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Works on the Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Itezhi Tezhi –Namwala road to commence soon

Rural News Works on the Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Itezhi Tezhi –Namwala road to commence soon

UPND Dundumwezi MP Edgar Singomb
UPND Dundumwezi MP Edgar Singomb

A Chinese contractor has finally moved on site to start constructing the US$18.78 Million Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Itezhi Tezhi –Namwala roads.

This follows the award of the five-year contract to China State Construction Engineering Corporation by the Road Development Agency (RDA) to construct 237 kilometres of the roads in Kafue River Basin.

ZANIS reports that Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga said this after inspecting the contractor’s camping site during his two day visit of development projects in Itezhi Tezhi district, yesterday.

Speaking shortly after touring the camp, Mr.Mushanga said the Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Itezhi Tezhi –Namwala roads project under the Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Basin (SCRiKA) was a significant project for socioeconomic development of the country.

The project is under the Improvement to climate Resilient Standards, of the strategic Roads in the Kafue River Basin under the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR).

“This project will not only benefit the people in terms of transportation and employment but also contribute to development of the tourism industry in the Kafue National Park” Mr. Mushanga said.

Mr. Mushanga directed the project management to ensure the project is completed within the required time.

He also directed the District Administration and the Itezhi Tezhi council to closely monitor the contractor to ensure the road is built to according to specifications in the contract.

Mr.Mushanga said that in view of its immense benefits, Kalomo-Dundumwezi-Itezhi Tezhi roads project is of paramount importance as it will not only ease transportation but also mitigate adverse effects of climate change.

The road infrastructure in the Kalomo-Dundumwezi –Itezhi Tezhi Roads are dilapidated and completely worn out, never having been repaired for years.

Meanwhile Deputy Project manager for project Erpo Xiao says his firm is waiting for the initial payment to be made before works can commence.

He said that his firm will deliver the road to the required standard within the specified time frame.

And briefing the minister earlier, Itezhi Tezhi district Commissioner Hendrix Kaimana said that in an effort to construct all whether gravel roads in Itezhi Tezhi, Government through the Zambia National Service (ZNS) has covered 16.5kilometres stretch of works on priority roads in Itezhi Tezhi district.


    • We are doing it for those 2 who voted for Ecl. 40million tribalists will benefit from the two who are non tribal.

    • Please be reminded that politics is about ideological beliefs. Putting anguements across. It’s a shame that African politicians and their cardres take things so personal to the point of insuting, injurying and killing their opponents. Lets reflect and change this practice.

  1. Be reminded that politics is about ideological beliefs. Putting anguements across. It’s a shame that African politicians and their cardres take things so personal to the point of insuting, injurying and killing their opponents. Lets reflect and change this practice.

  2. Kalomo, Dundumwezi, Namwala and Itezhi-tezhi are parts of the Zambia – and development must also extend to that part of Zambi., President Lungu must be commended for exhibiting his PARENTAL CARE to the people of Southern Province – even if UPND may not like this national approach. The proposed road will open up thriving tourism in Kafue National Park to benefit our people there.

    Advise to UPND die-hard followers. If a hypothetical event occurred to usher-in HH into State House, the reality is that people who will suffer most under a UPND Govt will the Tongas themselves where HH will grab their land at WILL as he had done in Namwala. The peoples of Eastern, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces will NEVER allow HH’s Govt to grab their land.

  3. This is a waste of resources by PF Govnt.UPND and their supporters have openly stated that they cant eat roads.besides,that 237 KM road wont attract any votes to PF in 2021 as long as HH stands on UPND.this is the gospel truth-take it or leave it!!
    PF Govnt must focus more on areas where Zambians appreciate development.our friends in 3.5 provinces vote purely on tribal lines.PF can turn upnd strongholds into America between now and 2021 but still lose to HH.but if any Govnt improved the lives of voters in 6.5 provinces,such a Govnt will be assured of majority votes like Levy Mwanawasa got votes in 2001 and 2006!!majority voters in 6.5 provinces never looked at Levy Mwanawasa as a lenje,when his splendid works were visible in 2006,hence voting for him in large numbers.BUT THAT CANT HAPPEN…

  4. 237KM of selected roads to be done in 5yrs @US$20million? This is us$84,000 per km and every year they will do 47km ? Does this contract make sense? China company can never go for such a tender because mobilization and putting machinery idle for 5yrs the opportunity cost is far much less than us$20million, here is the catch , china has signed this tender by coniving with PF and RDA to issue variation orders that will tripple the costs, by the time variation orders are approved , such information will not be in public domain


  6. Yaa talking about Chinese and food, Chinese eat nearly any kind of meat donkeys, crocs, cats… So surely be on a look out. During the construction of the Itezhi-tehi Hydro-power they were preferring donkey meat to fish.

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