more Trouble; Sangomas are all over with Adverts she is quiet but wants to Frustrate the works of GOD. If Bushiri is a Fake Prophete but is winning Souls for the kingdom of God then he is doing a great Job and God will surely reward him.

  13. As usual Zambians kill what is progressive. If they revoke the mining License who is going to suffer? Its the people of Lufwanyama who will be jobless just like the Post newspaper employees and vendors. He should sue them in the UK should the licence be revoked. Only the Mines minister can revoke a mining licence if:
    Mining regulations not followed.
    Not compliance with tax and labour laws
    Non submission of labour and mineral returns.
    It cannot be revoked on religious differences with another minister.

  14. Africans and Zambia in particular detest freedom of expression.Look at how Trump is talked about even by foreign nationals.Umuntu ni muntu.Lieave Bishiri and his mine alone.Its bad to relate what he sais as a prophet to his business. It is wrong.Zambia has just become a country of dictators.

  15. That relgion mininstry should be disolved.Wasting taxpayers money. SOME OF THESE PENTE PASTORS/BISHOPS are just jelousy of progressive and prosperous ministries and they are enforcing their own ministry agenda into this ministry.Our freedom of worship is under attack.

  16. I really wonder how far this Dr. Lusambo went academically. Mixing politics & business. Tuleteekwa.

    • Ulikakopo iwe. The minister is right. A foreigner should respect people. That money I can also invest in the mines. Can someone help me with information how to buy shares please. I have the money but I’m not in business but in academics

  17. Some one is madly behind these business men to confuse the church.
    The devil is so trick people for his gain.
    However the bible says you shall know them by their fruits.
    Arrogance comes from another world.

  18. BUSHIRI has exhibited extreme dangerous traits of arrogant behavior. If he is in Zambia, he must be deported immediately, but if he plans to come to Zambia the Immigration Department must not allow this crook entry into Zambia. The Copperbelt Province is already pregnant with mining issues involving Zambians and foreign nationals.

    Besides, Bushiri cannot exploit our mineral resources to develop infrastructures in South Africa in the same manner as Anglo-American who invest products of our resources elsewhere. If Bushiri is a Malawian, he should consider the plight of Malawi as his first priority. Let him go to Malawi.

  19. Donkeys, I mean UPNDonkeys, always take the opposite stand. If the other party goes to the other side, as a matter of principle the UPNDonkey shifts to the opposite side. Theirs are unsophisticated minds, just do the opposite and you are sure to please the master, HH.
    That is what you see in NEZ, Spaka lila, Chilyata, yes Chilyata with inborn insults as per his cultural background.

  20. This pompous uncultured Malawian fake prophet businessman must be checked. Where does he get the guts to challenge a whole Nation? Is it the Rand that he extorts from poor desperate women who run to him to solve their marital problems. He should dare talk to our Govt and Gospel ministers like that. Let him go and invest in Malawi. Prophet Banda and Bishop Imakando are natives of Zambia, they are not in Malawi. They have started their work there in their home land. You fake prophet do you have to remind anyone that Zambia is poor? We know you come from a very rich country Malawi please keep your riches in Malawi. Hon Lusambo please sort out this primitive young Mlawian.

  21. We don’t accept that an apology is enough. Please cancel and deny access at border. Enough is enough. Totally unacceptable. Too many foreign people think they can interfere with Zambia.

    Send him back to the pews. What’s wrong with these Pastors?

  22. Dr Lusambo it is wrong to threaten someone just because the have a different opinion. I also think what Bushiri said was unfortunate but that’s no reason to revoke someone licence that type of leadership is making Zambia look bad. Think about it many people disagree with some of PF opinions in fact your founding father Michael Sata was known for his insulting remarks to other leaders and nobody arrested him for or touched his businesses.

  23. Ubukopo. Revoke the licence on what grounds. Stop mixing politics and business. Bushiri will not suffer. It’s the poor Zambians who will lose out on employment opportunities. Lusambo will not compensate them. These PF fellows are just in there to make money at the expense of the poor people they pretend to stand for.

  24. So according to UPNDonkeys, what was the percentage by which they think HH won the elections?
    I like the frank and wise comment by Senior Chief Shakumbila that politics is like a game sometimes you win sometines you lose. And I add that sometimes you keep losing. But as the good traditional leader says, look forward and prepare for the next game in 2021. The only difference is that this game of presidential elections takes place only after five years. This is what HH has failed to accept, but you can understand that for HH it has not been five years but more than ten years of failure. But batuumbu ba HH and your donkeys, look at your strategy again baasa, otherwise uzalila chibwantu mu menso mu 2021.

  25. And at the rate you are going batuumbu ba HH, you will probably be adjudged bankrupt by 2021. You mean Mutinta has not foretold this yet? Normally women are able to look into the future and advise their men folk. I am surprised that Mutinta as a woman cannot see this coming, shocked really.

    • ****** we we know you have 100 100 accounts here including asigai kikik u dog

  26. @32……I forgot to add that in those ten years, HH has squandered more than five chances. Maybe God has prepared his presidential slot when he has reached 85 years of age, remember Abdulaye Wade of Senegal? For HH, it could mean that God feels that HH is not maturing fast enough. Which agrees with his description as underfive.

  27. If only UPNDonkeys had ears……..they have been advised countless times by countless individuals and organisations including the EU and myself.

    • They cannot compete with the ears size of the terrible mule who like arse l1cking and d1ck suck1ng of donkeys….kikikikikiki

  28. Pipo kindly do not use this platform by leashing on sorts of insults, we r 1 despite of the colour ,religion or region

  29. Bowman lusambo you are really dull. Revoke the licence and bushiru has nothing to lose coz he has so many investments all over yhe world. Its the poor Zambian that is employed under that company who will suffer. Bushiri as we talk is a partner with Google. So if you think you are punishing Bushiri by revoking your stupid licence na lie. He us far far too far above that single mine. Apologise to Godfridah Sumaili for what? Zambian does not belong to PF you dull fool.

  30. Revoking the licence amounts to expropriation especially if bushiri has invested capital. Zamtel was repossessed in a similar way. The difference bushiri has with Zambia is theological and unrelated to business.

  31. all is neded from him is to have respect and not showing off his non Godly speech. when insults a minister it means he has insulted the people of that country too.
    we have big investors in our country who dont talk badly like that. so he has to say sorry.

  32. This is why Zambia will never get ahead – we politicize and personalize even things that are purely investment matters.

  33. Threatening one religious creep while endorsing others for being crooks and using religious fraud to enrich themselves seems kind of foolish.Which death-cult is he trying to protect and from what?

  34. This country is losing direction, investors will stop investing the country if we continue behaving this way. This will tanish the country’s image if we continue allowing these ministers talking

  35. Shepherd Bushiri is not a Man of God, before he formed the church he was practicing clairvoyance and levitation. Many people in Ghana, Nigeria and even in Malawi knew him as a registered Magician. He was performing magic shows and most of his church board members knows this because they used to be with him in dark societies especially those guys who shout Major 1 Major 1 through the microphones. He formed a church when he saw a true man of God (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome) performing miracle under the power of the Holy Spirit. He wanted a celebrity status and money.
    Shepherd Bushiri does not even know the bible he just fakes it and surprisingly people are deceived by the spirit of Clairvoyance and they follow him . Many magicians and Witch doctors in Ghana and Nigeria who were with him in…

  36. Pastors use money to establish themselves. The Catholic Church use money to build schools and hospitals for everyone not personal.

    Himakando has built himself a big house in Lusaka. Think before you enter your Church

  37. I have never met you, on this one let me call you Honourable in deed!!! Way to go my man. Uushumfwa pa tunoono na pafingi takomfwe mune….Napita naya…

  38. Weigh the implications on the proposed course of action on the alleged digress from protocols on the part of bushiri and do what is right . The only open secret all have seen in bushiri is that just like his age, his wisdom is also in infancy stage, hence these frequent under five speeches from him. As general knowledge , therefore, he has exposed his lack of God given prophecy.May peace abound among all Zambians!!!

  39. Mr Lusambo the mining license did not come from heaven, there people operating in that area the ones who processed the documents, did you first ask how it was issued, or you are just giving a blank comment on the media, you have increased electricity tariffs and yet people have no employment, an investor comes you are commenting as if they eat from your home, have you ever visited poor people in the compounds to see how there suffering, Prophet Bushiri wants to give your people employment because he has seen how Zambians will suffer because of the PF government which has no mercy for people.

  40. No No No No, how does Zambia victimise an individual without any offence or crime. Lusambo can not revoke Bushiri’s mine without telling Zambians how Bushiri a foreigner was granted the mining licence. How much investment did Bushiri declare he would invest in the mine?. Let it be public knowledge how the licence was issued and how much was paid to government?. Lusambo should know that senior Minister of Foreign affair Harry Kalaba is representing Bushiri in this toxic, corruption pron PF government. Lusambo did not get more kickbacks from Bushiri and after a while all this hullabaloo will die quietly with Lusambo more money in his pocket. That is the signature a corrupt PF government.

  41. How on Earth did this uncouth monster called (“NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND”) find itself landing on the Zambian landscape? I bet the majority of Tongas are civilised – and not as devilish as this UPND creature code-named NEZ. Besides, how does NEZ hope to attract more descent members into UPND? The creature is so barbaric that it is on the path to fast-track the death of UPND.

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